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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Hello to everyone from Summer Vacation. I get to say that now because Ethan just got on the bus for his last day of school. So, other than Sundays we get to SLEEP IN. I mean, it’s 7:24 and the other kids are still asleep. This is AWESOME. Peace and quiet by myself with only the chirping birds (and the clicking of keys) to keep me company. Vacation has its benefits.

2. What’s the opposite of benefits? Oh, that would be DOWNSIDES. Summer vacation has those as well. We’re already experiencing “too much togetherness” syndrome after four whole days. And that’s without Ethan! VBS starts next week and we have two friends we’ll visit with, so that will help. ::pitter, patter:: Hi Laura. 4th day in a row of her getting up first. So much for me and the chirping birds. It’s 7:27, so that was a short bit of time!

3. I like to go to yard sales. I admit it. But I want the trip to be worth it, so I only do “neighborhood-wide” types. In our area, there are typically 6 that I go to each summer–2 south of Coatesville (already done), one in the nearby townhouses (already done), one west of WalMart (that’s tomorrow) and two in the same neighborhood–one in the houses and one in the townhouses section. It’s not even the end of June and I’m already 4/6th the way finished. I often look for girl’s clothes because I don’t really inherit a lot of them or have someone to buy from like I do with the boys. Unfortunately, our district is switch to a uniform (more of a strict dress code), so this will make clothing buying very interesting. I just checked and they have polo shirts for $7 each. If I only buy five for each of the three, that’s $105 just in shirts. YIKES. I’m definitely spoiled by yard sales.

4. We sat and watched some “baby movies” from before Catie was born yesterday. I don’t remember most of them–that time in my life is such a blur. I’m thankful to have survived and that my children have thrived, but man, you couldn’t pay me to go back!

5. Jim finished up his contract and is looking for another one. I have to tell you, I didn’t know I had to learn such a lesson in trust. Seriously. This year has been HARD with that issue. Both with God and Jim.

6.Bennett and Catie both used their karate on their sister to inflict pain. BAD NEWS. I talked to them. Jim talked to them. I brought it up to one of the instructors and SHE talked to the whole class. If one of them does it again we will take them out of karate. I’m not having them do this so they get better ideas of how to beat up their siblings!

7. 10 weeks left of summer vacation. I’ll bet it’s going to go fast!

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When Other Blogs Touch You

If you are reading this, you’ve either found me through a search of some kind, or you are a “regular” follower. (that word is in quotations because, really, I’ve become somewhat lax in posting). If you are the latter, most likely you are like me….you’ve found several blogs that you read and follow because you like what the author has to say. My “blogroll” is currently 17 blogs long. I go to my “bookmarks” tab at the top, click on it and scroll to “bookmarks toolbar” and then go to the right. Each of those 17 blogs is there. If something new has been posted (and I check at least once per day), I read it. Sometimes I smile and that’s it. Sometimes I cry and pray.

Sometimes, good sometimes, I’m prompted to change.

Beauty in the Mundane is a wonderful blog. Today it was a little more. “God Goggles” was the title of the post–seeing things God’s way and doing what He would have us do was the point of it. I read it and was reminded how little I ask God for what He wants my day to look like. I’m great at making lists. Don’t get me wrong, doing the laundry and taking out the trash are all good and necessary. They are a part of my job as a homemaker. But seeing my children through God’s eyes, now, that’s not on any list I’ve ever made. I’ve already prayed for it this morning and want to keep that at the forefront of my mind today, (plus look for opportunities to interact with other people besides my children.)

I encourage you to read the post and give it some thought.

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End of School–Finally

Bennett, Laura and Catie finished their school year on Monday. Ethan finishes on Friday. As of Friday afternoon, I will have three fifth graders and one third grader.


I remember starting kindergarten with Bennett and Laura. I remember how tiny they looked in comparison to the “older” (4th and 5th grade) kids. And now, somehow, we have those kids. At field day last week I looked around at the kindergartners and they were so…well….TINY. It doesn’t seem possible that that was us just a few short years ago.

I promise I’m not going to get maudlin. Really. They won’t allow me. They are still so much stinkers, not all “grown up” and mature. On the last day of school, thankyouverymuch whoever you were, someone wrote in permanent marker on the playground the ‘F word” and “s word”. Up until that day we had escaped that. They didn’t ask what the words meant, but I know that’s coming any day.

Today I survived the first of 10 times of grocery shopping with them. I’m not overly fond of grocery shopping with my kids. “Can we have this?” “I want that!” *rolls eyes* like they were three year olds. I’m always so grateful when school starts again and I get to shop in peace.

See, I’m not getting maudlin!

But they sure have grown a lot in the past four years.

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Just a Little Bit

I volunteer with the Parkesburg Churches Community Outreach, which is an organization funded by many of the churches in our area to help out with those who need food, clothes, rent, etc.

With the economy taking the turn it has, there are more people needing help and less help to go around. It’s a sad but true fact.

PCCO is hosting a yard sale in a couple of weeks to raise money. Since no one ever comes to our neighborhood for yard sales, we gathered up four boxes worth of stuff and donated it to their cause instead. And all of a sudden the office (where I’ve been storing it all) seems SO MUCH CLEANER! I’m thrilled to be able to actually walk in here and maybe even get the vacuum in here as well!

What a difference decluttering can make!