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Store Mirrors Stink

aka: How I learned to hate dress shopping.

Exhibit A: My sister in law is having her wedding in 2 months.

Exhibit B: I own exactly one dress–a Christmas one in case my husband’s company has a party. Which won’t work for a May 31st evening wedding where the attire is “cocktail”.

Exhibit C: I am seriously overweight. As in, sucking in my stomach doesn’t cut it anymore.

I went to Ross last Thursday and Peebles today and am convinced that my mirror at home has a very important difference–it sits on top of my bureau. I rarely, if ever, actually SEE my naked body in total. I knew I had changed from L to XL in tops. My Lee jeans have gone from 12 to 14. ┬áNeither of which really prepared me for the sight of my body in a clingy dress. Clingy material should be reserved for sizes that don’t have two digits, in my opinion.

At Ross’s I just couldn’t get into a 14 and immediately got dressed and returned all the possible dresses to the rack and looked through the 16’s, praying that they fit. Some did. One looked decent, but wouldn’t zip up on the side. And it didn’t really look like a “cocktail dress” either. Peebles had next to nothing, and the two dresses I tried did NOT look good on me. My SIL encouraged me to go to Macy’s. Which I will probably do, although I will most likely have a heart attack at the prices. I’m a thrift store lover, and a jeans-and-tee-shirt wearer. (in other words, I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes!).

Spanx and dieting here I come.