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Windy Wednesday

We’ve got gusts up to 45 mph over here, so I’m just going to blow in and out again.

Hah. Yeah, I know. I’m not the funny one in my marriage, either.

Monday was an annual trip to duPont Hospital for Bennett’s checkup. Tuesday I ended up working 2 hours longer than I expected. Today I help out with the Parkesburg Food Bank and then have the deacon meeting tonight as well as prayer meeting right after it. Good things, all of them. But keeping me busy and out of the house when I desperately need to stay home and clean and get laundry done.

I’m “just saying no” to going out either Thursday or Friday. My house is getting cluttered and messy again and that’s just not ok with me. Or Jim.

He has  a phone interview in 18 minutes. I’m slightly on pins and needles right now. If you by chance should feel the desire to pray, it would be very much welcome.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I know this is a little late–I usually am able to press “publish” fairly early in the morning. But last night was rotten..ROTTEN…so I was somewhat of a zombie this morning.  Then the kids had either off or a half day depending on the child, so it was a little busier and then…well, you get the idea!

2. Today was Jim’s final day of employment. We’ve gotten some calls from recruiters and he’ll be sending in his resume to at least three companies that I know of. Matthew 6:34 is now my mantra: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own.

3. It’s 9:53pm. The children are nestled all snug in their beds, the house is silent except for the hum of my PC. Jim’s away for the weekend on an elder retreat. I’m  not fond of the times that he’s away. It makes for very quiet evenings and mornings and I have a harder time sleeping.

4. The pastor is also away at this retreat, so I invited the pastor’s wife and their two little ones over for the day tomorrow. I figured, win-win…she gets out of her small empty house, we share the parenting, build the new friendship, enjoy the time together, and hopefully don’t miss our husbands quite so much. Hopefully.

5. In the vanity department, last week at Queen for the Day, I got my nails painted fire engine red. They looked great. GREAT. For maybe two days and then they started chipping. Lighter shades may not have as much impact, but the chipping is much less noticeable!

6. In one week I will be 42. It’s been two whole years since I started the 40’s and let me tell you, gals, I LOVE THIS DECADE. Seriously. Better than any of the other ones. This is by far the best decade yet. I’m loving who I am and where I am in life, the freedom I have and the confidence with which I’m facing things. I can’t wait to see what the next 8 years are going to hold. 😀

7. Bottom Dollar opened this past week with much fanfare. I have to say, though, that except for their “loss leaders”, their prices are comparable to WalMart. And they don’t even carry herbal tea. And they DON’T BAG YOUR GROCERIES. WHAT? If they are trying to compete with WM, I’m not seeing them win. I’ll be shopping the loss leaders in their weekly circular and that’s about it.

7 weeks until Christmas, folks. Time to start panicking! 😀

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Where I’ve Been

So last week was one of those weeks where I was hanging on by a thread with every day busy to the brim. I didn’t blog, I didn’t read a whole lot, I just ran around and did stuff outside the house and tried to keep up with the laundry.

And I’m thankful that this week is ever so much quieter.

Last Wednesday I had the honor and pleasure of helping out at our local mobile food bank. Our area doesn’t have a  building where people can come and get food, so once a month the local Catholic church lets the food bank use their facility. A bunch of volunteers show up and a great machine is put into motion. I was one of those designated to “take people around.” They had tables set up in a big square. We grabbed a cart, took our family and walked around the outside of the square and filled the cart with food. I had SO MUCH FUN! (I even got chuckled at for being so chipper). The people, with one exception, were friendly, kind and grateful. I, too, was friendly, kind and just as grateful, although I didn’t receive food. I got to serve. I got to be “hands and feet”. And it felt WONDERFUL.

I have often said that I realize my greatest job is raising my children in a godly home to be godly and loving people. I get that. But, oh, to serve others was such a blessing. I can’t wait to do it again this month!


Changing topics, I am now allowed to talk about what’s going on. For reasons that I don’t want to go into, Jim has submitted his resignation. His last official day is November 5th. After that he is unemployed.

Yeah. It’s been a little weird around here.

Some days I’m completely fine. Other days I get just a LITTLE stressed. Before we had the kids he was in school and we lived on my meager salary and his part-time pay. But we had just rent and food and gas to worry about. Now we have a mortgage and four children etc etc etc. I know God will take care of our needs. I keep repeating that over and over. We’ve been blessed to never have to worry about where our next meal is coming from, although there have been some months where hot dogs and spaghetti were very popular. It was interesting to take a step back at the food bank clients and think “there but for the grace of God go I” and actually mean it for once.

As I paused to think of the next sentence, the phone rang. It was a recruiter!! Oh my goodness, how amazing is that?! I can’t call Jim because he’s working the polls, but now I can’t wait to go there later!