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He’s Leavin’ on a Jet Plane….

Jim leaves this afternoon for a business trip to Chicago. While I’m not THRILLED, I’m not dreading it or upset like I used to get. I’ve done this single mom stuff enough times to know that I’ll be ok. I’ve had enough notice to get used to the idea, and it’s for three full days (not more than a week, which we’ve done in the past), plus, they’ll be in school for all three of those days, so it’s just mornings and evenings. I can deal with that!

Bennett and Laura had their annual eye exam today. Guess what? NO CHANGE from last year! That’s a first! I’m very happy that their eyes have stabilized finally! Laura will need new glasses soon regardless because she has physically outgrown her frames, but it’s not a rush. And now that WalMart is hooked up with Davis Vision, it’s not a big ordeal to go and get them.

Catie is on the mend as well. She ate a few grapes earlier today and finally just said “I’m hungry”, which I haven’t heard in 48 hours. She had cotton candy yogurt. YUCK, but hey, it’s protein, so I’ll take it. Tomorrow she has a field trip (so cute!) to a local grocery store and then Dairy Queen. We never went anywhere that cool when I was little! For the first part, the parents aren’t allowed to come, so I’ll be hanging out in the little attached cafe for an hour. Gee, such a hardship!

I found someone who can be my new accountability partner. I’m thrilled. My other AP is just so busy right now she doesn’t have the time. I’m not mad, but I really just need someone to be there for me. Jim is my backup, of course, but I’d rather not have that burden on our relationship. Such fun being an addict! NOT!

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Poor Little Bug

Catie caught Bennett’s stomach bug. Which is the same stomach bug that everyone and their brother has. I’m so thankful that I kept all the kids home from church today and just went in the nursery myself. Otherwise everyone would be sick!

She’s already thrown up twice and it’s not even 10pm, so it’s gonna be a LONG night. And we haven’t even hit the diarrhea yet.

Poor little bug.

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Am I allowed to be just the tiniest big smug that I am officially finished our taxes as of today? I e-filed our federal (getting a tax return), e-filed our state and paid the $22 via credit card online and then filled out ON PAPER our local and paid the $7 by check. Both amounts we owe are because of me and the whopping $700 I made with my organizing business. I haven’t worked since the spring. I want to, but it’s just not happening right now and that’s ok. I’m paying attention to my own home and its needs. Our return is going to do some good for us: bring our savings up to $1000 (it dipped for the Mustang), buy at least one child a new mattress, buy paint for the whole first floor of our home (currently pink ceilings and walls–not kidding), donate some to charity, I’m not sure what all else–maybe a nice night away for Jim and me.

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We just got back from duPont with Ethan, seeing a developmental pediatrician there. The Dr. gave him a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, which is on the autism spectrum. Going into this, I didn’t even THINK of it, but once she explained her reasoning, ie all the “odd things” he does that we’ve wondered about, it makes a lot of sense.

I admit to being a little nervous and overwhelmed now that we have a label. Before, it was just his quirks and he would grow out of them right? But now, ok, I have to face up to the fact that he does have a problem and can we help him with it.

I know that this appointment and the label do not change the child that he is–he is the same kid with the same problems yesterday and today and tomorrow. But autism is a scary word. It’s an unknown world, one that I have previously pathetically grateful NOT to be a part of. We have all this stuff–each of the triplets has at least one “issue” that we deal with, if not more than one. So now here’s just one more thing to add to the long list–the one that I really try to never put together all at one time because it’s really LONG.

But you know what? In this diagnosis, I’m not mad at God. That makes for a nice change.

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Hither and Yon

Yesterday started out early for a “day off”. Up by 6:30 and out the door by 8:37 for a half-playdate/half-help-my-friend-with-Quicken. We brought her system up to date from August. It actually wasn’t too bad–but I know the first time she flies solo she’ll be calling “tech support” aka me.

While at the playdate (with all four kids), Catie’s glasses broke. And not the way where a little super glue would help. This is at least her fourth if not fifth pair!! Since APRIL!! ARRRRGGG! My Only consolation in this is that Bennett and Laura were just as hard on their early glasses and eventually grew out of it.

So we headed to hell….uh….er….umm…the Exton Mall. On the way we stopped off at another mom of twins and dropped off the shopping cart that I’ve had in the back of my van for more than two months. FINALLY GONE!!! I love my van. It’s so huge that I can use it as a portable storage unit!

Onto hell….the Exton Mall. I asked the children if “we” were going to act like Monkeys or like Ladies and Gentlemen. The agreed to the latter. Yeah, right. We picked out glasses for Cate, to the tune of $149. And that’s “cheaper” frames! Then we headed for the escalator. Ethan wasn’t too fond of it, but I made it work. Off to the playground, where MLK’s dream was alive and well. It was a regular United Nations there! 😀 That was pretty cool, I have to admit. The kids had a blast. Then it was off to the fifth ring of hell…..ummm….the Food Court. After which I literally had to march them into the bathroom with Bennett’s hands COVERED in chocolate and people snickering (no exaggeration here, folks) and me saying “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!”

Finally back to pick up her really cute and expensive glasses. By this time, and ladies and gentlemen had fled the mall and I was left with octopuses. Energetic ones, too. Don’t touch! Don’t go over there! No, please let the other person sit down. Yes, it will be your turn next (since we’re all there, let’s get everyone’s glasses adjusted properly!)….FINALLY we got to leave. I’m glad we survived and the mall didn’t even get broken!

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Can I charge my family?

I’m a professional organizer. Well, when I get to work I am. So I’m wondering if I can charge my family for all the work I did today. This afternoon I attacked the girls’ room. It was 1) a mess 2) disorganized 3) full of unnecessary stuff 4) just not working. So I:

1) Changed the layout of Catie’s bed and bureau,
2) (with the girls) picked up every last piece of clothing and toys,
3) got one of those three drawer plastic storage thingies,
4) chose the three largest group of toys (Ponies, Barbies, Dollhouse Items)
5) used my handy-dandy labeler and labeled each of the drawers,
6) took out two storage drawers from under their beds (one held a jumble of toys and one was mostly empty except for a set of sheets),
7) took out a yellow wheeled bin that will become the new home for their winter boots in my about-to-be-reorganized hall/playroom closet

Whew! I’m beat! And I didn’t even get to put their basket of clothes away, but we can do that after dinner. Which is just hot dogs, mac’n’cheese and carrot sticks. It’s the only meal in which Catie will actually consume everything. It’s also the only meat she will eat, if you can call hot dogs meat. I mean, I buy good quality beef hot dogs, but still, let’s be realistic!! 😀

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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

That’s a title of a Queen song, if you didn’t know. Jim’s ALL TIME FAVORITE group is Queen. Consequently, when we got married, I learned a lot more of their songs. Previously, I had known “We Are the Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Under Pressure”. Maybe one or two more at the most.

As my title suggests, it has been a day of rest. Sunday school and church this morning followed by YUMMY hoagies for lunch (spell check doesn’t recognize hoagies???? What are they thinking???) and then reading in the sun. It’s supposed to snow tonight, so I wanted to get that sun as long as I could. Can you absorb the Vitamin D thru a glass door? Note: look that up on google. If not, that’s not so good.

Anyways! I am back to reading Irresistible Revolution. If nothing else comes from reading it, I’ll say this: it makes me THINK. Think about things I thought I knew, believed in, understood, wanted to vote for….. it’s an uncomfortable thing, thinking. This morning in church we watched a video where they told a story about a minster in Virginia who joined the Revolution and urged his fellow congregants to follow suit. My regular response would be “cool!”. After reading IR, my first response was “a MINISTER of the GOSPEL going out and killing????” (see the pendulum swing wildly?). Then, this afternoon, I sit and think about it. Is a cause ever worth dying for? Is there ever a time that it’s ok to kill? Shane Claiborne, the author of IR, is a pacifist. His love for God precludes his killing of His creations. On the one hand I totally get that. On the other hand, are we to stand aside and let the Hitler’s of the world take over? Or the Muslim extremists? The ones that would have no compunction killing us. I don’t think what’s going on in Iraq is ok. I think we should have been out by now. Do I have the answer? No. I don’t pretend to have the depth of thinking for that one. Or for the immigration thing. I don’t understand trying to keep people out of our country. The United States is a country of immigrants. Sure, the ones who want to blow up–keep them out. But the man who creeps across the border to work as a lawn mower guy so he can send money to his struggling family? What is wrong with wanting better for your family? I don’t get it.

I’m going to go and start thinking again. About dinner, though.

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The Single Life

Have you ever had those days when you contemplated what life would have been like had you taken the “other road”? The one with no husband and no children? Everything–and I do mean EVERYTHING–is irritating me today. I’m guessing it’s PMS, but it could just be my life today. Everyone in the family took their turns getting on my nerves. They all succeeded admirably. Especially the males of the species.

My brother is coming to visit tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since August, although we’ve talked on the phone somewhat frequently. I’m just waiting for him to say something, which is a given because that’s HIS personality, and me to fly off the handle. I hope and pray that I don’t. I want to use the “I” statements–“When you do/say x, I feel y”, so he will understand. We’ll see. We aren’t that close to begin with, although we’re a work in progress. We’re complete polar opposites in personality, likes and dislikes, values, hobbies, family styles, you name it. The only thing we have in common is our family of origin. And the fact that he adores my kids. Especially one of them. Which also irritates me. DON”T PICK FAVORITES!!!

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Still sick, and bribery helps

Yes, another day of nausea comparable to morning sickness (no, I’m not!) and other charming bodily functions that begin with D. I know you are thrilled about that!

Jim helped get Bennett and Laura out the door. Cate was supposed to have preschool but I honestly couldn’t drive there. So I ask if it’s ok if she hangs out at home, and that I’ll let her play on my PC. She couldn’t have said yes faster. So I got some decent R&R on the couch and she played Noggin and Nick Jr. All Day. Except for eating and peeing. I know I’m a bad mother–please don’t ream me out for it–but boy, was I sick too!

For awhile I felt ok and thought, maybe I’m getting over it, but NOooooo….just before I sat down to type it started again. I HATE BEING SICK!!! The house is a WRECK. The laundry is so behind that I doubt Bennett has any pants to wear tomorrow to school. I have GOT to do laundry tonight, regardless of how I feel. Just a few pair of pants, some undies and socks. Everything else can wait.

I’d better get over this soon!!