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Cutting the Cord…Sort of

Ever since Jim and I were married we had some sort of paid TV service. At first, it was “basic cable”, which was basically cheap good reception of network TV. Then we got Comcast and a regular TV package plus Internet (hey, who here remembers before the internet was a thing?! I DO!). Then Dish TV, then DirecTV and finally FIOS, where we had  “triple play” of TV, Phone and Internet.

Fast forward to the move two years ago, where we never really installed a phone in the house, so I got used to not having it. FIOS makes it such that it makes more sense to have a triple play than a double play, so I researched ways to cut the cord. Sort of. I mean, we have Amazon Prime for the shipping, but we can watch their stuff too. We have Netflix, for both the great movies via mail and the fun shows online.

We finally settled on Sling, but kept FIOS for the two month trial period. It ended up being a mostly painless switchover. Yes, we ended up buying an antenna, because we are avid fans of NCIS and Sling doesn’t do CBS, but that’s really been it.

About six months ago we got rid of both our landline and FIOS TV. I don’t miss either one. Honestly. Having the ability to watch something on my PC or phone or the TV has been great. (although Bennett literally just asked me why we can tape NCIS and I had to explain to his completely-not-understanding-brain-because-he’s-18 that we just can’t do that. (unless we got a TiVo, but No, I’m not going to). Anyway, BESIDES not being able to tape live television, I like our current entertainment set up and love that we are no longer slaves to Verizon (or Comcast etc). If you continue to pay big bucks to the big companies, I encourage you to try something new (like Sling or Hulu or whatever).