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The State of the Blogger

Hey People. I’ve missed you all! I know it’s my own fault, but sometimes, ok, many times I’ve passed by here not knowing what to post. Not wanting to just put down words for the sake of just having a post. That’s disrespectful of you and your time. I haven’t had any excellent recipes lately. No massive spiritual insight. Jim’s still working, thank the Good Lord. We’re still afloat. The kids are reasonably healthy, having a small stomach bug and a cavity. I have a new client starting on Saturday.

There. That’s the last two and a half weeks. Aren’t you edified? 🙂

One thing of note, I guess. As of tomorrow I will have 9 weeks of sobriety. That’s a satisfying number. I emailed the elder board and our pastor and asked to resume my deacon duties if they approve.

Our church is going through it’s “re-launch”. It’s been challenging with a different format, changing the way we worship, meeting expectations etc. But it’s also been nice to see visitors in the pews and someone, GASP, raising a hand during worship time.

You know, for YEARS I didn’t use my musical gift. I sat with the congregation, whether by my choice or someone else’s, and soaked up and enjoyed. On the one hand, there are times that I miss that–being able to get lost in worship. But on the other hand, being able to actually USE my voice and my piano playing for God’s glory is amazing. Now, the piano ain’t nearly as good as the voice, but it’s decent enough. My wish each week is that I don’t get in the way of the congregation worshipping.  I don’t want them to focus–for good or for bad (i.e. “wow, she has a great voice!” or “wow, she really messed that up” or “boy, I wish we could have someone else up there!”).

I know some of you help lead worship. Are you able to worship at the same time?

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Keyword Search and Hershey

Apparently if you google Hershey Feeding Clinic, I am the fourth entry. Maybe this will move me up a bit. 😀

For anyone who wants to know, we LOVED it there and highly recommend it. We did two stints, with the idea that we might have to go back again. Our first stay was a month in 2008, where they got our son off a feeding tube by teaching him how to drink enough PediaSure to keep his calories up. Our second visit was a few weeks in 2010, where they taught him how to chew. The staff there is EXCELLENT and if you want more information I am very willing to discuss it with you by email or phone. Just leave a comment and we can chat.

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Keeping Count

With Jim traveling so much, I find myself constantly counting (ok, he’s been in South Carolina for three days. That means we just have two more to get through and he’ll be home!).

The first three weeks with NH were pretty ok. Really. Then we had a week where he worked in PA, although we didn’t manage to see him that much. He’s working days at an office and evenings from his home office (which, by the way, is in the garage where it’s quiet!).  This week it’s SC and next week it’s NH again. We talked for literally five minutes total yesterday–a very brief good morning on his way to work and a very brief good night before I went to bed.

It’s starting to get more difficult. We’re missing each other–even just the physical presence of each other. I miss having his parenting to help out. I miss cooking for someone who appreciates it. How in the world do you single moms do this??

I’m keeping busy. Karate, bless its heart, is helping. We’re doing three times this week and next so Catie can test for gold belt. We thought she’d test next month, so we’re having to play a little catch up with the things she needs to know (Student Creed and 7 Home Rules). Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever posted the creed. I really like it (by now I know it by heart!)

To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body. To keep friendship with one another and to build a strong and happy community. Never fight to achieve selfish ends but to develop might for right. Pilsung! (which means certain victory).

I’m meeting today with a financial planner. We have a 401k from his old work, but need to start thinking about how to plan for the future now that he’s self-employed.

If you are a praying sort, please keep us in your prayers. I really miss my husband.

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Sunday Quiet

It’s the lull between church and lunch–they had a little snack there so their tummies aren’t screaming yet–and I thought I’d drop by and say Hi. After the snow on Friday, we’re supposed to be up in the mid 50’s today, with full sunshine. Which, believe me, is extremely welcome. Spring is my all-time favorite time of year. And after this past winter, well, it’s even more welcome than normal!

Easter is three weeks from today. I’m counting five weeks of sobriety right now, so that’s good. It was great to take communion with a clean heart. Jim’s even home in PA this week instead of leaving this afternoon for NH. Now, next week he leaves for SC, but I’m not thinking about that yet (la, la, la, I can’t hear you!).

I think, unexpectedly, I’m feeling content. So often I’m not, to my dismay. I wish I could say my moods don’t hinge so much on my children and their behavior, but it seems it is often the case. Right now all is very peaceful. Church was good, worship was good, and it’s shaping up to be a good week, and everyone (at this moment) is getting along.

Thanks, God.