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Painting Woes

I hate painting. Seriously. I just am not meant to hold one of those brush thingys in my hand and make paint adhere to a wall. After our big project of painting the living room and playroom in August, I thought I was done for a good long while.

Seems I was wrong.

And what’s worse is, it’s TRIMWORK. Oh, I hate and despise trimwork. The only (and I mean only) saving grace to this trimwork is that the carpet will be missing on all the rooms so I don’t have to be so careful.

Before our carpeting is installed on Monday the 9th of March, the following baseboard/trims wil be painted:

Upstairs Hall

Not just painted, mind you, but PRIMED as well. Priming is such a pain in the tushy. All the work, but none of the sitting back and admiring after you’re finished.

Gripe, gripe, moan, complain. Sorry. I just really hate painting. I love how the rooms look when we’re finished, though!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Catie Bug is home sick today. She’s got a froggy voice and feels warm and you can just tell. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out if a child is too sick for school, but not this time.

2. #1 will probably alter my plans a bit. Hanging out at the library with a sick child in tow? Notsomuch. Guess I’ll continue with cleaning out the den/office (no more slash Ethan’s room) in preparation for painting and carpet installation.

3. Our new range is coming next Friday. Can I tell you how excited I am to own a self-cleaning oven with a window? Seriously! First time for either!

4. Have you ever had one of those conversations where one thing leads to another and another and another? Laura and I were talking about Nana this morning, which led to names to grandmothers, which led to Oma, which led to Opa, which led to me singing Oom Pa Pa from Oliver, which led to me going to YouTube, which never fails, which led to my favorite scene in Oliver:

5. It’s my favorite day of the week. I love the anticipation of the weekend. Plus, Jim and I are going to have an actual DATE, our first since my birthday, which was in November.

6. I finished my bible study on James and have started a Precepts study on Ruth. I think Ruth is my favorite book in the bible to just read. You can read it in one sitting and it’s such a wonderful love story. Plus, Ruth, a Moabite, is in Jesus’ lineage. I once did a small study on the women in his lineage. I loved the variety.

7. I just remembered the hard thing about having Catie home by herself. She wants me to be the Entertainment Staff.

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You Have Some Dirt

I grew up Baptist. Baptists do not, as a rule, celebrate Lent. That was for those Catholics who were going to hell for worshiping idols and Mary. (sad, but close to the truth of what I was taught).

So one day in high school, no different than any other to me, I was in line buying lunch at school. Being the naturally gregarious person that I am, I had made friends with all the lunch ladies. And being the kind of person to tell you that you have spinach stuck in your teeth or a hole in your shirt that you missed, I very kindly pointed out that she had some dirt on her forehead. She very graciously said she knew, that she had been to mass for Ash Wednesday.

So. Um. Ok! Thanks for clearing that up.

Fast Forward 20 some odd years. “Mommy, what’s Lent?” “Mommy, what’s Mardi Gras?”(pronounce the “s” please). “Mommy, what’s Ash Wednesday?”

Lent I know. That’s 40 days before Easter and some people give stuff up as an act of worship to God. Mardi Gras (sans s) I know. That’s the big celebration before giving stuff up. Ash Wednesday? :::shrug::: still too Baptist!

Be Right Back….going to check out Wikipedia, that wonderful place of endless information.

I’m Back. So, Um. Ok. One goes to church, have the ashes from last year’s Palm Sunday fronds put on their forehead in the shape of a cross and leave it there until Sundown. One may or may not fast. It’s a day of repentence, and the ashes signify that from dust we came and to dust we will return.

I can get that. I’m still too much of a Baptist to follow it, or Lent, or party it up on Mardi Gras (which always brings to mind women pulling up their shirts for beads), but I can certainly respect people who do it. Apparently a lot of non-Catholic denominations do it as well. Who knew?

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Night Routine

In between the night hours of putting the kids to bed and going to bed myself and the morning when I sit to type here things are often lost. Ideas. Things I want to accomplish the next day. Grocery list items. More often than not, the tender quiet feelings my children inspire when they are asleep. Nothing is quite so peaceful or beautiful as a sleeping child.

Our girls, Laura and Catie, share a room. Just like our boys do now! But in my wildest fantasies, I do not ever see Bennett missing his brother or wanting to snuggle and have him leave the warmth of his own bed to join Ethan. Nope. Ain’t never gonna happen.

On the other hand, it’s a regular event in the girls’ room. Both my girls have a twin bed of their own. I’m not sure why we bother. The room would certainly be larger with only one twin bed! If they start the night out in their own beds (maybe 50% of the time), by morning they most often end up together. There are no favorites–Laura is equally likely to join Cate as Cate is to join Laura.

The kids’ bedtime is–theoretically at least–8:00. I’m a BIG believer in getting enough sleep. For them as well as myself. My husband? Well, I’m not his mother. Nor am I God and I cannot force him to go to bed early enough. But I digress. 8:00 rolls around and we put the children to bed. 10:00 comes and if I’m being good and getting enough sleep, I make my way upstairs to my welcoming bed. But not before I check on the children. I am absolutely unable to go to sleep without making sure they are covered, warm and asleep themselves.

Last night, after putting Laura and Catie in their separate beds at 8, I went to check on them at 10:45. I found: Catie, coverless, in a tiny little ball on her knees in Laura’s bed. Laura was in a little ball on her side, with only the spread on her upper body. Her legs and feet were coverless.

It’s February in Pennsylvania, and I have the heat set at 60 at night to save money.


Spread off, sheet up, blanket up, spread on and tucked under their chins. Cate’s legs stretch out, she snuggles her head next to Laura’s and nuzzles her best friend. I ask “Is that better?”. She nods, sound asleep. Touch their warm cheeks. Smooth their hair back away from their faces (Catie often masquerades as Cousin It) Kiss Catie. Kiss Laura.

The boys are safe and warm and covered in their own beds. Kiss Bennett. Kiss Ethan.

Good Night Moon. Good Night Room.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Bennett and Laura had their annual eye exam this morning. Bennett’s eyes got worse and Laura’s blind eye is developing a cataract. He’s not exactly worried about this, because she is already blind in that eye, but from an aesthetic point of view (as a parent), I want to be sure that she looks the best she can so that kids, who are the meanest creatures alive, won’t tease her.

2. About kids being the meanest creatures alive, I speak from absolute experience. I developed very quickly between 5th (elementary) and 6th (middle) grades. One or two kids accused me of “stuffing”. For three years straight I was called Stuffer every single day of my education. I abhorred middle school.

3. I bought 60 stamps and picked up pictures at WalMart. I can now finish mailing out the remaining 40 Christmas letters.

4. We got our tax return this morning. Hello new carpet! Hello new countertops! Hello new range! (all are 25 years old!)

5. After my 8 loads of laundry day, I slacked off yesterday. I have one on the couch waiting to be put away, one in the dryer and one still in the washer that will need to be rewashed. Sigh.

6. Our Friday evenings seem to be morphing into dinner and a movie nights with the kids. We did Lion King 1 1/2 two weeks ago and then last week was The Water Horse (loved both!). Tonight is going to be Horton Hears a Who.

7. After I post this, I’m going to go and clean out Bennett’s room so that we can FINALLY move Ethan’s bed upstairs. The original plan was for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Oh well!!