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Blast Off

This will be my last post for a bit, as we’re leaving tomorrow morning. Today is officially named PACKING DAY. I’ve always done the clothes, but we’re also doing groceries and toys and books and DVD’s and….you get the picture. Traveling with children does make for more “stuff”, doesn’t it?

For anyone who might be interested, we’re heading to Beaver Island, Michigan. It’s the largest island in Lake Michigan and the only one inhabited year round. Jim’s grandparents have had a cabin there for decades. Jim’s dad now has one, as well. We’ll be hanging out with Jim’s dad, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend. Once we get past the driving a REALLY LONG TIME part, I’m looking forward to it.

I hope all of you, my faithful readers, have a wonderful time the next little bit, and I’ll see you again later in July when I’ll tell you all about it and will even try to post some pictures (which I know I’m not known for!)

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What I Love

Each of my children has their own little buttons on me that they push very well. This is not that post. This post is what I love about them.

Bennett: His affection–immediate, quick, instantaneous, often. His deep thinking–about the world, universe, body, science.

Ethan: The way he still–at almost 8–melts into me when he snuggles. His excitement at seeing friends and family that he loves. He completely lack of shyness.

Laura: My mini-me. Her harmonizing. Her love for Jesus. Her spiritual questions that make me think. Her love of reading. Her love of her therapists and joy at what they teach her.

Catie: Her heart for Ethan. Her love of cleaning. The fact that when I wake her up, she reaches up to give me a hug. Her giggle.

I love my kids!

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Has it Really Been A Decade…

…since I’ve swam in a pool? Jim and I thought about it this afternoon and yes, we think it has. We have our pool up and cleaned and chlorinated, the sun was shining and my husband pretty much bugged me to get in today. So I did. And I remembered just how much I loved swimming. All six of us were in a 18′ diameter space and there was NO FIGHTING! We had a great time–I even got Laura to try a little doggy paddle for a bit.

T minus 4 days and counting. Tomorrow after church will be COMPLETELY CATCHING UP WITH LAUNDRY so we have clothes to pack.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Good morning and a Happy Friday to my many, many (ok, maybe three) readers!! Today is Jim’s last day of work before vacation, so I’m writing this with a definite cheery voice. If you could see me–tired of course–it would still be with a smile on my face as I anticipate seeing my husband for….um just did the math 15 days straight. Halleluia!

2. T Minus 5 Days and counting. My fridge is starting to look bare. I’m only buying what I KNOW we’re going to eat because I can’t see leaving perfectly good food around for 10 days to let it turn green. ::shudder::

3. Tonight Jim and I are attending a wedding for some good friends. They live locally to us and have even invited us to their respective birthday parties, so I’ve met their families and will actually have something to talk about with them instead of the regular “hi, I’m a friend of Steph’s. And you are?….” that normally happens.

4. Tonight is also the last night of Vacation Bible School. The kids have been going this week and having a really nice time. Ethan is attending for the first time–just couldn’t handle it in previous years–and is also having fun. The church essentially assigned him an aide, which is so incredible to me. We have been SO blessed over the years with people bending over backwards for the children and their issues.

5. We got the kids’ report cards. I’m bursting with pride! They got all 2’s and 3’s and good comments. Bennett is reading “at grade level” and Laura is “above grade level”. Catie did excellently in kindergarten and is already starting to read better than L or B at that age. LOVE IT!!

6. Speaking of reading, here’s the neat quote of the week. We were at the library on Tuesday and I was helping Laura pick out a book (or 6). She said she loved reading and I agreed that I loved it too–that there were so many good books out there to read. Her comment? “And I’ve got the rest of my life to read!” Awwwwww!

7. We’re off the vet this morning. Poor Floyd won’t bear any weight on his right front paw. Four children AND a cat at once place. This is going to be interesting!

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Vacation Prep

T minus 6 days and counting. I’m making my lists, although I haven’t checked them twice. I need to start walking around with a pad of paper with me at all times for those “Oh! I can’t forget that!” moments that slip very quickly out of my brain.

We had a really good day yesterday. Morning was Ethan’s dentist appointment. THE DREADED DENTIST. E does not typically do well there. He gags all morning before, his hands are over his ears the whole time, and the instant he lays down he starts his chant “are we done? can I go to school? are we done? are we done?”

However, and all of that was true this time, his chanting was not screamed at the top of his lungs, he didn’t kick, he allowed the dentist (not his normal one) to clean his teeth, and only gagged once. I was THRILLED!

Onto the bank, where we used their coin machines to change over all the money in the kids’ piggy banks. Gotta love light BILLS instead of heavy coins.

In the afternoon we had Ethan’s old nurse visit, as well as a good friend with her two kids. All the children had a blast in the pool, which was such a blessing! We’re finally having a good stretch of sunshine after 14 days straight of rain, so the pool is only somewhat frigid instead of completely frigid.

Today…ah, today. We’re hanging out today. I’m doing laundry, putting books on hold at the library for pick up on Monday, and just enjoying existing. Before the horrid humidity hits, summer really is a nice season!

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Jim and I just finished watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 where they talk about getting divorced.

I can’t sit on my sofa and point fingers. I can and have been praying, though, that their hearts would change, that God would save their marriage. They put such an emphasis on the children; all that should go into each other and the marriage.

It makes me very grateful that four or so years ago Jim and I went to marriage counseling and WORKED on things so we didn’t end up the same way.