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Back Story:

We built a laundry room earlier this year. My goal was to put in cabinets and a counter when we got the time and money. I found what I thought was a great deal ($125) on a 60 inch base cabinet on Craigslist and bought it with my birthday money (I know, I know, I’m such a rebel!).

We found out, though, that these cabinets were only carried by Home Depot and that the manufacturer was discontinuing them. I called every HD in a 50 mile radius (about 25 stores) and NO ONE had any uppers to finish out the laundry room.

The next day after calling around, I was walking through my local HD for a countertop. I was walking down an aisle when Lo and Behold! There was a display area set up with the very cabinets I wanted! I grabbed a person in orange who grabbed the kitchens and bath person, Dana. I explained our situation and that we really wanted to buy the uppers. If we had to buy the base cabinets as well….well, ok, we’d do it. She said she’d talk to the manager and get back to me.

Fast forward a few weeks. I hadn’t heard from Dana and knew the cabinets were due to be taken down on January 3rd. That’s pretty soon! I called yesterday and talked to the manager directly.  He said it shouldn’t be a problem, but would get back to me. Dana called a few hours later. We could buy the cabinets–just the uppers or everything, whichever we wanted. She guessed about $25/cabinet and I was thrilled.

We got there this afternoon and the quoted price didn’t match the real price. For five uppers $50. For five base cabinets and a custom counter $100. Bada Bing, Bada Boom!! We bought everything. The counter alone cost $300!! We’ll have enough to finish our laundry room and put up a nice area in the basement!

::Patting myself on the back:: Ok, and thanking God for his blessing of wants and not just needs.

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In Which I Don’t Host a Guest Blogger

In the world of bloggers, I’m pretty much a blip on the radar. A very tiny blip. The Pioneer Woman’s and Dooce’s of the world are grateful, I’m sure, that I read them, but they do not offer to come and write something on my blog. Nor has it ever occurred to me to ask.

Today I read a brand-new-to-me blogger that I have added to my daily roster (which now has 21 blogs that I check). Please, if you read nothing else today, please go visit Stuff Christians Like today. It was amazingly profound.

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Important Announcement

I don’t bake.

At all.

No lovely Christmas cookies. No rich and yummy pies. No moist and delicious breads. It just isn’t my gifted area.


I make fudge.

Lots and lots of fudge. It’s my annual present to teachers, aids, bus drivers, mailmen, therapists, family etc. This year I’ve bought enough supplies to make 12 lbs. Yes. 12 POUNDS of FUDGE.

My fudge ROCKS. The only thing I change in the recipe is NO NUTS (Eww. Nuts do not belong in fudge!) and the one bag of milk chocolate chips I change to semisweet. Darker, richer, Mmmmm!

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Progress is Slow, but Happening

Two years ago last August, Jim and I painted the living room and play room. March a year ago replaced the carpet on the whole first floor. Summer a year ago we bought new end tables. Last spring we got the sofa and loveseat recovered. We also got a new TV cabinet off Craigslist. Last summer we replaced the windows. Last week Jim framed, trimmed out and painted the windows. Two days ago we put up the new rods and curtains that Jim’s mom bought us for Christmas. The room, which we live in a lot, is finally looking FINISHED. It just took almost 10 years to get there!

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Parenting Pain

Laura was nominated as one of the three best spellers in her class, so today she took part in the spelling bee at her school. We have practiced and I felt she was ready. She was #3 in a row of 12 kids–all fourth graders. Whoever won today goes to the district-wide bee in January. Last year Laura came in 2nd and went to the district bee, where she misspelled somewhere in the middle. It was very exciting. Today…notsomuch. She stood up for her first word “length” and spelled it incorrectly (lenght). I felt so badly for her! When we got to see her afterwards she just fell apart and was crying. I was scrambling for the words to comfort her (not my strong suit, I assure you). I had hoped she at least wouldn’t be the first to go out–she was 2nd–but it was in the first round.

One of the hardest things as a parent is to see your child in pain, be it physical, emotional, mental…whatever. Our first instinct is to “fix it”. Kissing booboos as babies and toddlers works great. As they get older that not only isn’t possible, it’s not even something we should be doing. Life ISN’T fair (anyone who tells you differently is selling something) (Movie name anyone?). And if the lessons and disappointments have to come at a spelling bee in fourth grade, then, well, let them come. At least at this point, I can hug and console that there will be another year. When she’s 23 and has her heart broken it might not be the case.