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A Door Makes a Difference

I’ve been in the new “school room” for four weeks as of today. Yes, it has it’s downsides (e.g. when Catie decides to sing along with Adele’s Skyfall with headphones on–for the 14th time), but there’s one HUGE upside that I didn’t anticipate.

I’m tidier. Really!

My desk used to be in the office (still the office, it’s just now Jim’s and not mine). Lots of reasons for moving, but I’m fine with it and mostly don’t begrudge Jim his locking door. Being in the office,  I knew I could close the door on my mess. I could shove mail in there and forget about it. I could not file for six months and still be fine BECAUSE OF THAT CLOSED DOOR.

Enter life change of desk in the VERY open school room. No doors in the two doorways. I even bought a new, smaller desk with some Christmas money. LESS ROOM FOR JUNK.

This has, thankfully, forced me to organize, declutter, file, put away and generally be much more tidy. I don’t have a huge Ikea desk to sprawl paperwork all over. I want to keep the floor neat and not full of “to do” piles.

And after four weeks of living in here, I’m finding I’m mostly keeping on top of things. I have a clear hanging file thingy with three slots (long term, medium term and keep on looking at this because it needs to be dealt with!) It keeps stuff off the desk, but easily accessible. My printer is on a low filing cabinet with paper in a special 6-drawer organizer under it.

I’m LOVING it. Organization ROCKS.

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We Made Us Some Goals, Yes We Did!

I can hardly believe it, but Jim and I actually talked about and decided on some goals for 2013. That’s still hard to say. I was JUST getting used to 2012!

Finances: 1. Cut debt in half. 2. Save up for vacation in August.

School: Decide about cyber school for Bennett & Laura by May.

Church: Find a new church home.

Vacation: Go to Beaver Island, MI in August.

Dog: Get her some training!

Family: 1. Go through Cleaning House together and do what it says. 2. Fancy dinner at home once per month. (dress up and use company manners)

Kids: Cook at least one dinner per month. (I’m sure we’ll come up with more for the kids, but that was just what we came up with yesterday)

Tina: 1. Go through the recipes I’ve bookmarked and either make them or delete them. 2. Do Friendship outgrown sale in spring. 3. Hopefully find a job until the summer. 4. Read 2-3 non-fiction books (I’m not a big non-fiction person, but I want to read Cleaning House and Vertical Church). 5. Find local women’s bible study 6. Visit Celebrate Recovery now that they have an official SA small group.

House: 1. Finish painting den/office and move the furniture in. 2. Put wallboard on other side of basement and paint. 3. Build wall and closet on playroom side of basement (along concrete wall). 4. Fix drywall and paint hall bath. 5. Fix drywall and paint master bedroom (we’ve lived here almost 13 years and it’s never been done!) 6. Fix closet organizer in MBR closet (needs a section taken out so we can hang longer things). 7. Fix backyard fence where it fell down. 8. Pour concrete apron in front of garage going over to the front porch.

In the interest of privacy, I’m skipping Jim’s.

It’s a lot, isn’t it?! It is to me, too. The kids don’t know about their yet. And I haven’t started reading the Cleaning house, although it’s a 12 month project so I’d better get on it.

I’m excited about 2013, aren’t you?


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Goal Setting

I’m not one to make resolutions. I break them too easily, so what’s the point? But this year, having read several of my blogger friends who are making personal, professional and family goals, I thought that might be the way to go. I even checked with Jim, who was on board with the idea. So in the next few days I’ll be posting what we come up with.

And no, losing 50 pounds won’t be on there.

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It’s a New Year

Well duh. You knew that.

2013 is about 12 hours old as I type this. And already it is full of changes. Life-changing changes. Small changes. But CHANGES.

In the small changes category, I’m now typing from the new school room instead of the office. The next step in the room changeover. I’m more than slightly leery about being in the same room as four children’s desks and three other computers (and one Braille typewriter), but am willing to give it a go.

In the Life-changing category, Jim and I have chosen to look for a new church home. The reasons for this were varied, but suffice it to say it was just the right time to do so. It was somewhat heart-wrenching, as we have been at our old church for the past 8 years and have many dear friends. And no matter what anyone says, not seeing someone on a weekly basis eventually changes the friendship.

So we look forward to 2013 with open arms, ready to embrace where God leads us. Jim is no longer an elder, I am no longer a deacon or a church secretary. We aren’t the worship leaders. This leaves some very large voids. It also allows for  healing of some major burnout. Both of us agree that we will take some time to “sit in a pew” for a bit. It’s not in either of our makeups to do it for long, but I think it’s a good thing for a short time.

I hope and pray that 2013 has some good challenges and growth for us all.