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When Other Blogs Touch You

If you are reading this, you’ve either found me through a search of some kind, or you are a “regular” follower. (that word is in quotations because, really, I’ve become somewhat lax in posting). If you are the latter, most likely you are like me….you’ve found several blogs that you read and follow because you like what the author has to say. My “blogroll” is currently 17 blogs long. I go to my “bookmarks” tab at the top, click on it and scroll to “bookmarks toolbar” and then go to the right. Each of those 17 blogs is there. If something new has been posted (and I check at least once per day), I read it. Sometimes I smile and that’s it. Sometimes I cry and pray.

Sometimes, good sometimes, I’m prompted to change.

Beauty in the Mundane is a wonderful blog. Today it was a little more. “God Goggles” was the title of the post–seeing things God’s way and doing what He would have us do was the point of it. I read it and was reminded how little I ask God for what He wants my day to look like. I’m great at making lists. Don’t get me wrong, doing the laundry and taking out the trash are all good and necessary. They are a part of my job as a homemaker. But seeing my children through God’s eyes, now, that’s not on any list I’ve ever made. I’ve already prayed for it this morning and want to keep that at the forefront of my mind today, (plus look for opportunities to interact with other people besides my children.)

I encourage you to read the post and give it some thought.


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