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Holding Pattern

This is the stinky part of buying the kitchen early because Ikea is having a sale. Plus, other than a paint color (to be decided upon VERY soon!), the main decisions are made. Which I am so, so, SO happy about because I hate decisions and having them behind me (and visible on my sideboard where I can admire them and remind myself that yes, it WILL happen) makes me happy. But here I am:


We are now in the busy season in our home–lots and lots of weddings (well, one anyway!), spring concerts, spring art shows, World Robotics competitions, homework and work mock-audits. There is nothing that can be done about it, it must be lived through.

So I continue waiting.

Jim has to contact our neighbor about helping with door installation and the electrician about electrical modification timing. We want the big stuff to start May 21st. But the door has to be taken out, framed in and new door installed before then. And southeastern PA has had Very Interesting Weather of late. As in, SNOW. And below freezing. And rain and wind and other craziness.

So I must wait.


Yes, Veruca Salt lives and breathes in my house.