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It’s Tuesday and It’s Anti-Climatic

Well, that was a big nothing for us in Southeastern PA. It was a lot of wind and a lot of rain. That’s it. There’s one tree down in the neighborhood that I know of. We never lost power, we never needed the generator, we hung out all day watching the news and doing a whole lot of nothing else. The kids are off school again today.

Now, I will conceded that our house is on high ground. There is a creek/stream/flowing body of water right next to our neighborhood that floods very easily and makes travel into and out of our neighborhood nigh on impossible. And I’m sure that we aren’t the only one with that problem. I don’t know what tomorrow will look like for schools–I might guess, though, that Philadelphia will be closed (Ethan home), but that the local kids will go back. We’ll see.

Either way, we’re breathing a sigh of relief and going to get on with life.

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It’s Monday and It’s Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, that is. We’re in southeast Pennsylvania, which is pretty much directly in the path of the storm. The schools are closed for two days (got the call last night before bed, for which I was tres, tres thankful!) We slept in until 7:00, an unheard of luxury on a weekday morning (normal rising time for me is 5:24!). Right now, at 11:18am, it’s just raining. We haven’t hit the wind or torrential, horizontal downpour yet. But we’re expecting both.

This year, for the first time, we have a generator. We bought it off friends who wanted a bigger one. If all it is able to do is give us our fridge and our water pump I’ll be happy. We have a well, so if we don’t have power we don’t have water. Which, with 6 people, is rather difficult. Thankfully we have a gas stove, so cooking will not be a problem regardless.

For all my readers in the storm’s path (and I know there is at least one!), please be careful. Stay safe and dry, spend time with your family, and let me know how you’re doing when we are on the other side of this!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. So, Um, Yeah. Hi! I know it’s been a long time and I know I don’t have many excuses. But Hi! I’ve missed you.

2. Speaking of missing, my husband is up at Lake Michigan this week. We have survived six days and still have four left. It’s been….ok. The kids haven’t been awful, nothing has been scary, but it’s definitely different without his presence. HOWEVER, on the silver lining side, he took the dog with him, which brings me to #3.

3. I am a cat person. I have a cat, Floyd, that I love dearly and would spend much time with curled up with and listening to him purring and hugging him and loving him and calling him George. Unfortunately, I am a cat person who owns a dog. For almost 8 months now. Until this week, I guess I hadn’t realized just how much she has dominated things. The house is way more peaceful, Floyd hangs out in the living room with us, I don’t worry when people come to the door because there’s no one barking….etc. I really am just a cat person.

4. Tonight Bennett is going to a dance at school. My 11 yr old, somewhat socially awkward son. I was so surprised that he wanted to attend. He doesn’t want to dance, but “go and hang out with guys.” I actually believe him. None of them have “discovered’ the opposite sex yet, thank the Good Lord.

5. With Jim away, I’m leading worship on Sunday. I sat down yesterday to come up with the worship set and had what I think was the easiest time ever picking not only the songs, but also their order. Almost like God was directing me. 🙂

6. In our on-going dental saga, Ethan has now had two dentist appointments at two different offices (same practice) where he wouldn’t open his mouth. Given his age, the fact that he’s never had a mouth x-ray (so who knows what might be going on!), we will next be going to a surgical center where they will put him under general anesthesia. They will clean his teeth thoroughly, take whatever x-rays are needed, and then drill and fill whatever cavities he might have. While I’m very happy we have this as an option, I’m rather distressed that we even need to talk about it, let alone do it. For many years he was ok (not great) with going to the dentist. Now for some unknown autistic reason he is freaking out.

7. 5 weeks until Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’m cooking this year, which is a relief. I don’t mind doing Christmas ham (all you’re doing is reheating!), but my turkey often ends up not cooked enough or done two hours early.  This also means just 10 weeks until Christmas!

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Dinner Blow Up

So one of the children tonight complained about the choice of hot dog roll I purchased. I got angry and sent them to their room until they could be thankful and not complain. Jim asked what they could have done differently so that I didn’t get angry.

After the child came back, I explained that when they complained what I heard was:

1. I should read their mind and know that they don’t like these rolls.

2. My attempt at being frugal (but not cheap) was rebuffed.

3. The child didn’t care how much other rolls cost, I should purchase them regardless.

Jim said that the child was just expressing that the roll fell apart and they didn’t like that.

I then said that the overarching reason I got angry is because I am a failure. My children won’t eat. There is no meal–NONE–that all four children eat and like and don’t complain about. Other parents can get their children to eat. I cannot. Therefore I am a failure at parenting.

And yes, I said this in front of them. They need to hear that I feel this way about their eating.

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The Transformation Continues

No, this is not a deep, spiritual post, although that would be a great title for one, wouldn’t it?!

Where things stand in the Great Move Around Rooms project:

Four black desks bought, built and in the room-that-we-now-call The Schoolroom.

Four matching black chairs bought off Craigslist for $5 each. Score!

Basement play area cleaned up, organized and a BUNCH of toys gone via Freecycle.

Basement electric outlets and co-ax installed by Jim, my handy husband.

Basement phone line installed

Old alarm panel from when house was built in 1984 uninstalled. Wires are still there in case someone wants to use it.

I learned what POTS stands for (plain old telephone system wire). Silly!

Next up: Drywall in the basement, paint on them and Dry-Lock on the cement walls. At some point before we bought the house, the owner painted the basement walls a yucky yellow and the stairwell sides a really ugly blue. We’re going for neutral.

Nope, still no pictures!