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Stamping my Foot at the Unfairness

Last Thursday Catie decided it was high time someone got sick around here and brought home a stomach bug. She ever so nicely shared it with me. My children are often thoughtful that way. So we spent Thursday and Friday on the couch and loveseat, not eating a whole lot and feeling rather miserable. Sunday morning, when I woke up feeling quite fine, thankyouverymuch, Ethan woke up with a hacking cough and major congestion and Laura had the stomach bug.

1. One type of virus at a time, world. That should TOTALLY be in the rule book.

Sunday Ethan got a small nose bleed. That night I stepped off my side porch and my ankle gave out AGAIN and I went down on the pavers really really hard. Spend the rest of the evening with it propped up and not getting anything done. Monday, off from school, Ethan got a MAJOR nosebleed that we just couldn’t get to stop. I had us both in coats, ready to head to the ER at 9pm when finally FINALLY it decided to quit. Today, Tuesday, I woke up with a really sore throat and headache and overall I’m-definitely-coming-down-with-a-cold feeling.

2. Double not fair, world. I put off laundry because of being sick and then because I couldn’t stand long enough to do it and now I feel rotten? My kids need clothes! I NEED CLOTHES!

So from me to you, dear readers, WASH YOUR HANDS and keep your children away from mine. They are world-class germ sharers.

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A Crisp and Shiny New Year

Just waiting for all the possibilities to become realities.

For the first time in awhile, I find myself somewhat excited about the new year. It is a man-made institution and really no different from yesterday? Sure! But it’s still a kind of great excuse to “start fresh” if you want. And I want.

For the first time in a LONG time, God is exciting. My relationship with him feels like a marriage that was on the rocks for a long time, but then the couple decides to really work on it and things improve. Except that God didn’t really give up on me, did He? I gave up, moved away and wanted the separation. I wanted the dingy, smelly apartment with the bug-ridden kitchen and dim bulbs and orange shag carpet. Because it seemed so much better than working on my marriage. Stupid, stupid Tina. I’m back at home with my Lord, cuddling on the couch and planning our future again. And happy about the fact.

**Side note: my parents’ house really had orange carpets when I was growing up. Orange has been my least-favorite color for many, many years in honor of that.**

My sister used an app called My Fitness Pal and managed, using basic math of LESS IN to lose 35 lbs in 2014. I have downloaded the app and been fooling around with it. While it’s somewhat depressing to see just how few calories a 5′ 1″ woman who wants to lose weight gets to eat, it’s definitely eye-opening to realize that my morning cup of coffee (that sometimes makes its way to two cups), eats up 1/12th of my allotted daily needs. That’s a LOT of calories for a drink!

So while I’m not making any ridiculous New Year’s resolutions that I will break in two weeks, my word for 2015 is RECOMMITTED. To God. To my health and well-being. To our new church. To growth. Such a good place to be, don’t you think?!