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My Take on Kids’ TV

My kids think I’m strict. I’m rather proud of that. I’ll let them watch TV–even non-educational TV–within certain limits. With the exception of things like Scooby Doo (where there isn’t anything objectionable), I don’t want them watching shows where the main characters are older than they are. Like, they don’t watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Or Wizards of Waverly Place. Please don’t get me wrong–there is nothing inherently wrong with those shows.

But my kids are 9 and 8. They don’t need to be thinking about the opposite sex or dating or any of that kind of thing. They don’t need to worry about clothes or peer pressure about drinking. Or sex or drugs. Nope. They need to be 8 and 9. They need to worry about homework and having to clean their rooms and get along with their siblings.

So many shows–good and bad–are trying to force our kids to grow up too quickly. Maybe I’m reactionary, but since that happened to me with pornography, I’d rather my kids stay innocent, thankyouverymuch.

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Steak Fajitas

Did you ever cook something at home, look at each other and say “this is better than at a restaurant!” ? That was us this weekend.

Steak Fajitas


Onion, sliced

Green pepper, sliced

Whole wheat tortillas

Shredded cheese (Monteray Jack), salsa, sour cream to taste

We used a grill pan on the grill for the onions and green peppers so as not to have them fall in between the grates, then put on the steak til medium rare. We sliced thinly across the grain. Heat up the tortillas in the microwave, put on some shredded cheese, plop on everything else and voila! It was DELICIOUS. And because I use the whole wheat tortillas with only 4 net carbs, as well as low fat cheese and sour cream, this was a VERY good-for-you meal. Jim, Bennett and I loved it.  The girls had other stuff–which meant MORE FOR US!

The grilling makes this, so if you try it on the stovetop or broiler you probably won’t get the same restaurant-quality that we did. Happy Grilling everyone!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Hello All from weather-confused PA! We’ve had sunny and 80’s and yesterday morning had snow. I admit to looking forward to late April and May, where it’s just warm spring instead of weird spring.

2. Jim is asleep in his own bed right now, and all is right with the world. Ok, my world. Week 2 of New Hampshire is finished. We definitely have one more week; after that we don’t know what’s going on. I’m ok with that. With two weeks under our collective belts, I know we can handle more if necessary. Sure, the single-parenting aspect gets old. I can’t imagine how military families do it–my hats off to you men and women who hold down the home forts for upwards of a year at a time while your spouse serves.

3. In Boo-Boo updates, Laura is able to make a loose fist and doesn’t need the splint anymore. Bennett seems to be on the mend as well, so we’re ending the week much better than we started it.

4. With having karate during the week, we’re back to “movie night” on Fridays. Last night we watched Despicable Me, which was excellent. Tonight is Mega Mind, which I think will be somewhat similar. I think they’re ready for Indiana Jones, but Jim says no–those melting faces at the end would be too much.

5. Our church is going through a lot of changes–leadership, name, structure…just a bunch of things going on. For someone who isn’t overly fond of change, it’s a lot to deal with at once! I keep repeating “Change is good. Change is good. Change is good.” to convince myself to be more comfortable.

6. Freecycle is such a great place to get rid of things you don’t want and to find things you need. I’m much more of a get-rid-of type, but this week I scored twice: sparring pads for Bennett and snowpants and boots for Laura for next winter! WooHoo! Free stuff that we actually need!

7. As of today, I’ve been sober for four weeks. It’s been good. Not that I like to, but I wonder if sometimes it’s not a good thing to fall flat on my face. It reminds me–brutally–that I can’t do this on my own. That I am powerless and need God to get through this thing called addiction. Long-term sobriety is excellent and wonderful and I love it, but one can get, shall we say, a little cocky. Which is stupid.

And on that note, I’ll wish you all a great weekend. If you have one, go and hug your spouse. Just because you can.

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Jim was in New Hampshire (previously posted as CT, that was incorrect) last Mon, Tues, Wed. This week he drove up Sun afternoon and is coming home very late Thurs. Next week he’ll do the same as this week. So, roughly speaking, we’re halfway through.

We’re managing. Last week was, honestly, fine. We did karate on Monday and Wednesday and managed to fill the time well. This week is a little on the rough side. Friday night Laura broke her left pinky (spell check didn’t recognize pinky!) and then she came down with a nasty cold. Sunday Bennett was climbing a tree and the branch under his feet broke and he was left hanging abruptly, which pulled his pectoral muscle. He’s been in a lot of pain ever since. So two are down. But on the up side, we found out that Bennett can take pills, thank the Good Lord, and even Laura’s finger seems to be better.

We started Catie with karate, which she adores. She’ll get her white belt tonight. She’s by far the littlest one in the class, and is just so CUTE! Mr. PJ calls her “Catie with a C” because there’s also a “Katie with a K”.

Skype is also a Very Good Thing. It’s helping the kids to SEE Daddy, which helps them not to miss him so much. It helps me, too, yeah. Nothing compares to being able to hug and kiss your husband, but seeing is way better than just a voice.

Time to get them off to school! So, I can now say that even though it’s a mixed blessing having Jim traveling for work, I’m able to be thankful for it.

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Organizing the Organizer

Let me go on record as saying that if any of my clients ever came over to my house, they’d throw up their hands in disgust and ask why in the world did they hire me?

Just like everyone else in the world, I have the best of intentions. I start out great. But then I have four kids who think there is a cleaning fairy (named Mom apparently). And I myself tend to “pile” wherever I see a flat surface.  And then I work, which gets me behind, which yes, I see the irony of completely.

I just began reading Organized Simplicity, which is off to a great start.  Maybe it’s the spring. Maybe it’s the fact that we are having a yard sale on April 2nd. Maybe it’s just that I’ve had enough and really want to purge/declutter/trash/you name it. I want to GET RID OF STUFF.

As I tell my clients, wanting to do it is really 1/2 the battle. The rest is just getting the time and keeping at it.

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Jim starts work on Wednesday. In Connecticut. We’re in PA, which is five hours away. He’ll be there Monday through Friday. I’m trying to be thankful, because after all this time it’s work and money and that’s good. But I’m not there yet.

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The First Thing to Go

As I said in my last post, this past week was insanely busy. Both Jim and I were out, either singly or together, every day and every night except Thursday evening. Poor Bennett didn’t even get to go to karate until Saturday morning!

Yesterday afternoon (after karate), I started catching up on the house stuff. My kitchen, dining room and living room are finally good. The office? Well, I’m surrounded by piles of paperwork on the floor, but at least I can find my desk. The laundry? That’s this afternoon. My blogs that I follow? Doing that now.

Each morning, when not insanely busy, I check 19 blogs, plus Facebook. Some post first thing in the morning, some post multiple things (, some post around noon (, some post once or twice a month, but I check each first thing anyway. Except this week. I’m very behind! So if I haven’t commented on your blog in awhile, please don’t take it personally….I’m coming!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Busy, busy, busy, busy, BUSY week. IEP’s, working (me), packing Jim’s grandmother for a move, Celebrate Recovery, church meetings….I honestly don’t know how you single moms do it. I have had laundry on my living room floor for a few days and no time or energy to just put in into a basket and get it out of there.

2. On the good–no, GREAT news front, Jim will be starting a consulting job early next week. Can I get a halleluia?! (tomorrow is 4 months since his last job)

3. If you reread#1, I have been working this week. I spent 5.5 hours in someone’s kitchen yesterday decluttering and organizing. Today will be her dining room and office. I also have another client next week, so I’m tickled pink. I love working, although it wreaks havoc on my own home. 😀

4. Although I completely stink at the party planning stuff, I am hosting a “Spa Party” next Saturday for Catie, who will be 8. I sent out 6 invitations, asking for RSVPs by Saturday the 5th. I have heard from two moms. Thanks. I can’t believe how rude people are these days.  (this is a sore spot–this is my 3rd party with lack of RSVP’s)

5. Coming back to this list about 8 hours later, I worked an additional 5 hours and went to the bank to deposit my check, only to have the fantastic news that the IRS finally gave us our refund. They’ve been sitting on it for weeks now and it was getting seriously annoying. So yea for money and having enough to make our budget for the month of March. I bought a can of Pringles to celebrate. 😀

6. We’re going out to watch Jim perform for a church fundraiser in Delaware. That’s about 1 hour away from home. Long drive there and back in one evening. While it will be nice to see him play and sing, I’m not enthused by the driving with the kids complaining.

7. Since I can’t begin to come up with a #7, we’re going to leave it at 6. So sorry! Not!