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A Quick Note and What’s Going On

I just checked here and apparently I was hacked. The last post that was so excited about my earning money? That was NOT me. I’m sorry about that. I’ve deleted it and hopefully it won’t happen again.

As for what’s been going on, my mom is in the ICU with pneumonia, sepsis and other assorted things. I’ve been down at the hospital for the past two days, but am home today doing laundry and am about to do the grocery shopping and getting other errands accomplished. Tomorrow it’s back to the hospital. This kind of reminds me when the kids were in the NICU. I had to be there, had to be mom, but I also had a house to run, bills to pay and things to get done. Working those two things out in a guilt-free way was very difficult. As is this time around.

If you are a praying type person, please pray for my mother’s health and our family as a whole.

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When Other Blogs Touch You

If you are reading this, you’ve either found me through a search of some kind, or you are a “regular” follower. (that word is in quotations because, really, I’ve become somewhat lax in posting). If you are the latter, most likely you are like me….you’ve found several blogs that you read and follow because you like what the author has to say. My “blogroll” is currently 17 blogs long. I go to my “bookmarks” tab at the top, click on it and scroll to “bookmarks toolbar” and then go to the right. Each of those 17 blogs is there. If something new has been posted (and I check at least once per day), I read it. Sometimes I smile and that’s it. Sometimes I cry and pray.

Sometimes, good sometimes, I’m prompted to change.

Beauty in the Mundane is a wonderful blog. Today it was a little more. “God Goggles” was the title of the post–seeing things God’s way and doing what He would have us do was the point of it. I read it and was reminded how little I ask God for what He wants my day to look like. I’m great at making lists. Don’t get me wrong, doing the laundry and taking out the trash are all good and necessary. They are a part of my job as a homemaker. But seeing my children through God’s eyes, now, that’s not on any list I’ve ever made. I’ve already prayed for it this morning and want to keep that at the forefront of my mind today, (plus look for opportunities to interact with other people besides my children.)

I encourage you to read the post and give it some thought.

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The First Thing to Go

As I said in my last post, this past week was insanely busy. Both Jim and I were out, either singly or together, every day and every night except Thursday evening. Poor Bennett didn’t even get to go to karate until Saturday morning!

Yesterday afternoon (after karate), I started catching up on the house stuff. My kitchen, dining room and living room are finally good. The office? Well, I’m surrounded by piles of paperwork on the floor, but at least I can find my desk. The laundry? That’s this afternoon. My blogs that I follow? Doing that now.

Each morning, when not insanely busy, I check 19 blogs, plus Facebook. Some post first thing in the morning, some post multiple things (, some post around noon (, some post once or twice a month, but I check each first thing anyway. Except this week. I’m very behind! So if I haven’t commented on your blog in awhile, please don’t take it personally….I’m coming!

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In Which I Don’t Host a Guest Blogger

In the world of bloggers, I’m pretty much a blip on the radar. A very tiny blip. The Pioneer Woman’s and Dooce’s of the world are grateful, I’m sure, that I read them, but they do not offer to come and write something on my blog. Nor has it ever occurred to me to ask.

Today I read a brand-new-to-me blogger that I have added to my daily roster (which now has 21 blogs that I check). Please, if you read nothing else today, please go visit Stuff Christians Like today. It was amazingly profound.

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YouTube Makes Me Happy

I got this from sixyearmed. I thoroughly enjoy her blog, although she’s by no means a daily poster. She’s a doctor: a young, thoughtful, caring pediatrician who is trying to marry her faith with what she sees around her. It seems to be an uphill battle. Good for her!

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I just came over here from another blog and wanted to welcome you to my new home. I hope you find something that interests you, be it a funny story about my kids, what I’m learning about the bible as I study it, or just life in general. Feel free to comment, as I read every one. Thanks for stopping by!

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Going Private

Welcome you guys. I didn’t want to do it, but it ended up being necessary. I can’t block a certain reader or two without blocking everyone.

Family drama just isn’t any fun.

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A Light At the End of the Tunnel

I think I’m beginning to feel better. I say “I think” because I thought that last Tuesday and was WRONG. But today, today, I might be feeling a little bit more like I felt last Sunday morning, when I was still healthy. Today I had a voice for a bit. If I don’t talk a lot I have some tone. If I talk more, it goes down to the scratch I’ve had all week. I had a little more energy today. I did a load of laundry. One load, but hey, my daughters will have underwear tomorrow.

However, on the downside, Bennett has a fever of 101.1 and has been asleep for about two hours now. It’s 7:30pm. My philosophy of parenting is: if a kid over four falls asleep during the day they’ve got to be sick. So far, it’s working. No other symptoms as of yet, but I’m sure something will show up!

I recently discovered a new blog. Yeah, like I need another one, I know. But it’s truly excellent. Good enough that I actually went back and read through the last FOUR YEARS of her posts. Not kidding. It’s taken me a week–you can read through a year in about 30 minutes. I’ve only ever read back-posts of a blog once, and that was with Dooce, one of the most famous blogs out there. So, anyway, I highly recommend you read Danielle. She a medical resident now (I’ve followed through medical school) and I’m even wondering if she’s at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Phila). Regardless, her stories are wonderful–funny, poignant, gross, but above all REAL. I love real bloggers. I want to be one when I grow up ::grin::

So to all you faithful readers who have checked in with me, thanks for hanging in. It was a waste of a week, but I can a least be thankful I’m on the other side of it now. And pray that none of you catch it!

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Blogs I Read

On a daily basis I check upwards of 21 blogs. Yes, you read that right 21!! I started with one, by a former pornographer who found his way to God (while still producing porn) and is now in seminary. My next was Because I Said So, which is a mom of six kids (she sold some famous Pokemon cards on ebay), which led me to Michelle’s, which led me to another and so on and so on. I read them pretty much ever day–some don’t post every day, which makes it quicker (duh!). Some are deep and thought provoking. Some are Christian, some are NOT (Dooce). All are people that I find interesting, funny, inspiring, helpful, challenging…..

I hope that when you read my blog, you come away with a chuckle or a thought that you didn’t have before!