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If I Could Talk to Me Back in May

I would put my arms around that poor woman, who was totally freaking out, and tell her that not only would it be ok, but it would really, honestly, for-true-and-for-real be REALLY OK.

Ethan and Laura have been learning some amazing things–so many skills that will take them through life. In the way of things, I’ve actually learned a really important thing as well.

I will be able to handle them going away to college. All of them. I will not die in the process.

This summer has not broken me. Sure, I’ve missed them off and on. Sometimes quite a bit off, actually–meaning not at all! I’ve visited Ethan each Sunday since he’s been gone (He and I even went to McDonald’s yesterday!), and we’ve texted/talked with Laura a few times each week. While I really look forward to having them back on Friday and finding out what all they’ve been up to in person, not seeing them all day long has honestly been fine.

Who woulda thunk? ME! Saying THAT!

So, basically, this summer’s programs? Win-win all the way!

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Down to Two Kids

Last Sunday we dropped Ethan off at his summer program, IDEAL, for four weeks. I cried. It was HARD.

Yesterday we dropped Laura off at her summer program, The Summer Academy at Penn State. I didn’t cry. It was still hard.

So much had been leading up to those two events…mental energy, worrying, shopping, physically gathering everything needed, worrying some more, planning….both of them have been on my mind for the better part of probably 9 months, and definitely in the forefront for more than a month.

And now both are gone. I made dinner tonight for just the four of us. Two parents and two kids. It. Was. WEIRD.

For his part, Ethan seems to be really enjoying the program and getting stuff out of it. He’s learned how to make sandwiches (!) and does so each day.  Today he did his laundry for the first time. He’s tried–and liked–granola bars, french fries, garlic bread and lasagna. He had SECONDS of lasagna. He has NEVER EVER EVER EVER had seconds (and not for lack of me trying to get him to!). My mouth literally dropped open when his dorm manager told me about it.

I had–and still have–high hopes for these summer programs and how well the kids will do. In 20 short days we pick both up (splitting the job unfortunately because both end on the same day). I can’t wait to see how they’ve grown and changed!