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A Packing We Will Go

Earlier this year I was in total packing mode. We packed the whole dang house!

Now, notsomuch. We have boxes in the apartment. I’ve packed 8 boxes so far and cleaned out most of the bathroom that Jim and I use. I’m mentally reviewing the whole apartment, figuring out what can go Thurs and Fri and what needs to stay until the very end.

In 7 hours we have the final walk through. Tomorrow at 10am we sit down to sign the paperwork and then it’s full speed ahead with moving stuff out of this temporary home to our HOME.

What a sweet word it is!

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Last Minute Details

Here’s where the septic system is as of yesterday. That’s Angelo of Chester County Septic, standing at the end of the trench from the septic tank and the beginning of the drain field. Angelo is a wonderful guy.

November 17 iPhone 016

This is standing right near the fence line of the property looking down into the drain field. All that dirt still needs to make its way back on top.

November 17 iPhone 017

This is that same field, but looking towards the street. What a view for the neighbors to have!

November 17 iPhone 018

We are in the home stretch now. This weekend we pack anything that isn’t truly NEEDED that last week. Wednesday we get a check from the bank for an astonishingly large amount, do the final walk through in the house and then Thursday November 30th we finally get to own the house.

Then MOVING. In DECEMBER. With CHRISTMAS and the insanity that happens around that time. I’m going on official record as saying I want to be totally unpacked by the end of January. We’ll see how it goes!

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Less Tentative, More Certain Settlement

Realtor, husband and me texting yesterday determined that walk through will be November 29th at 3pm and settlement will be November 30th at 10am.

Unless catastrophe strikes.

The carpet guy, upon whom much rests, says he can come on Friday December 1st and do the install in one day. So, THEORETICALLY, we can move December 2nd.

Snoopy Dance

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Tentative, Maybe, Possibly a Settlement

Last Monday the septic design person (Ashley) walked the design to the health department. I texted her (because doesn’t everyone text with their trades?!) on Thursday and found out the health department will look at it NEXT MONDAY–a whole week after they received it.


On the better news side, though, the sellers hired Ashley and her husband, so I actually get real information. It was making me crazy to not know anything.

THEORETICALLY, here is the schedule for the next weeks:

  • Monday, Health department reviews design, sees nothing wrong an approves it.
  • Wednesday, Ashley and Angelo (her husband) head over and start the digging and replacing and building of the new system.
  • The weather is utterly perfect for the next few weeks so everything goes perfectly.
  • Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday work continues.
  • Oops, hello Thanksgiving! While I normally love you, you are mucking things up!
  • Wednesday the work is at such a place that the mortgage inspector can come and say, yes, they have a working septic, so we can continue on with getting our mortgage.
  • Friday they finish up the job site, putting down sod, straw and whatever else is required.
  • Monday 27th we go to settlement.

That’s the “Everything Is Perfect Plan”┬áReality, though, could change things. The weather could prevent them from starting, or interrupt the process. The inspector could not be able to get out before Thanksgiving, I don’t know what else could happen, but let’s assume all that does happen. “The Worst Plan” (ok, not the worst, the worst would be something catastrophic, which I cannot foresee), how about “The Not Everything Is Perfect Plan” – We go to settlement on November 30th or even bump it into December.

So, hey, we are really finally moving forward. I’m definitely going to be stopping by the jobsite and taking pictures and I will be posting them, because after all this you deserve to see it!

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That is the overriding feeling in this process. I have no say, no control, no knowledge–zip, nada, nil. If I know anything about where things lie, it’s because someone deigned to tell my or my realtor.

We’ve moved the official settlement date back to November 30th (from the 17th), with the caveat that it could be sooner if the septic is finished earlier. Which I REALLY hope is the case.

So, yeah, sorry for the downer of a post, but this is really frustrating.

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Passed the Perc Test!

And now we are in “the design phase” whereby the septic company designs a new system, submits it to the county health department for approval and either a) it gets approved or 2) they say they want changes. This is why this process takes “1 to 2 weeks”.

And so we continue to wait.