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Bathing Suit Shopping, or…My Day in Hell

Let’s start this off with some honesty.

I am short. What fashion people call petite. 5′ 1 1/2″.

I am ample of bosom. 36 F . What bra companies call 36DDD (for some unknown reason)

Due to many reasons, I am overweight. I do not currently know my weight because I lack the intestinal fortitude to get on the scale.

I am unable to fit in last year’s bathing suit because I have gained weight. I figured I would just buy a new bottom for my tankini and be good, but then this morning I tried on my top and, well, was NOT good. I got a pair of board shorts yesterday that fit, so that’s good. I tried to buy a top at WalMart yesterday. NOT GOOD. L/XL did not fit.

So I figured, go to and see what they have. And amazingly, they have bathing suits by cup size, as in DDD!

Except the four tankinis that came that way were on backorder in my size. And none would ship before we left for Disney IN TEN DAYS.

Enter Google. “Tankini Top 36DDD” “Tankini Top 36F”

No, thank you, I don’t want to dress like a streetwalker. Maybe if I was built like the models I might, but I’m built like me and it would not be attractive. Thankyouverymuch.

Oooh! There’s a pretty one! And it’s “only” $54.99 (by far the cheapest one!). I call the 1800 number of the company and hear a funny double ring and the voice who answers is clearly British. Um, where are you? England? Really? How long would it take for this to get to me? 5 to 8 business days? As in, maybe not before I left for Disney IN TEN DAYS!? Oh, thank you anyway.

Sigh. Look some more. Notice that for some reason, many, many companies that offer tankinis in my size are in England. Are English women more amply endowed than American women?

Finally give up. Take Laura to her hair appointment and run next door to the Fashion Bug. Nice young (YOUNG) woman is taller but built like I am. We pick out four tops–Whoa. That’s some cleavage! No thank you, no thank you, no thank you, and no thank you. Try a 16W. Close, but not yet. Try and 18W.

We have lift off! Better yet, we have something that fits, COVERS things and looks decent. It’s still $44.99, which is horrifying, but hey, I GOT IT BEFORE DISNEY!

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Many days ago, my husband, my Mother-in-law and I made reservations at Walt Disney World in Florida. I would periodically email them with the days left…. “79 Days!” “54 Days!”

Well, we’re to only 12 and it’s starting to get weird. Like, we’ve been planning this IN SECRET FROM THE KIDS for so long that the fact that we leave in only 12 days seems somewhat unreal. We finally came up with the way we’re going to tell them–have them come downstairs at 5:15am and open up wrapped Mickey Mouse tee shirts. Then they will all rush to put them on and get out the door by 5:50.

We’ve ordered groceries for delivery, fanny packs for the kids, and even a new digital camcorder (that was in the plans anyway!), so this trip better not get canceled!

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Health Insurance Radar

I’m flying under it, apparently. And not on purpose, either!

Back story: I’ve talked before about the fact that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which doesn’t really have anything to do with my ovaries. Having cysts on my ovaries, which are really unmatured ova, is just a symptom of this syndrome, along with hair on my chin, a seemingly inability to lose weight (Dr. Oz has gone on record as saying that for me to lose one pound is like the average person losing three!), wildly erratic periods (brought on my amenorrea, or lack of ovulating), all of which are actually brought on by issues with hyperinsulinemia, or WAYY too much insulin and an inability to process blood sugar incorrectly. If left untreated, I’m very likely to develop diabetes. However, I take medication and (somewhat, except when there’s Easter candy in the house!) watch my diet.

So, all that said, I have insurance, which BTW, was very difficult to get because of this, but that doesn’t cover anything to do with PCOS. No meds, no doctor appts, no tests, nada. They warned me about this from the very beginning.


They only make me pay for a co-pay for my drugs.


I just got the bill from my bloodwork. Original cost (billing to insurance, of course, which is way more than they would bill to a non-insured person) was $503. My bill–after the insurance company told them “hey, you can only charge her this much!”–is only $41.42.


Thank you very much, insurance company that doesn’t cover my PCOS, for covering it anyway. (ok, except my annual check up at the endocrinologists. That they didn’t cover, but I’ll pay the $71 out of pocket that they are charging me b/c I don’t have insurance covering it).

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4 Inches

I measured the pile of paperwork that I removed from my desk, the kitchen table and the kitchen counter. Now, yes, it’s a little spread out, but at its tallest, it is four inches. FOUR INCHES of things I have deal with, one by one by one. Even if it’s just to move it to another pile. For “deal with immediately” “file” “for taxes” etc. It’s 2:39 in the afternoon on a Sunday. I’ll check back in an hour and we’ll see where I’ve gotten. I may even measure it again!

One Hour of Work Later:

A lot of trash thrown out, all filing separated (although not filed yet!), LONG To-Do list made, two bills paid, two Washington DC Field Trip paperwork filled out and money put into envelopes, and am about to start on the annual Medicaid Insurance online. Feeling MUCH better now that I at least know what is in the pile and most of what needs to be done with it. I t measured the “to be filed” pile and it’s 2″ high. None of the to be dealt with piles are tall enough to measure. Whew!