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Oh, The Waiting…is The Hardest Part

Alternate title: Stop the merry go round, I want to get off!

So….deep breath….here’s where things have been:

We knew the septic system needed to be completely redone. It’s a process, not just a once and done kind of thing. It starts with a “perc test” whereby a septic company and a “Sewer Enforcement Officer” test the ground to make sure it drains appropriately.  Then there is the design phase, where the septic company designs a new system and gets that plan approved. Then there is the actual build and then finally the retesting.

The sellers (thankfully) hired the same people to do the perc test that we hired to do the original septic inspection. I have the cell number of the wife of the husband-and-wife team. She said the perc test was scheduled for NOVEMBER 8th. WHAT????????

I called the SEO, begged, pled and groveled. One of his co-workers was able to fit it in October 30/31, which is at least a little better. With the 8th, we were looking at settling in December (No Bueno). At least here we have a chance at maybe before Thanksgiving.

So. There you have it. Still waiting. Still stuck in the apartment. Still wanting to GET OUT OF HERE.

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We Officially Have A New Home!

Well, at least we WILL, once we go to settlement!

We made it successfully through the negotiation process–they thankfully accepted our counter offer of $700 more back in a credit than they offered (to cover more of the radon remediation, thankyouverymuch). So, theoretically, we will have enough to remediate the radon AND fix all the other safety issues.


Do you want to see it? Huh? Do ya? Huh?

Here it is! Isn’t it pretty?

A Front 1

We already intend to replace the siding in the next five years (picture light gray siding and darker gray or black shutters).

Here’s the kitchen. It’s been refaced (inside those cabinets are very dark brown), and that range is from 1981 at the most. It has an analog clock on it. AN-A-LOG, people!

So here’s what you do. You go back through my posts and look at that lovely kitchen we did in the old house and then you superimpose that over this picture and that will be this space in a few years.

F Kitchen 1

Here’s my favorite spot in the whole house. Seriously. I love this room!

M Family 2

Sure, it’s bland white walls and white trim, and that WILL be changed (and let’s just pretend that paneling is also nicely painted, too, ok?)! But that fireplace! So cozy! This is the “family room” where I expect a lot our time to be spent.

I could post more pics, but these are from the current MLS listing, so it’s their furniture and decorating styles (aka a peach dining room from the 1980’s). I just wanted to be able to give you all a glimpse, as this was a LONNNNNNGGGG time coming for all of us.

We can’t wait to move!

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Ugh. Double Ugh.

We expected they would repair the septic and do the radon remediation, and maybe cover a bit more.

What they came back with was they will do the septic and give us some money. The radon people–who are there this morning putting together a proper estimate–have quoted us a ballpark of $900 to $2800. If it ends up being $900, hey, that’s great and we’re going to accept the offer as is. If, however, it comes back being closer to $2800, then we’re probably going to ask for more money to cover the list of safety items that came back “poor” on the home inspection.

I’m really disliking dealing with their agent. She’s not doing her job. And it shows.

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God is Apparently Teaching Me Patience

Because this is very hard!

The septic inspection failed. The drain field did not process all the water it was supposed to process based on the amount of bedrooms the house has. Currently there are only two (elderly) people living there. They have lived there as long as the house has existed, so the septic system has never been strained beyond two people. A four bedroom house would be up to five people (we’re six!), so we paid for an exra-special test to make sure the septic system could handle the added water burden. And it failed. $15-25k, people. Yikes! Not out of my pocket, though!

At this point, we’re bringing in our own people to give estimates on repairing the things that showed up wrong on the home inspection (chimney, plumber, electric, gutters). It’s a little weird to schedule my trades to check out their house, but it’s necessary for us to have good numbers.

Thus, the waiting continues.

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Patience is a Virtue

One that I still need to work on, apparently.

The home inspection turned up a few things that need to be addressed, Radon among them.

The roof inspection was fine.

The septic inspection was supposed to have happened on Monday. The inspector was there for HOURS. She dug a rather large hole to uncover the septic tank, only to find it had no access except for a 4″ diameter pipe. The drain field was not where it was supposed to be (according to the plot plan the township gave us). So, basically, hours and $350 wasted. We’re not thrilled.

So, at this point, we’ve submitted a list to the sellers, saying “Hey, this is a serious safety hazard, You need to fix this before we buy the house” and “Hey, we really need to inspect your septic system, and we tried. We shouldn’t have to shell out MORE money because you don’t know where the drain field or access point is, so you should pay for the 2nd attempt”

That was submitted to them on Wednesday. They have until Sunday to respond. I’m….a little on pins and needles. I’d like to KNOW that we have the house or we don’t have the house. Limbo is really not fun. And the thought of starting the house search all over again. Yoikes!

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Not Literal Butterflies

Because that would be weird.

But figurative? Yes.

We have the home inspection in two hours, the roof inspection tomorrow and the septic inspection on Monday. I’m thinking today is the biggie. 17 years ago we backed out of a home agreement because of how bad the inspection was. Both Jim and I are not doing what our realtor calls “The Snoopy Dance” yet because we are nervous about the inspection. The house LOOKS nice, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (or in their floor joists)?!

I’m meeting a dear friend for lunch today. I told her she can either rejoice with me about how well the inspection went, or commiserate with me about how poorly it went.

In all of it, I’m really just praying that God will protect us from a money pit.

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A House!

The sellers accepted our offer!

We still need to get through the home/septic/roof/radon/termite inspections before this is a done deal. Settlement is November 17, so we still have time in our lovely apartment.

Fingers crossed!

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House Hunting Trenches

In case you were wondering, or haven’t gone through it yourself, house hunting is hard on a marriage. Two people with two different tastes with two different wishlists, trying to find a house they both like….well, just take it from me that it’s a hard thing.

We’ve seen houses so bad that I’ve literally run out gagging from the smell. Houses that someone tried to flip themselves because, hey, sure, I can do that! That were JUST AWFUL. Houses that I wouldn’t even go down in the basement of because just ICK. Today was a beautiful house–really. Jim and I both agreed that it was really well done. But it wasn’t the “right” house. Which is, honestly, HARD. Living in the apartment is easy on the one hand–hardly any responsibilities and it’s really easy to take care of. On the other hand, finding a place to be alone is pretty hard. Finding TIME alone is even more difficult, unless it’s early in the morning before anyone is up or late at night after they go to bed.

Ah, well. This too shall pass, right?

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All My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready To Go


We move tomorrow. I can’t even believe I’m typing that.

I’m using a wireless hotspot on my phone (please be seriously impressed. I’ve never ever done this before!) because our FIOS is now at the new apartment and we are without phone, internet or TV here at the house. We grab donuts tomorrow morning, get the moving truck at 7:30, the moving guys (my nice, strong nephew and a bunch of his friends) are coming at 8:30 and we’re off!

We currently have one 10×10 indoor storage unit stuffed to the gills, another 10×10 indoor in the process of being filled, a 10×20 outdoor unit with Jim’s workshop stuff starting to overflow and two garages for his classic cars. Our monthly storage budget is exceeding $600 if you can believe it. YOWZA!

We need to find a forever (or at least for the next 5-15 years) home SOON.

In the meantime, it’s almost 8:30 and I’m going to be in bed soon. I’m already tired from the massage packing marathon we’ve been doing.

People, we’re moving tomorrow!!