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How You Found Me

Some of you, my readers, find me through other blogs where I post a comment. Others are friends who read. But there are some who find me via a search engine. I thought I would post the word searches people used when they find me.

quadruplet blogspot – ok, yes, I had quads. I can see this one, although I don’t often talk about my quads.

last day of pre school – I talked about Catie’s last day a few posts ago. Maybe some mom is desperately wondering WHAT DO I DO NOW????

picked out glasses – Yes, we did this. Many, many, TOO MANY times. My children are notorious for losing glasses in our backyard.

keystone mercy – Ah, yes, we know all about THAT journey. Where I fought with them. And WON, by golly!

multiple mom – yes, that’ s a pretty good description of my life. Are you one, too?

jimmy tommy – maybe they’re looking up what NOT to name their boys??

hershey feeding clinic – 23 days left, people. Our lives will not be the same after this place!

quadruplet blog – Another one. I wonder how many quadruplet moms actually have time to blog?

catie likes – if you google this phrase, my blog is the #1 choice. This is where she talks about the fact that I let her scrub the floor.

iceland mom – Not sure why *I* came up on this search? I mean, I’ve been to Iceland, and I’m a mom, but never the twain shall meet. I hope they found what they were looking for!

doesn’t know how to chew child – Um….maybe put them into a big cauldron and boil them first to make them more tender??

cream of wheat versus oatmeal – Pretty equal to me. I like them both on a cold winter morning!

webcam setup nicu – I don’t think they would allow this with HIPPA

mark schultz letters from war free – You can’t get music for free legally–for heaven’t sake pay the $.99 on iTunes!

mom tube – ???