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Health Insurance Radar

I’m flying under it, apparently. And not on purpose, either!

Back story: I’ve talked before about the fact that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which doesn’t really have anything to do with my ovaries. Having cysts on my ovaries, which are really unmatured ova, is just a symptom of this syndrome, along with hair on my chin, a seemingly inability to lose weight (Dr. Oz has gone on record as saying that for me to lose one pound is like the average person losing three!), wildly erratic periods (brought on my amenorrea, or lack of ovulating), all of which are actually brought on by issues with hyperinsulinemia, or WAYY too much insulin and an inability to process blood sugar incorrectly. If left untreated, I’m very likely to develop diabetes. However, I take medication and (somewhat, except when there’s Easter candy in the house!) watch my diet.

So, all that said, I have insurance, which BTW, was very difficult to get because of this, but that doesn’t cover anything to do with PCOS. No meds, no doctor appts, no tests, nada. They warned me about this from the very beginning.


They only make me pay for a co-pay for my drugs.


I just got the bill from my bloodwork. Original cost (billing to insurance, of course, which is way more than they would bill to a non-insured person) was $503. My bill–after the insurance company told them “hey, you can only charge her this much!”–is only $41.42.


Thank you very much, insurance company that doesn’t cover my PCOS, for covering it anyway. (ok, except my annual check up at the endocrinologists. That they didn’t cover, but I’ll pay the $71 out of pocket that they are charging me b/c I don’t have insurance covering it).

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So It’s December

Please accept my humble apologies. Apparently I posted three times in November. Not only is that not the norm for me in a month, that’s not even the norm for me in a week! I will endeavor to be better in December.

Then again, December is one of my busiest months, so I’m not going to make any promises!

I haven’t been up to anything spectacular–mostly regular home stuff. Jim’s home during the day, though, which definitely changes things. I am out a few times more with being involved in the food bank and the local churches community outreach.

We hosted Thanksgiving for both sides of the family. I wrote down an hour-by-hour schedule of food prep and the day went very smoothly. I’m glad, however, that my sister will have Christmas! Black Friday I spent comfortably ensconced in my office chair and I basically finished everyone in my family except my husband and his father (whom Jim buys for anyway!). Trying to figure out what my husband wants in a Christmas present is SO DIFFICULT. You’d think, after all these years, I’d know him and what would be a good present for him. Nope!

He’s actually away tonight visiting his sister in Philadelphia. Hopefully the children will go down quietly (hah, she says) and I’ll be able to catch up on Glee and the Good Wife (neither of which Jim watches).

We applied for private insurance yesterday. It was, to say the least, interesting. Trying to remember my medical history for the past five years! Jim was incredibly easy–he broke his arm and has allergies. That’s it.  Me? PCOS. Allergies. Hypothyroidism. Insulin resistance. Fun Fun Fun! The nurse I spoke to from Aetna was very nice. They’ll let us know within 7-10 business days. Jim has already been approved, the fink.

Well, this has been a nice catching up kind of chat. Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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I’m Bald

Bald I say! From pulling my hair out with dealing with all the governmental agencies with this feeding clinic. Which I am no longer certain that he will attend. Because Harrisburg has to approve it and they just might decide to say no. Because they hate me. And not only will I be bald, but I will be headless because my brain will explode as well.

Or at least, it will fall out and I will lose it instead.