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7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. So, apparently I took a blogging break in November. I assure you this was not intentional. Sometimes life just…goes by. It happens and I don’t take the time to blog about it. I’m sorry.

2. Greetings from early December. The local WalMart, aka my second home, has a little sign that electronically is counting down the days until Christmas. Last week it was giving me a heart attack. This week, with a good amount of Christmas shopping completed, it’s just annoying me.

3. So, my sister hosted Thanksgiving and had ham. Ham. It’s fine, although I missed all those lovely leftovers. I’m hosting Christmas dinner for 16 including my children. I want to cook ham, because it’s a crazy-easy thing to make (especially when compared with turkey!). Is that copping out? What would you do?

4. We’ve been under the weather this week. Catie got a nasty head cold and passed it onto her father. The rest of us either: got a low-grade version of it or missed it. I’m part of the low-grade faction. There are tissue boxes all over the house!

5. Since I last wrote, we acquired another animal, bringing our current total to two dogs and two cats. Catie takes horse riding lessons at a local barn/farm. We met “Tether” our first lesson-a very friendly and sweet gray and white cat that a family left with the instructor because their child developed a life-threatening allergy. Fast forward to about 4 weeks ago. It was 32 degrees and I’m seeing this poor kitty outside. He’s running from the barn where the horses are to the large shed where the tack is kept. He was pretty skinny and cold and I felt very badly. I texted Jim and asked if I could bring him home. After a little dickering, he agreed. We renamed him Gandalf, after the gray and/or white wizard in Lord of the Rings.

6. Our house decorations are up and the tree is up but as of yet undecorated. Last year we changed out all the purple and pink lights on it for white. This year we’re doing it with the orange ones. Then we will have white, green, red and blue, which are all good. Pink and purple, though, YUCK! I’m hoping by the end of the weekend that not only will the lights be changed, but the tree will be decorated AND the bins back downstairs.

7. I’m currently reading Francine Rivers’ Unafraid, a biblical fiction book about Mary, Joseph and Jesus’ birth. It’s wonderful so far, and I love the fleshing out of the story. I recommend it, and the other books in the series (women in the lineage of Jesus).