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It’s the New Kitchen!



Somehow all of these (and you can’t even see all of them–a lot are behind the long boxes on their sides AND behind the boxes on the far right) are going to transform into this.

Final Plan


Saving loads of money and doing it ourselves isn’t quite as attractive as it was before I could see the reality of that pile.

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How to Make Someone Feel Down

So I approached today with glee, excitement, anticipation and joy.

Almost 5 hours later, back home from dropping Catie off, going to Starbucks, driving to Ikea (arriving 45 mins early!) and driving home, I’m left with a fairly dissatisfied feeling.

Like I said, I got to the parking lot 45 minutes early. I talked to my mom on my cell and started to see people arriving. The doors unexpectedly (for me, at least!) opened at 9:30. You could go to the restaurant! I headed inside, all the more closer to the kitchen section. An Ikea employee, though, said I could look around upstairs (WooHoo!), so I took the short cut through the kids’ section to the kitchen section and grabbed a stool and computer.

I brought up my plan on their PC (25 minutes early–I was going to be FIRST!). A gal, H, said hello so I asked her how the process worked. She came over and started pulling up my info and decided to check my order out. I protested that it was 25 minutes early, but she said it was fine.

I was all excited about my Inspired Kitchen Design (IKD) design, although I had only brought in the “extra” paper that were things to be added to their list of things to buy. She–wow, I’m still surprised–was super critical and untrusting of the design.
“You should get your money back!” was one of her comments. She didn’t believe that we didn’t have enough room in the corner for a cabinet (although my designer and I tried and tried, there just wasn’t room) and I started getting really defensive. She wanted to add things to the list of things to buy, but I said I would rather be angry at IKD that I had to go back to Ikea to buy more than being angry at H because she didn’t believe the design and ordered too much stuff and I had to go back to return. She finally acquiesced and put it through as IKD wrote it. Now I’m nervous and wondering if and what they might have missed.

We arranged delivery for March 18th, two weeks from today. I’m not in any hurry–everything will just be stored for a couple of months anyway–but I was worried that if we chose a late delivery they would start to run out of stock because the sale is so popular.

While I understand that H wanted to protect me as a customer, I really REALLY didn’t like how she handled it and me. Being defensive about a professional design that we were previously happy with and feeling like she disagreed with my choices kind of ruined the shopping experience for me.

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It’s Ikea Kitchen Sale Day!

And yes, in my area in PA it’s snowing. I don’t care! I’m dropping my kid off at her school, getting coffee and heading up to their parking lot early. Hopefully the snow will keep people away. I’m doubtful since it’s not really a heavy snow, but hey, a girl can dream, no?

I’ll post about the experience when I get home!