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School Schedule

5:30 – my alarm goes off and I get up. Shower, dress. Quickly!

5:48 – wake Bennett and Laura, stay in their doorways until they are actually out of bed. Go downstairs, turn on lights, warm milk in microwave for “hot chocolate” for them, continually remind them of the time and how much/little they have left. So far this has been very necessary.

6:20 – wake up Ethan. His clothes are laid out for him, so I stay downstairs unless he has a problem or takes too long (because he doesn’t ask for help with a problem, he just sits there).

6:35 – Bennett and Laura leave for the bus stop.

7:05 ish – Ethan’s bus comes up the driveway (he rides alone in a short bus)

7:10 – Wake Catie if she already isn’t up. Get breakfast for myself, check email, do Quicken etc.

8:45 – Catie leaves for the bus. Yes, she has 1.5 hours to get ready. She likes to do it quickly and then play.

By 4:00 or so, I crash every afternoon and often end up falling asleep on the couch. I just did it again. Unless I drink some sort of caffeine, which I really can’t do that late in the day, I honestly need a nap to continue the rest of the hours. I still am not getting to bed early enough to make up for the 5:30 awakening.

I find myself living for the weekends and sleeping in. I don’t remember ever doing this before. Ever. This new school schedule is really hard for me to adapt to.

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So, what happens when you don’t like–not even even a teensy, weensy bit–either candidate?

I’m completely staying out of political ANYTHING on Facebook. People are slinging mud every which way. If their momma’s could hear how they talk they’d get their mouths washed out with soap! And this goes for the candidates themselves! Whatever happened to “I think I can do a better job than the other guy.” and leaving it at that. Why do we have to throw all the mean things at the others? Good gracious, we all want what’s best for the country; we just disagree with how to get there!

So, I repeat, what happens when I don’t like either candidate? I’m really, so very, utterly tired of voting for “the lesser of two evils”. It’d be nice to actually LIKE the person. And where they stand. And what direction they would take the country.

I have always voted. People in the Revolution literally died so that I could have this privilege. I don’t, and never have, take it lightly. But neither can I look at both of the candidates and say “I choose THIS one.”

What would you do?