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Sing Blue Silver

For those of you non-Duran Duran fans, that’s a line from one of their songs. I was a HUGE fan in the 80’s and admit to owning a few Cd’s. With the advent of iTunes and my iPod, I loaded all my Cd’s on there and am making my way thru my music in artist order. I am a little freaked that 20 years later I still think that D2 is pretty darn good. I mean, if I had never heard of them I would still like them.

I’m totally BEAT. I worked yesterday and today at the Chester County Mothers of Multiples bi-annual sale. It’s a brutal couple of days, but well worth the $39,000 we grossed. The members get 80% of that and the balance goes to the club for running expenses. My favorite part is getting rid of STUFF. I love decluttering. Making money is a definite bonus, of course, but I donate all my leftover stuff at the end b/c I just don’t want to bring it back into the house.

I am finally getting back on my feet after this sinus infection. Being sick for a week and a half is enough to wreak havoc on my home and it definitely looks horrendous. I’m running the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry right now in trying to catch up. Enough avoidance–gotta go and make dinner.

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This is the Way We Clean Our House

My Goodness is my house a MESS. With being so sick last week and then having both Jim and the kids home over the weekend, having the snow, and getting things ready for the Mothers of Multiples sale, it really is a total PIT right now. Which, for a professional organizer, is rather discouraging to say the least! I’m taking a few minutes on the computer and to drink my tea and then I’m going back to work. Guess I’ll do the dining room (where all the snow clothes are). I just can’t live like this, and I know it bugs DH too.

We’re mostly on the mend over here. I’m back up to 80% or so, and the kids seem to be doing well except for coughing. DH is still fighting it, though, and sounds pretty crummy.

As I said previously, the CCMOMC sale is this coming weekend. My living room is littered with clothing and toys for me to price. I’m glad to finally get this stuff out of the basement and hopefully convert it into some cold, hard cash. With needing to buy the boys’ clothes this year, money is very welcome! Plus, the sale is so much FUN!

Time to go and CLEAN!!

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Emotional Day

This has been a LONG day emotionally. Between family stuff and our nursing agency I could really use a break. Thank goodness that hubby is home and dinner is in the oven and the evening is not looking overly difficult. Tomorrow should be ok–I’m working, which is fun. The only downside to working is that I don’t get stuff done around the home. Oh well!