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FOR TODAY November 16, 2014

Outside my window… Mostly melted snow, sunny, upper 30’s/lower 40’s. Winter’s comin’ folks!

I am thinking…I should really start some laundry

I am thankful… that we watched our church service from home and consequently had a great conversation with the kids about money and tithing.

In the kitchen… On tap for dinner is pork roast, noodles and green beans. Which will be complained about. Because green beans.

I am wearing… Pajamas. Sorry, sad but true. Rare for me at 12 noon.

I am creating… a menu for the upcoming week. Chili and pizza are all I have so far.

I am going… to dinner with a friend next Saturday and an evening at church to put together gift bags of toiletries for women in shelters.

I am wondering… how long it will take to put away all the filing I have to do.

I am reading… Home Again by Annie Smith and An Unexpected Match by Gayle Roper

I am hoping… to continue on my path TOWARDS God instead of staying AWAY from God.

I am looking forward to… getting to know the women at our new church. Also, I’m nervous because I am shy.

I am hearing…Jim playing Age of Empires, Bennett typing playing Minecraft, Catie and Laura playing on their 3DS’s…oh wait, Catie just put on Disney’s Ant Farm. I am heartily SICK of Disney!

Around the house… our dishwasher is not working great. To get the dishes clean enough we have to run it on “super heavy duty”, which takes a long time and a lot of water. And the repair guy hasn’t showed up yet. I’m annoyed.

I am pondering… If I want to help out on Friday at Catie’s all-school-Thanksgiving feast. I’m not, by nature, a school-helper-outer, but I want to do SOMETHING.

One of my favorite things… We just found Rosatello Rosso, a sweet red wine that both Jim and I love.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Driving the daily carpool to West Chester, Catie’s conferences, Catie’s horseback riding lesson, Catie’s orthodontist appointment, Ethan’s horseback riding lesson, dinner with Carol, dinner at church, policing the daily schoolwork…so much of my life revolves around the kids these days!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. As of yesterday, I am coasting more quickly towards the big 5-0. At 46, I can still say I’m in my “mid-40’s”, but I’m closer to 50 than 40. You know what? It doesn’t bother me one bit. Other than the lower back pain I have every morning, and the various muscle aches I get when I weed the front garden, and waking up in the middle of the night a lot more often, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the 40’s. I’m guessing the 50’s will only get better…and worse. Better emotionally and spiritually, a little worse physically.

2. As I’m typing here in our schoolroom, I glanced around for a moment and caught sight of one of our dogs. Both used to sack out in the living room on the couches for their naps. One day I had the bright idea to bring downstairs the unused cat bed. Jake, being a small dog (22 lbs), and loving anything that squishes him and puts him into a small space, immediately fell in love. See?

Jake in Bed

How cute is he??

3. Driving the carpool home yesterday afternoon, what started out as liquid precipitation (aka RAIN), about 2/3 the way home switched over to frozen precipitation (aka SNOW). Now, I don’t know about your part of the country, but southeastern PA is not known for getting snow in November. It’s even rare in December. This does not bode well for the upcoming winter. None of us, and I mean NONE OF US, want to live through a repeat of the winter of 2013-2014. Please, Lord, come quickly? 🙂

4. Counseling is going well, I would say. And God is doing that thing He does, you know, where you’re working through something and all of a sudden all you hear is songs and sermons and messages about that particular topic? Yeah, that. I’m working though Connor’s death and now Ravi Zacharias is speaking on his new book about suffering. James MacDonald speaks about it. There’s a new song out about it. I GET IT, GOD! (not yelling in a mean way, but in a good way!)

5. I didn’t put this on Facebook, but I’ll say it here: Ethan was kissed ON THE MOUTH a couple of days ago at school. Um, WHAT? The teacher talked to both the girl and Ethan, and then had a general conversation with the whole class. It would never have occurred to Ethan to kiss someone–he’s just not there yet developmentally–and he was kind of embarrassed about the whole thing. My youngest, Catie, has a major crush on a boy at school. She’s 11. He’s 13. I don’t think an 8th grade boy is going to want to have anything to do with a 6th grade girl, but oh, man, I was not expecting all this romantic stuff this year! Bennett and Laura don’t have that yet, for which I am extremely grateful.

6. I just yesterday found out that iPod Touches can do FaceTime and texting. I am extremely excited about this, because it has the potential to put off the phone conversation for a year at least. If they can text and talk to their friends, they don’t need a phone! And it’s cheaper, because there’s no monthly fee. I just have to pay for iPod touches, which, ok, I’m not thrilled about, either, but it’s better than the cost of a phone!

7. A casting director is going to get back to me today about whether Ethan can try out for a Comcast commercial for blind 6-12 year olds even though he’s 13. I’m of two minds…it could be a wonderful experience for him. On the other hand, the filming would be mid-December for three days. That’s three days I’m (or Jim is) not home with the kids, including the day of Laura’s Christmas concert. So, yeah, mixed feelings. But we want to have Ethan do neat things, and quite frankly, how cool is being in a commercial?! Oh, the struggles of being a parent. Hard, but so darn worth it!

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15 Second Challenge

One of the blogs I read talked about kissing one’s spouse for 15 seconds each day instead of a peck. I don’t know when it happened, but we’ve settled into a peck marriage. Oh, not always, obviously, but one day I tried to do the 15 second thing. It completely changed the kiss, and my feelings in the process. I told my husband about it and agreed it was a nice idea.

The sad thing is, you guys, that we haven’t done it since. 15 seconds of kissing is just too long, apparently. I blame us both. We’ve gotten so stuck into pecks that being intentional about it is what it’s going to take, and we aren’t doing it.

So I’m challenging you AND myself–try it! Be intentional! Kiss your spouse!