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Baby Steps, Man!

There are times when I question that this project is actually really, truly going to happen. We’ve been planning on it since last year, and I’ve been doing massive research online and in stores for months now. It feels like NASA taking a manned trip to Mars–it will happen someday, but not likely in my lifetime.

But there are glimmers of “it’s really going to happen” now and again. Getting The Plan was the first. Having the electrician over last week to look at the job and work up a quote (still waiting on final numbers) was another. Monday Jim and I went to a local flooring place and picked out three flooring options. Someone came out today to measure and then we’ll get a quote from them later on this week. Another concrete step. Discussing color options for granite is not quite as concrete as actually going to a warehouse to pick a slab, but it’s a part of the step, at least.

Quick funny: We obviously have a budget for this, and some of the numbers (including cabinets) are higher than I originally expected. So I was thinking we could cut back on flooring. When we were at the store, Jim kept gravitating towards more expensive options. Which, frankly, surprised me. When we got in the car after shopping, he turned towards me and said “with this, you’re Tarak”, which I instantly got and laughed at. We watch a program “Flip or Flop” with a husband and wife team. When they go to a store to pick out the tile or wood flooring, Tarak definitely has his eye on the money. Christina, however, wants to go all out and upgrade everything. I don’t know that Jim would go as far as to call himself Christina, so calling me Tarak was safe and funny. And in this case, true.