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I was at WalMart today loading my groceries in my van when a young Asian woman approached me. She asked for a donation to her organization, GPA, which was doing a missions trip to ┬áTrinidad. At first I thought “Cool! Sure!”, but for whatever reason, asked about the organization and then about her church specifically. She said she was part of a non-denominational Christian church. I asked which one, because that’s pretty much what I belong to.

Her answer? Universalist.

I then asked “As in Sun Myung Moon?” (or some approximation of that name)

She nodded.


“I’m sorry. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and IS God. I cannot support your organization.”, which I said very nicely and she very nicely thanked me and went on her way.

What I want to know is: HOW THE HECK does one call oneself a part of a “non-denominational Christian church” when one’s church denies the very deity of Christ???

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1. I cannot MAKE Bennett stop being overwhelmed and do his homework. For all of three subjects.

2. I cannot MAKE Laura like meat.

3. I cannot MAKE Catie be kind to her siblings.

4. I cannot MAKE Ethan stop…well, stop being himself.

All of these things frustrated  me all at the same time, mixed with PMS today.


I removed myself at dinner time, driving the van halfway around the neighborhood and just sat there, reading a magazine. I can’t tell you how short my fuse was, how angry I got, or how much I needed to get away from my own children. And this is after not spending the day with them. It’s just not a good day to be my child. Or, honestly, to be me.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 5 weeks, people! 5 weeks until I can change that darn alarm clock from 5:30 to 6:00!! And then in 6 weeks I can turn the darn thing OFF until July, when Ethan starts his Extended School Year (ESY) program. June will be lovely,so lovely and so full of enough sleep that I’m just bouncing for joy at the thought of it!

2. Last night, I took myself and my…oh, what’s it called when you love the IDEA of going out but would really just rather stay home? Well, whatever that’s called, I took it out for a GNO with a friend to see a mutual friend, Sandi Chadwick, perform at a comedy club. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. When the alarm goes off at 5:30!! She was fantastic. The improv team up after her was essentially “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”, (which I loved when it was on BBC. The American version is just ok.) and had some extremely funny moments. But I just am too much of a morning person. At 9 I started to get really tired. I stuck it out until 9:30 and then left because, man, I still had almost 30 minutes ahead of driving too.

3. This morning I did something I hardly ever do. After Ethan got on the bus and Catie was getting ready, I fell asleep on the couch. I dozed for over an hour. I have hardly ever gotten a good 8 hours since the kids started school this year because I just am not ready to go to bed at 9:30. Obviously, one can survive quite well on less than the optimum 8 hours of sleep, but I definitely notice a big difference in how tired I am during the day, how much more caffeine I drink, and how ready I am for summer vacation.

4. I had a really funny thought this morning (not funny haha): I was looking at the new Star Trek movie and the lead “baddie”‘s real name is Benedict. Now, in America we don’t use that name because of Benedict Arnold. (sort of like people just aren’t name Judas anymore, or Adolf). He was a traitor and we don’t want his name associated with us. But in England, there isn’t any negative association. Isn’t that funny?

5. Another one of those “my brain is still using space for this?” (I got the first couple of lines and googled the rest. If you are over 40 and took French, you’ll probably remember this!)

Michel? Anne? Vous travaillez?

Eh, non. Nous regardons la television, pourquoi?

Les Duponts arrivent dans une heure.

S’il te plait, Mamam, encore cinq minutes.

Pas de question. Il y a beaucoup a faire.

Mais nous manquons toujours la fin!

Alors, ne discute pas tout le temps!

Bon, Anne prepare le dessert, moi, je gout

6. Aren’t you edified? Extra points if you can still translate it!