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I have been a full-time stay at home mom since I ended up pregnant and on bedrest with multiples. I have not regretted this, although sure, some extra money would be nice.

About 6 or 7 years ago I started a part time business wherein I was a professional organizer and helped others organize their homes. I loved (LOVED!) doing it. I loved getting paid for something I loved doing. I loved helping people. I loved everything about it.


I haven’t worked in about a year. Not through a lack of desire, but a lack of clients. I don’t typically work during the summer due to the kids being home. But this fall, instead of all my kids getting on lovely school buses and being gone during the day, two will be home doing cyber school. Making working outside of the home incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible.

We just received the automatic renewal notice on my business’ website. Being that I don’t intend on being able to actually work, it’s time to take the website down. Which ended up being rather difficult for me to accept. It’s the right thing to do, but it’s like saying Good-bye to my business, which I loved.

Someday in the future I may be able to go back to working, but for now I’ll just be a SAHM. And thankful for the privilege to do so.

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I have a name!

For my business that is! Now, in the interest of protecting said name and website until I can purchase it, I will keep it under wraps, but it is SO NICE to finally have figured out this really annoying part of my proposed business!

Thanks go to Carrie and Lindsay (Jim’s sis and bro-in-law) for helping me figure it out. We had a brainstorming session after dinner on Saturday and it just came out and it felt RIGHT. And so far everyone likes it. Well, ok, I had one dissenting voice among the many positives. I can handle that. 🙂

Sorry so short, but it’s bedtime around here. That’s prime time around here!

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Less Afraid

Funny how actually reading about something can calm you down. I bought a book on how to set up a professional organizing business. I’ve read one chapter and I already feel better. Seriously! She’s walking me through all the things that I’ve been so scared about–Can I do this? How do I set it up with the gov’t? What in the WORLD should I call this? Just all the basic questions any new entrepreneur (hey, I spelled that right the first time!) would have.

I’m still going forward wtih the idea that this is what I’m going to focus on in the fall. But I’m also getting little pokes from God about volunteering. There is a food pantry locally and CYWA, which I think is a terrific place and seems to need a lot of volunteer and financial help. Not saying we could do anything with the 2nd part, but the first? In the fall when my time is a lot different? Maybe…. It just feels good to have some direction. Not saying that I’m not still freaked out, though. Change does that to me. I HATE CHANGE!! Predictability, routine–those are words to warm my heart. Change scares me silly usually. The nice thing about this is, I get months to get used to the idea that things are, indeed, going to change.

Rats! I just looked at the time and I have to figure out dinner. Jim has the stomach bug again, so the originally-planned steak is off the menu. And I seriously have nothing in the house. I shop on Mondays, so I was going to restock tomorrow! I’m thinking either fast food, which I hate to do, or maybe eggs and toast and fruit? If we have enough eggs….

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The title describes me. Finally. Eating still makes me nauseous, but other than that I’m back to normal. Thank you GOD!! Jim, on the other hand, is in bed, begging God to be merciful to him. No work, no in to the bank to sign refinance papers–nada. Poor guy. At least we have juice and popsicles. Who knew about popsicles anyway?? 1. For some reason they actually stay down when you are throwing up 2) Even in the dead of winter, if you have a fever they taste GREAT!

So, life is going to resume after a brief interruption. Back to organizing, clearing out, de-cluttering, figuring out my business, working on my self-esteem (to go with said business) which took a beating last night looking at other women’s pro organizing websites last night. I’m no where near their level of professionalism. I’ve been playing with the idea of asking a local one to mentor me–hoping that she would be willing to help me get started at least.

I had an interesting conversation with my mom a few days ago. We were talking about the Fall, when life changes dramatically for me. All of a sudden my SAHM days will be utterly empty. I’m tossing around working part time and/or doing the organizing thing. I asked Mom what she would do. Let me preface this with, my mother is not the encouraging type. She’s definitely a glass-half-empty kind a person. We love her, but my sister and I recognize that she’s not the one to go to when we need to be propped up emotionally. Back to story: I ask her what she would do 1) get a part time job working for someone else or 2) trying out something new doing something I love. Phrasing it that way, one would think she would choose #2, but NO. “I think the idea of doing something you love is not practical”. or something to that effect. Gotta love her.

My problem with working part time for someone else is the summers. I have to have off because all the kids are off. Plus there’s the whole maybe taking Ethan to the Hershey Feeding Clinic thing, which would throw our lives into complete and utter disarray. But, duh, that would happen before fall, wouldn’t it?

Any input people??? What would YOU do?

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Am I allowed to be just the tiniest big smug that I am officially finished our taxes as of today? I e-filed our federal (getting a tax return), e-filed our state and paid the $22 via credit card online and then filled out ON PAPER our local and paid the $7 by check. Both amounts we owe are because of me and the whopping $700 I made with my organizing business. I haven’t worked since the spring. I want to, but it’s just not happening right now and that’s ok. I’m paying attention to my own home and its needs. Our return is going to do some good for us: bring our savings up to $1000 (it dipped for the Mustang), buy at least one child a new mattress, buy paint for the whole first floor of our home (currently pink ceilings and walls–not kidding), donate some to charity, I’m not sure what all else–maybe a nice night away for Jim and me.

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Working Late Again

The title says it all. Jim is working late. Again. He often works late, plus has an hour commute, so he gets home no earlier than 6:30 most nights. By the time dinner is done, it’s almost time for bed for the kids. I am SO SICK of this job–I just want him to find a new one! Anyone know of anything for an IT guy in the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia (aka Chester County)?

I’m aware I haven’t written in a while. Just couldn’t make myself do it. Life is always doing ahead at a fast pace and this requires me to acutally SIT and THINK. With housework always on my “to do” list, this somehow just doesn’t make the cut.

Laura is finally potty trained all the way. Ok, during the day, but that’s good enough for me. No more poopy diapers for her! Now it’s just the boys left.

I have work this week. I’ve been averaging working one day per week and I really like that pace. It allows me to keep on top of my own home as well as help someone else (and make a little money!)