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Not Literal Butterflies

Because that would be weird.

But figurative? Yes.

We have the home inspection in two hours, the roof inspection tomorrow and the septic inspection on Monday. I’m thinking today is the biggie. 17 years ago we backed out of a home agreement because of how bad the inspection was. Both Jim and I are not doing what our realtor calls “The Snoopy Dance” yet because we are nervous about the inspection. The house LOOKS nice, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (or in their floor joists)?!

I’m meeting a dear friend for lunch today. I told her she can either rejoice with me about how well the inspection went, or commiserate with me about how poorly it went.

In all of it, I’m really just praying that God will protect us from a money pit.

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A House!

The sellers accepted our offer!

We still need to get through the home/septic/roof/radon/termite inspections before this is a done deal. Settlement is November 17, so we still have time in our lovely apartment.

Fingers crossed!

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House Hunting Trenches

In case you were wondering, or haven’t gone through it yourself, house hunting is hard on a marriage. Two people with two different tastes with two different wishlists, trying to find a house they both like….well, just take it from me that it’s a hard thing.

We’ve seen houses so bad that I’ve literally run out gagging from the smell. Houses that someone tried to flip themselves because, hey, sure, I can do that! That were JUST AWFUL. Houses that I wouldn’t even go down in the basement of because just ICK. Today was a beautiful house–really. Jim and I both agreed that it was really well done. But it wasn’t the “right” house. Which is, honestly, HARD. Living in the apartment is easy on the one hand–hardly any responsibilities and it’s really easy to take care of. On the other hand, finding a place to be alone is pretty hard. Finding TIME alone is even more difficult, unless it’s early in the morning before anyone is up or late at night after they go to bed.

Ah, well. This too shall pass, right?

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Spending vs Investing

I am a saver by nature. Really. I dislike spending money and will pinch pennies just for the fun of it.

That said, I invested $80 on a pair of sandals this month. $80. ON SANDALS.

And I deliberately say invested because that’s what it ended up being, and it’s paying off in daily dividends of NO PAIN.

I have plantar fasciitis (Plant Are Fash E I tis). That’s a fancy term for a lot of tendon tightness in my calf, heel and foot and a lot of pain with walking.

Every. Single. Day.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional with stretching and hey, I probably should go and see a doctor about this (I’ve put myself on the back burner for months and months and…well, you get the idea. We’ve been busy!)

A few weeks ago I had lunch with my sister and noticed that my cheap slip on sandals were starting to wear through. She, who also has interesting feet, showed me the Aetrex sandals she got on sale. When I got home I googled them and they were $109.

People, I just couldn’t do it.

The next day, though, I googled “best sandals for plantar fasciitis” and found a great list. Teva Tirra came up. Amazon had them on sale. I decided, with free shipping and returns, that I would give them a whirl.


I am no longer in pain in my feet! For DAYS, so I know it’s not just in my head! It’s amazing!

I’m still working on stretching, but for the interim, if you happen to have plantar fasciitis, please, please, INVEST in good stuff to wear on your feet!

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Sunday after church (more on that below) we spur-of-the-moment had lunch with my sister and brother in law. Living in our old house, quite far from both church and even farther from my sister, would not have encouraged us to do that.

Yesterday the girls and I went over their “aunt’s” house. She’s such a great friend of our family that they call her Aunt Judy and her kids call me Aunt Tina.

Today my brother is coming (unless it rains) and taking the sighted kids (Ethan is at his summer program) to St. Peter’s Village where they will climb all over the rocks/boulders and have a great time (this is the girls and my brother from last month).


Meanwhile, I’ll be having lunch with two moms of Catie’s friends that I’ve become friends with.

Friday we are heading to our old neighborhood and visiting with their close friends there.

Not having to care for a home and deal with selling sure makes visiting easy!

Regarding the abovementioned Sunday church thing, we visited a church for awhile where my sister attends. We liked it. Then the pastor went on a sabbatical. And then stepped down for stress reasons. Dealing with personal stuff in our lives, as well as the whole house stuff (kitchen last year, selling this year), we took a break. Now we are in a much different place and decided to try it out again. Last year, Ethan needed to wear over-the-hear-sound-blocking headphones to deal with the worship time. This year, he was completely fine. It was WONDERFUL. In some ways (TRAINS!), his autism is somewhat worse than it used to be, but I’m loving how he can handle doctor and dentist appointments, deal with life not going exactly how he expected (although we sometimes have to explain things more than once to get that through), and apparently, being able to ENJOY the worship time instead of withstand it!

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Mostly Settled

Hello All From Our New Digs!

We moved 9 days ago on Saturday the 15th. The first week was unpacking, unboxing, reboxing, moving, changing, and generally figuring things out.  I had hoped that by Sunday evening the 23rd we’d be pretty much done. We were. I was able to move my desk from my bedroom out to the schoolroom area today, which is awesome. I hated having my desk away from everyone else. It was very solitary.

Now that things are pretty much where we want them (for now….) it starts to be fun. We can go exploring. Tomorrow, depending on the weather, it will be the library and/or the pool. Other than driving in and out of the apartment complex, I haven’t been many places. Catie, who walks Jake a lot, has explored more than I have.

I just occurred to me that I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen before we moved. Um…OOPS. Sorry everyone. I’ll see if I can dig up a few decent ones that show how pretty it turned out. I didn’t mean to gyp you all out of a final reveal!

I’m off to grab a sandwich for dinner (meals are still a little haphazard) and maybe take a family walk afterwards. Hope you are enjoying your July and not melting too badly!