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Tuesday Thoughts

This is a day-late Monday Musings. Tuesday Thoughts worked well, though, didn’t it?

I have found another blog. Sigh. Periodically I try and whittle the list down. I do! And then one of my blogs links to another blog, and I end up loving it and getting attached and obsessively reading all their old posts to really learn about them. Yeah, I have some OCD tendencies, can you tell? Well, just so I can add to YOUR list of blogs, here is the newest one: The Pioneer Woman. She can write like NOBODY’S business. Yesterday (guilt, guilt, guilt!), I read all her archives on her meeting/dating/engagement to her husband. It was incredibly romantic. If you have a few hours, it’s worth it.

Which brings me to my next point. Being a stay at home mom to full-time-in-school children is harder than I thought it would be. I make lovely to do lists of things that never get down. Books call. TV beckons. The internet sucks me into its vortex for HOURS. How do you gals do it? How do I stay on task, day after day, with no incentive other than guilt that my husband works so hard and I’m, well, NOT. I’m putting myself out there, ladies, with all the honest ugliness. Advice?

I agreed–albeit not with any excitement–to babysit Alex again on Friday. 2:30pm until 11:30pm. It makes for an incredibly long day. However, this time I’m putting her to bed when I get to her house and sitting in the other room reading/dozing/figuring out how I can help the mom organize her home a little better. Because THAT I’m good at. Watching someone else’s kids is not on my list of gifted areas!

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Menu Planning Monday

Quiet week this week with food…only trying one new thing and it’s not that big of a deal.

M: Ham and Potato Soup
T: Spaghetti and Meatballs
W: Quiche, fruit
R: Kielbasa, mac’n’cheese, carrots
F: DiGiorno Pizza
S: BBQ Chicken burritos (recipe on
S: Jim’s bday party – general cookout
M: Steak, baked potatoes, green beans (Jim’s 40th birthday!)

I put the extra Monday in there because I happen to know it ahead of time. He usually orders the exact same meal every birthday and Father’s Day. And you know what? I usually want the same on my birthday and Mother’s day. I don’t buy steak a whole lot b/c it’s so expensive, so it’s a nice treat on our special days.

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I’m beginning a weaning process today. I switched my “bookmarks” around so that one of my primary boards is no longer 2nd, but next to last. Previously, I checked my mothers of multiples board multiple time (hah!) a day. I’m trying to see if I can get by without doing that. That is one of the few perks I still receive from the club. In previous years I was very involved, attending monthly meetings, editing the newsletter, and going to get togethers. As my children have grown and I have joined the worship team (which practices on the same night as the meetings), my involvement has seriously dwindled to the board and the twice-yearly sales.

I have made a few good friends over the years. That won’t change. I “preshop” each fall and spring with a fellow mom of triplets (all boys, though) for my boys’ wardrobe. That shouldn’t change just because I leave the club. Working and shopping at the sale would definitely change. But there are other places to shop–two other close “outgrown” sales that I can think of.

I have been playing with the idea of letting my membership lapse in July. If I can survive this weaning, I will most likely do it.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

This week has flown by! Even with Jim working late a lot of the evenings, I’m thankful that we’ve made it to the weekend with the original four children we started out with. Because a few times if gypsies had been handy…

1. Laura got her braces yesterday. She opted for a mixture of blue and green rubber bands because those are her mom and dad’s favorite colors. How sweet is that?

2. We had a frost advisory last night, and it’s supposed to get up to 90 this weekend. Yes, folks, it’s Spring in Pennsylvania.

3. I used the self-clean option on my oven yesterday for the first time ever in my whole life. I’m going to call it a mixed blessing. On on the pro side, hey the oven is clean without me breaking my back and using nasty chemicals. On the con side, WHEW NELLIE, does the house STINK! Thank heavens for that weather mentioned in #2 so we can air out the house!

4. Anyone have any suggestions for how not to have roasted chicken grease up the oven? That’s pretty much the killer for me every time.

5. I got the dreaded call from Ethan’s teacher. He uttered his first expletive. He told one of his teachers to “Shut the &%#! up.” WHAT????? Please, let me assure you, we DO NOT speak that way in our home. Nor does anyone in our church. Or even on the bus, according to the driver (there’s only three kids on the bus). Ergo, he learned that word and that phrase AT SCHOOL IN HIS CLASSROOM. I’ll bet I can even guess which kid. Charming. We had many, many chats about it. I didn’t even bring up the bad word because I didn’t want to focus any attention whatsoever on it. We just talked about saying shut up and being respectful to teachers etc. Sigh.

6. I started reading Ecclesiastes. Oh My! Everything is meaningless! Rather a depressing thought, isn’t it? I’m only two chapters in, so I’m hoping it turns around a bit.

7. is WONDERFUL. I’ve been watching “old” episodes from 3 years ago of Eureka. I’m almost caught up. I always wanted to watch that show but didn’t want to commit to yet another night of television. All our regular programs are about to go on break as of May, and Eureka will start up in July. Good timing! Hulu also has Rocky and Bullwinkle, which, I need to say, was excellent television for those of you who scoff.

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God Bless You, MumMum

My mom unexpectedly dropped by this morning to drop off a few toys she and my father had picked up at yard sales last Saturday.

Since the kids came home this afternoon it’s been non-stop


So far, one of the toys is in time out because they just cannot be kind with it.

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Where Things Stand April Edition

This is one of those “good intention” things. I meant to do it every month, but haven’t even kept up with every quarter!

Getting Healthy: I think if it weren’t for holidays and the inevitable influx of candy, I’d be much better. Sigh. I lost some pounds and then gained them back. I’m at 148.8 as of yesterday morning. But the candy is now gone so that will again settle down to 146 or so. That seems to be my baseline. I need to start the second dose of Byetta, but I honestly just forget at dinner time. Today I tried giving myself the shot in my stomach instead of my thigh. As long as I closed my eyes it was ok. If I can do that a few days it will give my legs a break–they are usually sore.

Education: The kids have two months left of school. That blows me away. They have learned so much this year–I’m very pleased with their teachers and their schools. I just wish I could find a magic pill for Bennett and struggling with homework Laura just sits and does it. Bennett is SO much more challenging.

House: We are in the preliminary planning stages for a new garage to be built next year. We are going to attempt to be the general contractors, which will definitely be a challenge. As for the current stuff, the carpet is awesome, as is the new range. I love having a real “office” again–it’s just a matter of getting the walls fixed and painted.

Finances: Hmmm…we’re doing ok. This is going to end up being one of those months where there’s more month than money. Jim isn’t getting a bonus this quarter, which we’re going to miss. He’s decided to do some “on call” weeks again, which is not fun. However, it is good money. I’m still tossing around the idea of doing something for funds. Organizing seems to not be doing anything. Sigh.

Spirit: Are you not surprised to hear I’m struggling with reading my bible again? Once I’m done typing here, I’m going to sit down and do it. I think once I get back into the habit it will get easier, it’s just making it a habit that’s hard. However, on the good front, I’m enjoying playing piano for our worship team. One of the things that Jim and I said we wanted to do together at our wedding (13 years ago!) was do worship together. Amazing that we’re actually doing it now.

Family: I think we’re at a good place right now. The 7’s are ending up to be a fun year. Their independence has grown so much. I can sit back and point out the kids’ characters and personalities, their flaws and strengths. It’s so great to know them as people. One on one I actually really LIKE my children. Even if they weren’t my kids I’d want to spend time with them. It’s just when they outnumber me that it gets more challenging. Jim and I are suffering from lack of time because he’s very busy at work. He worked late every night last week as well as last night. My love language is “quality time”. I’m hoping he can take a day off later this week so we can spend some together.

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This morning, while grocery shopping at WalMart’s produce department, I was struck by the dichotomy of my area. Facing me was an Old Order Amish woman, in her severe outfit and full black kapp, checking out the tomatoes. Also facing me were two Mexican guys, filling up a bag of tomatillos. I live next door to Lancaster County, which houses a large Amish population. I also live very close to Kennett Square, PA, which is nicknamed “The Mushroom Capital of the US” (maybe world?) and employs a large population of Mexicans. They both frequent my local WalMart. WalMart even has special stalls for the horses (as does the Home Depot in the same shopping center). Both are “different” in both speech and dress from the average joe and jane shmoe (that would be whitebread me).

Can I admit that I got a little chuckle from it?

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I drove around for 20 minutes this morning, extremely disappointed to find that the exciting neighborhood yard sale was, in fact, not what this morning offered.

I was SO looking forward to the hunt! Not to mention a morning out by myself.

Sigh. It will happen another weekend.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. In Which I Learn to Say Yes:
I tend to be a “no” kind of person. Really. It’s safer at home, thankyouverymuch. I’m way too busy to do THAT. Sorry, no, I just can’t.

Get this, though. My kids are in school full time. And suddenly I’m not being that NO person anymore. It’s LIBERATING to say YES.

You need help at the funeral playing piano? I’ve never done that before, but ok, I can do that.

You need help setting up the food and stuff at the reception for the funeral? My kids are in school. Sure.

You need help putting the church back together now that the funeral is over? My kids are in school, I’d love to come!

You’re feeling sick and can’t lead worship? Um….I guess so. (still working on being happy about that!)

I don’t know if its’ turning 40, or having the kids gone all day or both or something else, but I’m loving this new found confidence and ability to say YES.

2. Catie took a good look at me a few days ago. Her comment? “Mom, you’re having a bad hair day today.”

3. Good Day Sunshine! Halleluia, the rain has finally stopped and spring is springing out all over. Yesterday, Today and tomorrow are sunny and in the high 60’s to low 70’s. I just want to run around singing “Oh, What a beautiful morning!”

4. One of the three really big yard sales that I go to each year is tomorrow. I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation of the deals I’m going to find. I love buying birthday presents and clothes at yard sales! SO MUCH CHEAPER!

5. The kids went back to school on Tuesday. Oh, how they needed it! I love the first couple of days of vacation (the sleeping in!), but after that they just get on each others’ nerves. All of them, but Ethan especially, need the structured environment of school. All but one day we had playdates or visiting family, but still!

6. I went to McDonald’s today to get a vanilla latte. It’s not quite as good as Starbucks, but it’s 25 minutes closer and a dollar cheaper. I’ll deal.

7. There is only two months left of school. I can’t believe how quickly this school year has flown by!