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Painting is DONE

Not sure how well it comes across in the picture, but it’s a warm gray–almost has a little beige in it. The areas that we left white will be behind cabinets. No sense wasting paint (or the time to paint)!

Today I’m going to find and get the boxes from the garage to build the uppers on the far wall (where fridge and stove will go) and hopefully will start building tomorrow!

Painting Done

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Drywall is DONE

Oh my word! Two full weekends for something as dumb as drywall patching! The layers just took so long to dry!

I need to go out and buy roller covers so we can start priming, but I think that’s all we need at this point. CANNOT WAIT!

Jim finishing up the very last little bit of sanding:


And here’s how awesome the ceiling looks (used to have a huge soffit there!)


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We have a picture of the finished product on the wall to remind us where we are going.

Final Plan

Personally, I have stopped believing that the picture will ever become a reality. It is a lie, perpetuated by contractors who secretly laugh because we try to do it ourselves, and by HGTV, whose sole purpose is to delude hapless homeowners that they, too, can do it and Home Depot can help.

We are again stuck. Two layers of drywall mud are applied (2nd was still drying by end of day Sunday). We need a 3rd layer (maybe 4th in really bad places, according to Jim) and then lots of sanding. I’ve never personally done drywall and don’t have any memory of watching the process so I take him at his word. Unfortunately, he and his word go to the world of WORK M-F and then he has commitments outside the home Monday and Wednesdays after work. So I walk past the unfinished kitchen a million times per day on my way to the laundry room to our makeshift kitchenette.

I had hoped to paint this week. Not gonna happen. He hopes to finish painting by end of day Sunday. We’ll see.

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One Last Final Fix

Here’s where things are as of today:

End of Date Mon Jul 4

What you see/can’t see: Under all that lovely luan (aka underlayment) is a leveled-with-concrete floor. Sorry, no pics of it. The luan is LOVELY to walk on. It’s smooth, soft and just feels great on bare feet (as opposed to every other part of this journey when you HAD to wear shoes).

What you can also see is the torn up walls and that yellow remnant stripe of construction glue left over from the previous countertop’s backsplash. I just tried removing a small spot yesterday with citrus stripper and it worked great. I’ll be doing more of that today now that Jim saw and approved what was left afterwards.

This weekend is –as far as I KNOW–the final fixing of things. Jim will repair all the drywall holes and slices and patches. That’s also, as far as I know, the last thing I’m kind of unable to help with. Drywall patching needs to be pretty perfect because it will show clearly through paint. Jim used to drywall for a living. Therefore, he will do it by himself. After that? I can help prime, paint, put together cabinets, install flooring…etc.

Oh, and for my sanity I bumped the “I hope we finish by this date” date to July 31st.

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Something Other Than the Kitchen

I did something I don’t typically do today and went to see an actual doctor. Other than my annual OB-Gyn, annual ophthalmology, and annual/semi-annual endocrinology, I don’t see the “regular” doctor much. I just don’t get sick that often. And I’m not sick now.

But I’m also not sleeping.

Other than the changing of the seasons, where 4x/year I typically have a night or two of restlessness, sleep hasn’t been much of an issue for me once the kids got past the getting-up-in-the-night stage. Insomnia is just not something I’ve struggled with. Two nights I tossed and turned. Two nights I did Benedryl (which worked the first night and didn’t the 2nd), two nights I woke up, rolled over and went back to sleep and last night I finally got up at 1 and took one of Bennett’s melatonin pills. It worked, but I’m DRAGGING today.

So yeah, I went to my GP’s office. She wants me to get my thyroid checked (good idea!) and hormone levels checked (good idea too!) and take a melatonin before bed every night for 2 weeks. Not sure if I’m supposed to stop it after that, or what, but I’m willing to try it.

Because, at least for me, sleep is NOT optional.