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Sunday Drive By

It was not my intention to have a silent blog week! I’m sorry! Ethan was off school, we had swimming lessons, I got sick, we were busy, yada, yada, yada…

The first few weeks of summer vacation are always a getting-used-to-it kind of thing. Ethan starts back to school for his extended school year program on Tuesday, so that will help a little. It’s been a lot of arguing, fighting etc, but I expect that for summer time. They just get on each others’ nerves because they are together so much.

The addition is coming along…the mudroom has walls and a roof with tar paper and Tyvek, but nothing on the inside yet. The garage is framed for walls and has the roofing trusses, but that’s it. It’s great finally seeing structures instead of big holes in the ground!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. The first week of summer vacation is almost finished. It’s been better than I had hoped for, but Ethan isn’t off school yet, so we’ll see how next week goes!

2. Yesterday Bennett, Laura and Catie started swimming lessons. A friend of a friend is giving them in the first friend’s pool. They last an hour and are 4-5 days per week unless one of us is on vacation. By the end of the summer I really want them to feel comfortable in the deep end.

3. We’ve hit a snag of sorts with construction. When Jim drew up plans for the 24×30 garage, he was thinking interior size. We just discovered yesterday that the block walls measure 24×30 on the OUTSIDE. He won’t be able to open his car doors inside with the loss of feet-age. I can’t even tell you how upset he is right now. Oh, and we have the same issue with the mudroom. Sigh.

4. Regarding Wednesday’s post, it has definitely been helping. The girls and I worked on cleaning their room, which is usually a guaranteed yell-fest. I didn’t raise my voice once. I kept my cool and just continued to tell them to stay on task. And this morning I opted to snuggle with Catie when I really wanted to put laundry away. Laundry can wait, making memories with Catie won’t.

5. I re-signed up with FlyLady. I did her a few years ago and then eventually got off the list because of the multitude of emails. I’m going to delete the emails if they get to be too much, but I really think I need the structure of someone telling me what to do to keep on top of my house and laundry!

6. My mom comes home tonight from visiting Niagara Falls this week. I have really missed her–most mornings start off with us talking to each other on the phone. I hope I have that with my girls when they are grown up.

7. One of the activities we are doing this summer is our local library’s summer reading program. It requires reading for 20 minutes each day. This, obviously, is not a struggle for me, but it has been nice to have all of us hang out in the living room together and read quietly. I love having readers. I have always been one and really wanted my kids to love reading as well.

10 weeks of summer vacation left! 😀

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Parenting Challenges

I’m at an interesting point with one of my children. Wait. Let me start this by saying that I unequivocally love my children. All of them. I carried them within my body. Nothing BUT NOTHING could change that.


I just don’t like one of them right now. This child is apparently going through a difficult stage right now, although that stage seems to have started at birth and kept right on going.  This child is dramatic, whiny, complaining….it’s very difficult parenting this child because they aren’t very likable. I just started praying today about this, because it’s actually becoming difficult to be around them (sorry for the plural pronoun, but I don’t even want to give away gender, let alone name) because many of the interactions are negative. MANY, if not most. And I don’t want to dislike my own child.

Please pray, if that’s something you do.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Bennett, Laura and Catie have 2 1/2 days left of school and Ethan has 7. Let the chaos begin!

2. It’s a peaceful and quiet day here at the house. Thank the good Lord! Tuesday and Wednesday was non-stop jackhammering all day. Yesterday was loading up dump truck after dump truck with dirt and then pouring concrete. I can’t believe the progress four guys have made in three days. Today the concrete is setting, they are putting down gravel and taking off the forms. I don’t know what else. It’s just QUIET and for that, I’m grateful.

3. I’ve been reading a lot lately about international adoption. Of special needs kids. Here and here especially. When I got my tubes tied 7 years ago it was because my hands and heart were full. We were done. But sometimes I feel something deep inside, like maybe I’m not done. I’ll be thinking and praying about it. And if God wants me to do this, He’d better tell Jim, too!

4. Catie was home Mon-Wed. Thurs Laura had to go to the orthodontist. Today Bennett is home with  strep throat. What a way to end the school year!

5. I’m reminded again that I dislike shoe shopping. What other women find immense pleasure in is an exercise in futility with my flipping WIDE feet. My sneakers are 7 2E. Buying sandals for the summer is so difficult!

(Edited to add I found a pair at a yard sale for $2! SCORE)

6. We are going through the re-evaluation process for Ethan’s home services. We’ve had behavioral therapy here since the middle of February. While I see a difference in the other kids (more willing to share, more willing to play with etc), I haven’t seen that much of a change in Ethan. This next session is four months, and I’m really hoping that there will be a difference in him at the end.

7. Swimming lessons start this coming week. I’m so thrilled for the kids!

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Short Update

Catie is still sick–still throwing up. I’m trying to keep her hydrated (water, popsicles etc) and rested. She was up 6 or so times in the middle of the night, including one changing of the sheets. I’m starting to wonder about dinner because I usually shop on Mondays (or Tuesdays if I can’t on Monday) so I’m starting to run low on things. And Jim is working late.

CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN! They are already digging as I type, which is just so cool. I’ve never seen a backhoe this close before. It’s bright orange and HUGE.

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Bug is Sick

Catie has always been “Bug”…when she was a baby she was as cute as a bug so she started out as Catie Bug and then it was just shortened to Bug. It still fits.

We went over Nana’s house visiting and were in the car just saying good bye. She told me her stomach didn’t feel good and I told her to tell Daddy. She got out. A few minutes later I hear the news that she vomited all over. We cleaned up, went home with a bin in her hands and then waited for the long night.

She woke up at 3, again around 4 or so and then again around 6:30.

Yeah. I’m exhausted too.

It’s now about 11:20 and she seems to be past the throwing up stage (thank goodness!), but the fever is still here even after taking Tylenol. This will give her tomorrow at home as well, since the school wants them to be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to school.

So she’ll get to see the big Ground Breaking on the garage and laundry room. I can’t believe it’s finally HERE!