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End of School–Finally

Bennett, Laura and Catie finished their school year on Monday. Ethan finishes on Friday. As of Friday afternoon, I will have three fifth graders and one third grader.


I remember starting kindergarten with Bennett and Laura. I remember how tiny they looked in comparison to the “older” (4th and 5th grade) kids. And now, somehow, we have those kids. At field day last week I looked around at the kindergartners and they were so…well….TINY. It doesn’t seem possible that that was us just a few short years ago.

I promise I’m not going to get maudlin. Really. They won’t allow me. They are still so much stinkers, not all “grown up” and mature. On the last day of school, thankyouverymuch whoever you were, someone wrote in permanent marker on the playground the ‘F word” and “s word”. Up until that day we had escaped that. They didn’t ask what the words meant, but I know that’s coming any day.

Today I survived the first of 10 times of grocery shopping with them. I’m not overly fond of grocery shopping with my kids. “Can we have this?” “I want that!” *rolls eyes* like they were three year olds. I’m always so grateful when school starts again and I get to shop in peace.

See, I’m not getting maudlin!

But they sure have grown a lot in the past four years.


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