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So Incredibly Sad

A member of our church who was pregnant with twins had an emergency c-section this morning and gave birth at 32 weeks. One of the twin boys died. They airlifted the other baby boy to Christiana Hospital’s NICU, where my kids lived for so many months. The mom is in a different hospital, in a different state, with two small boys at home, one in the hospital and one in heaven.

I understand their devastation. I’m devastated for her and am somewhat reliving 8 1/2 years ago when we went through something so similar.

Jim and the other elder are down visiting her right now, the two deacons (myself and another) are coordinating flowers, meals, prayer, visits–everything that they might need.

But nothing but God and time is going to help that hole in their hearts.

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Bible Study Lesson 3

This was a short lesson on three verses, 1 Peter 1:10-12, speaking about how the prophets diligently searched to find the time that Christ would come and suffer.

She gave a quote at the beginning of the lesson that I wanted to share:

We see in the Pentateuch the Figures of the sufferings of Christ;
We see in the Psalms the Feelings of the suffering Christ;
We see in the Prophets the Forecasts of the sufferings of Christ;
We see in the Gospels the Facts of the sufferings of Christ;
We see in the Epistles the Fruits of the sufferings of Christ;
We see in the Book of Revelation the Fulfillment of the sufferings of Christ and the Glory that should follow.

(A. Naismith, A Treasury of Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes, p 211)

It’s another snow day here in PA–cold, snowy and WINDY. We’re staying inside and being thankful for ample shelter, food and power!

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PMS and Me, a True Story

Alternate title: why my children are lucky to be alive this evening.

I know you gals are thrilled beyond measure when I talk about girl stuff. Like the fact that I ovulated this week. (picture Jim rolling his eyes, because believe me, he is). So, um, once that life altering thing occurs, it’s only a matter of time before I get PMS.

Included in its gifts to me:

1. The ability to literally eat non-stop all day and never feel full. SUCK-O. I always gain weight during these 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

2. Having the shortest fuse known to mankind.

3. Having once lost my temper, it STAYS lost, slaying everyone in its wake, regardless of guilt or innocence.

So, let me explain. No, is too long; let me sum up.**
A) Snow Day and all kids home all day.

B)Messy house caused by everyone under the age of 9 not picking up after themselves. (side story: Laura asks today if they can get the ‘marble mania’ thingy out. The playroom is so messy you cannot walk in it. Marble Mania? I THINK NOT!),

C) Bennett casually watching TV instead of working on 3 pages of homework because he somehow lost his homework folder in the previously mentioned pit of a playroom. And instead of trying to find it, he immediately gave up and watched Phinneas and Ferb instead. DS lost for a week.


And this is just the beginning–I have a good two weeks left of it. ::evil Vincent Price laugh::

**extra points to whoever can name that movie!

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Low Posting Week

Sorry about the lack of posts this week! I’ve been out at doctor appointments, working, doing errands and am now stuck at home again with the “1, 2 punch” of a Nor’easter. I am so sick of hearing about that 1, 2 punch. Right now it’s a pretty snow and is only sticking on non-paved surfaces. But later today and into tomorrow we’re supposed to get pounded with high winds and drifts and accumulations.

But I’m trying to be philosophical about it. Spring is 3 1/2 weeks away. It WILL GET BETTER SOON.


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Getting a Clue

I haven’t talked about my addiction in awhile, which is actually a good thing because I like when it stays on the back burner! One thing that I have recently (as in the past four months) become aware of is that my struggling with pornography is tied to my menstrual cycle. Who knew!? Yes, of course, other things make it “flare up”, but there’s a definite correlation between me ovulating and needing to be more careful around the internet and/or needing my accountability partner more.

It’s only been within the past year or so that I’ve become remotely regular (about every other month) and not much longer than that have I been “healthy” enough that I’m not struggling or even falling day to day. My last major “fall off the bandwagon” was Good Friday last year. For me that’s awesome!

All that to say, when I see that I’m ovulating (i.e. NOW), the antennae go up, I email my accountability partner and give her a heads up and I’m much more careful. Which makes for months that go by without me messing up. Which is terrific for everyone involved!

I wonder what will happen when I go through menopause and don’t have that hormonal up and down?

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Waiting on Quotes

We have had three contractors out to look at our house, talk to us about what we want and take some visual measurements. Real measurements are rather impossible right now with the two feet of snow (it compacted and melted a little) outside! One emailed his bid and we are just waiting on the information from the other two before making our decision.

We want:
1. two car detached garage
2. mud/laundry room off the kitchen (next to the garage) with basement underneath that will open into our current basement.
3. driveway repaved

Those are the definites. IF and ONLY IF the cost for the above is low enough, then we will look into getting:
1. new windows
2. new siding
3. new roof
4. new front walkway

We have a figure in mind for what we want everything to cost. Contractor #1 went about $5k over that, which would probably still be ok because our figure was just pulled from the air. 😀
Doing these things would allow us to stay here for at least a few more years, barring anything happening with Jim’s mom.

The only bad thing I can foresee is that the one guy said it would take about three months to do the work. I can’t imagine life being upset/interrupted/messed up for three whole months!

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Gettin’ ‘Er Done Kind of Day

After six long days cooped up together with the kids and Jim, they are back to school and he is away on a business trip for nine days. No, I’m not HAPPY about the nine days, but a break right now, today, is heavenly! We’ll be doing Skype with the webcam, so we’ll be seeing each other.

I don’t know about you, but when the kids are home for long stretches I get next to nothing done. I don’t know what it is, but it always seems to be the case. Therefore, the house is in massive disarray. With everyone gone, though, I’m in a mood to clean and have the ability to stay on task for more than 10 minutes without someone crying/screaming/getting hurt/wanting food/whatever.

Plus, the 4-8 inches they were calling for ended up being about TWO! Halleluia!