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A Regular Week

Since all the insurance stuff is finished, I’ve actually settled back into a normal existence–one where my life does not revolve around the phone and who I need to call and argue with. Can I express how grateful I am that I am finished with it?? I have a little less than 5 weeks until Ethan and I head out, and I’ll be spending that time catching up with the house, getting organized so as to make it easier on Jim, cleaning and laundry, the normal things of life.

You know, instead of cleaning ladies, they should make a service where someone comes in and does laundry–gather, separate, wash, dry, fold and put away. I’d pay big bucks for that!

Catie has become a TV-aholic. Now that she’s home all day, she can watch what she wants (within reason, of course!). Right now I hear Handy Manny in the background. He’s one of the less annoying shows out there. A few words of Spanish tossed in for educational value, as well as the teamwork methodology.

I’m not-so-patiently waiting for DirectTV to show up and install our new satellite. Man, I hate typing that word. It feels like it should have two t’s instead of 2 l’s! Anyways, we’ve had Dish Network for almost two years and want to go with one we can bundle and therefore save money on. By switching we’re going to save $302 for the first year. After that, I’m not sure. But hey, $302 works for me!

The Strawberry Festival is this weekend. This will be our 2nd year attending. It’s one of few things we do as a vacation-type thing. Maybe next year we’ll go somewhere….it will depend on Ethan, I guess. Dutch Wonderland is the other big thing we do. LOVE that place! Anyway, the Strawberry Festival is a lot of fun and food. Ethan’s not overly fond of it, but everyone else has a blast.

Ah, DirectTV just got here. I’m so glad Jim decided to stay home until the guy came. He’s definitely the technical guru in the house. We’re both geeky, but he’s a super geek.

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The Last Last Day of Preschool

No, that isn’t a typo. We’ve had several years of “the last day of preschool”. But today was truly, The LAST, last day of preschool. My youngest, Catie, has officially graduated and will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall.

I think with the youngest you tend to mark these things more often. Or at least, in THIS house, I do. With the other three, everything obviously happened all at once. They all had their therapies together. They all started preschool together, albeit at different places. And yes, with Ethan going to Overbrook more than a hour away EACH WAY for a full day of preschool, I cried. And cried. And then was so grateful that Overbrook was the awesome incredible place that it is.

But with Cate it’s a little different. I’ve said before that I have a different relationship with her than I do with the other three. Before I hear cries of favoritism, let me assure you that I love all four of my kids equally. They equally get on my nerves and I equally want to grab them and snuggle for hours with them. So there.

But I think because I got to nurse Catie, because she and I slept in the same bed for those early months (without Jim because SOMEONE should be able to sleep!), because I’ve had that one-on-one time with her, we are just closer. I look at her and I see me. Not just in looks, although that’s true, but she’s the youngest like me. She can sometimes get left out of the others’ activities because of that small age difference that makes such a difference at this age. 19 months, in the grand scheme of things, is a blip. A nothing. When the kids are grown up, that time will not mean anything.

But now, it means a grade difference of two years. (Ok, one with Ethan, but since he goes to a different school it doesn’t count.) And that’s two years of educational differences, game differences, even TV show differences. And I never want Catie to feel as left out as I always did. I’m 4 years younger than my sister and 6 1/2 years younger than my brother. I didn’t get to play with them. I don’t let Bennett and Laura do that to Catie. She’s close enough in age and ability that she can mostly keep up with them. They can take it or lump it, but she gets to play! So there!

So, congratulations, Catie, on finishing preschool and doing so well! I’m so proud of you!

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Another "where did she come from?"

Catie is watching a Scooby-Doo DVD. In French. She doesn’t speak or understand the language.

She also thoroughly enjoyed herself scrubbing the kitchen floor–12 squares of it–this morning. I pay 25 cents per square, so she got $3 for her crayon bank. I asked her why she likes doing it (because I certainly don’t!). “Because it looks so much better when it’s clean–it’s all nice and shiny.”

Yeah, and that will last all of a couple of hours until the other kids come home and stomp all over it.

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I’m stunned. Shocked. Amazed. Awed. Elated!

KEYSTONE MERCY SAID YES. We will, in fact, be attending Hershey as of June 30th and Keystone will be paying for it. Oh. My. Goodness!!

Apparently, the appeal board thing is just for the evaluation that we had back in March. They refused to pay for it so we appealed their decision. The 4 week program was a completely different issue with a completely different decision. Quite frankly, I’ll pay the $260 fee for the appointment–I don’t care if we lose the battle, we WON THE WAR!!!