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Catching a Breath

Yesterday I had a migraine. I don’t get them often, but when I do, OUCH. It takes Advil, quiet, dark and sleep all coming together in a beautiful gestalt experience to drive them away.

I never got migraines before I had children. Wonder if there’s a connection? 😀

Today we’re getting together with friends that we see about once a year. We don’t even live that far apart–maybe 20 minutes–but our lives are both very full.

Tomorrow Bennett and Laura have a birthday party and then we’re heading out to a graduation party next door. The child who was nine when we moved in here is graduation high school and heading to Boston in the fall. How is that possible? I see how quickly the last nine years went and know the next nine will also fly by with my own children.

It seems that the season for hanging out in groups is upon us.

I’m not a group person. I like home. Family. ALONE TIME.

Then again, once summer comes and school is out, maybe all this group time will be good?

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Tow Truck Driver

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

When I started this blog I wanted to write deep, spiritual entries that would impact you, my readers and make you think, pray, change and all that good stuff.

Only, more often than not it’s about my children, or my addiction, or just life in general. Not that that is a bad thing. It’s just not what I had originally intended.

This is what I wanted my blog to look like: Conversion Diary

Wow. Amazing insight and ability to say it well. I love Jennifer’s honesty, her willingness to let you see directly into her heart and soul and even her struggles with God, walking this journey called Christianity, and what that looks like outside of church.

Making it about the tow truck driver puts an interesting spin on the first few years of the children’s lives. Because, trust me, we STRUGGLED with God. Turned our backs on Him for the most part, to my shame. Walked through the “valley of the shadow of death” as David put it, but didn’t praise Him in it. For some reason, though, people’s lives were touched. People’s faith in God was strengthened, and ours, ultimately, returned.

Faith is not a drive from Point A to Point B where you arrive and bang, that’s it. You’re done. Faith IS THE JOURNEY itself. Learning how to trust God, in everything, and obey God, in everything. And believe me, that IS NOT EASY.

One of the things I tell the children over and over, is that when they are adults there is no one standing over their shoulder telling them what to do. It’s my job, as their parent, to teach them to obey God–to hear His voice and then to listen to it. Because that’s it in the end. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us poking us, reminding us, but as someone said “God is a gentleman. He doesn’t force you.” But man, does He want you to obey! He sees the whole tapestry. I see a little piece of thread and wonder why I can’t move it over there. He knows if I do that, it will mess up that part of the picture. Do I do it anyway? Sometimes, yes. Do I obey him and leave my thread where He wants it? Sometimes.

Am I looking forward to heaven and being able to see that whole tapestry? You Bet!

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Friday evening, without a lot of fanfare, but with MUCH explaining to him, we removed Ethan’s g-tube. He’s had it since he was 9 months old and obviously doesn’t remember anything else. He was quite sad about losing it. He wanted it back in. He cried. He spent literally the next 24 hours on the floor (or bed) lying on his stomach unless we made him sit up and come to the table for food.

But then–THEN–Saturday evening he bounced back. He jumped on the trampoline. He played. He sang. He was himself again. He still said he was sad about it, but whatever it was that made him want to lay down was gone.

And now we are at Wednesday. He still has the gauze and tape over the hole. I could probably take it off but I’m a little freaked out by it. I’ve only seen Laura’s “healed for years” scar. Ethan’s doesn’t look anything like that. So I think I’ll probably wait until Friday and then take the tape off.

Free at last, free at last, thank GOD Almighty, he is free at last!

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I Am

A Believer that Jesus was the son of God who came, lived, died and rose again from the dead–to save me and YOU TOO from hell.
A mother of multiples
Happily married for 13 years
Happily a stay at home mom
Organized (well, as much as my four children allow me to be!)
A morning person
A reader
A singer
A piano player
Conservative in: dress, politics, child-rearing
A regular church attender
A recovering addict
A Blogger
A loud laugher, to my husband’s embarrassment
on Facebook, but not obsessively
Thinking about leaving my mother’s of multiples club
A chocoholic
The youngest of three siblings
a casual jigsaw puzzle player
a casual crossword puzzle player
A sometime cross stitcher
my husband’s best friend

Ok, People, Who Are You?

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Bennett’s Wit

I tried to go in our new moon bounce (given by friends after their yard sale where they couldn’t sell it), and didn’t do quite so well. Then I tried to get out, only to fall out the exit onto the ground. Not hurt–and laughing–I got up to Jim saying “Like a gazelle!” Bennett chimes in “A dead gazelle!”

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I Am Not

Did you ever notice that it’s a lot easier to define who we are NOT than who we ARE? I read a lot of blogs written by individuals who are nothing like me. Maybe that’s what’s been making me think about this recently. Especially McKMama. Other than our faith in the Lord and current number of kids, and oh, some experience with hospital stays, there’s not a whole lot this woman and I share.

So, in a desire to let y’all get to know even more of me than you wanted to, I thought I might post a few details of what I’m not. Feel free to chime in with the comments about what you are not, as well! One caveat: Just because I’m Not these things does not in ANY WAY imply that I look down on them, so please do not take offense if your personality fits in below!

I’m not:
Into organic (except carrots)
A homeschooler
Anti-dancing or movie-watching
A Democrat
Into the Environment
A feminist, although I’m all for equal pay for equal work
An Evolutionist
A debater

I could keep on going, but dinner really wants to be made so I’m going to stop. Tomorrow I’m going to work on what I AM.

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Achievement Day

Today was Overbook School for the Blind’s Achievement Day (aka award day). MY SON, the brilliant boy that he is, won THREE AWARDS! One of them was for the best academic achievement in the elementary school. Only two kids got that one. And MY SON was one of them!

::Basking in the glow of his glory::

And, as always happens, I ended up crying because Overbrook truly is an amazing school. I am so thankful for it! It is the golden lining to Ethan’s blindness. We could have lived 30 minutes farther away from Philadelphia, and Ethan would have been stuck with going to a regular school and dealing with sub-standard Braille instruction, O&M, OT, etc. Or he would have gone to a “special school” that could have helped with his feeding issues, but not been able to challenge him academically because they are set up for mental retardation, not brilliant kids with issues.

But no, God had us buy a home within a far but not unreachable distance to this incredibly nurturing, loving environment where they can know my kid so well that two years ago they put him in a “chatty” classroom to draw him out. It worked! Ethan chatters away now. They work with his feeding issues, give him special exercises to strengthen his upper trunk and extremities so he will be able to hold his cane better, get him to the point that he NO LONGER NEEDS PT because he is AGE APPROPRIATE! Oh My Word, if that just doesn’t blow me away! PLUS, they allow for such individualized instruction that he improves at an amazing rate and gets two fantastic awards for improvement in two years! Plus one for OT and one for O&M this year, as well! I mean, man!

And he is loved–LOVED–at this school. There is no question in my mind that the teachers and therapists and even bus drivers think Ethan is one awesome kid.

Which I love! If he has to be away from me for upwards of nine hours each day, at least I know he’s getting all that love.

So it was an amazing morning at OBS.

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Morning Checklist

Being the hyper-organized and incredibly-busy-in-the-morning person that I am, I have devised what I call the Morning Checklist. It’s basically an Excel spreadsheet. Each child gets one column each day. The rows are all the things that need to get done every morning before they leave the house for school. (dressed, shoes and socks, glasses, breakfast, med/vitamins, lunch packed, snack packed, backpack, fix hair, brush teeth, make bed, turn off lights). Tada! I print them out at the beginning of the month, usually four at a time unless it’s one of those weird months, and fill in all the necessary field trips, days off, buying lunch etc information that needs to go on them for our mutual sanity.

I love these sheets because they allow the children to be independent. It’s a lovely word. I’m not the one telling them what to do every morning–the list is. All I have to say is: how much do you have left on the list? And they know what they have to do. It’s LOVELY.

I just printed out the last three for the school year.


10 weeks (minus the time at Lake Michigan) of trying to fill the whole day with four young children who will likely kill each other before August.

Pragmatic Compendium has come up with some basics of what she would like her children to do this summer. Love the list–it’s learning, reading and physical activity. We’re a big reading family, so that will not be a problem. Physical activity–we’re hopefully getting some sort of pool (cheaply!), as well as our current trampoline and bikes and the “I can’t believe my husband is sacrificing his perfect grass to put tires on it so the kids can play frisbee golf” so that will be covered as well. The learning? Hmmm….I bought a Jump Start 3rd grade DVD for them to play the games. I do have a lot of educational CD-Roms that have just been gathering dust on my desk recently for some reason (I don’t think the kids can reach them!). I think I’ll put the Barbie CD-Roms away and make them do the educational ones.

And pray for the summer to pass quickly.

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YouTube, How Do I Love Thee?

I saw this one time when the local PBS station was begging. Since then, my children and I have watched it tons of times. They adore The Blue Man Group. As do I. Our favorite part is actually before the woman starts to sing–when it’s just the instruments. Turning a piano on its side to play?? GENIUS!

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Menu Planning Monday

I went to the grocery store with the best of intentions, but still managed to spend $139. That did include next Monday’s hamburgers and Suddenly Salad, though. Sigh.

M: Spaghetti and meatballs, because if it’s Monday it HAS to be spaghetti.
T: Eggs, crescent rolls and Fruit (haven’t had this in a long time)
W: Sweet and sour pork (leftover pork roast–yummo!)
R: Hot Dogs, mac’n’cheese, carrots
F: DiGiorno Pizza
S: Popcorn Shrimp, french fries, carrots
S: Grilled 3 herb chicken, couscous, green beans
M: Cookout! Happy Memorial Day

If Saturday turns out as yummy as it sounds I will definitely be posting the recipe. Good Eats, everyone!