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Working Late Again

The title says it all. Jim is working late. Again. He often works late, plus has an hour commute, so he gets home no earlier than 6:30 most nights. By the time dinner is done, it’s almost time for bed for the kids. I am SO SICK of this job–I just want him to find a new one! Anyone know of anything for an IT guy in the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia (aka Chester County)?

I’m aware I haven’t written in a while. Just couldn’t make myself do it. Life is always doing ahead at a fast pace and this requires me to acutally SIT and THINK. With housework always on my “to do” list, this somehow just doesn’t make the cut.

Laura is finally potty trained all the way. Ok, during the day, but that’s good enough for me. No more poopy diapers for her! Now it’s just the boys left.

I have work this week. I’ve been averaging working one day per week and I really like that pace. It allows me to keep on top of my own home as well as help someone else (and make a little money!)