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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m writing while slightly dizzy. This is not a fun way to type and I fully expect to go back to my couch once I’m finished.

2. My normal response to getting sick is to take the first day and baby myself. I sit on the couch, rest and drink lots of tea. I do this every time and it seems to shorten the severity and length of sickness.


This week was Christmas and it was not an option. Both Monday and Tuesday I pushed through the sick and wrapped and celebrated and didn’t baby myself. Which, honestly, I would choose to do the same if given the choice.


Wednesday and Thursday I paid the price for “pushing through”. It wasn’t a matter of sitting on the couch. I laid there, sometimes asleep, sometimes resting, sometimes watching TV. I didn’t do it up in the bedroom because I could sort of still be a parent on the couch. I coughed. I sneezed. I blew my nose. I didn’t stand up a lot because, as I mentioned, I’m dizzy.

3. Today I am feeling a little better. I took a shower (much to Jim’s relief), but was exhausted from that. I got breakfast and am now blogging (see my committment to you all?!) and will go and rest again. I’m determined to clean some of the house because, allegedly, I’m hosting Christmas with my family tomorrow.

4. I say allegedly because I was supposed to do that the day after Christmas. Except a) I was really sick and b) we had a wintry mix, which is not conducive to my father driving. And we’re due for snow tomorrow. So I’m holding the idea of Christmas dinner rather lightly.

5. I know I posted about what we’re doing in the basement just a few days ago, but I want to take a second to brag about my husband. 17 years ago I married a contractor. He went out and built things or fixed things or remodeled things. Soon after we got married he decided he wanted to go back to school and get his degree in Computer Science. I, being rather short-sighted, didn’t like that idea because I wanted to have children RIGHT THEN. He wisely kept on with his idea and went and got his degree. Which has provided us with a home, food for our table and other wonderful things.

However. Thankfully, he still possess those skills of a contractor. Which allows him to work on our house (which, unfortunately, constantly needs it!) He took a bare-bones basement and put up a wall and completely changed how it looked. Can I paint? Sure, and I have done it a lot in our home. But Jim can take nothing and make it  something, which just amazes me. So, yes, I’m grateful for the IT degree and all it entails. But I’m also thankful for the contracting skills, cuz they’re just really manly. 😀

6. We are playing Christmas music right now. I know it’s after Christmas and the radio stations have gone back to their regularly scheduled playlists, but I really love Christmas music. According to my iTunes, I own 609 Christmas songs! Everything from I Want a Hippopotamus to about 9 versions of Carol of the Bells to O Holy Night. I adore Christmas music! (speaking of, I Want a Hippo just came on!)

7. I honestly can’t think of one more thing to add, so I’ll just say I hope you are enjoying your holidays and are more healthy than my family is!

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House Project

I wrote here about what we wanted to accomplish on the house with moving rooms around. This past week we managed another chunk of it.

Jim and I: bought drywall and brought it downstairs.

Jim: installed the drywall, mudded three times, painted the wall (but not yet the cement block), put up trim and painted that.

Jim and I: moved the furniture out of the room, rolled up the rug and moved it over, put the cabinets in their new place, put the TV cabinet, TV, and stereo cabinet in place, put the futon in the room, moved the fooseball table to the other side (still to be organized), brought Ethan’s books and bookcase down from the schoolroom.

I: Went through Ethan’s books with him, helping him to get rid of the ones he has outgrown (which ended up being a laundry basket full!), brought down his videos and video case  and trampoline. He’s THRILLED.

The kids: put their toys into the cabinets and started playing.

I: Vacuumed over and over the spot where Ethan’s trampoline was (ICK), moved Bennett’s desk to  its new spot.

Jim: Vacuumed some more that spot. (Double ICK!)

Next up: moving my desk from the office to the school room. Which is going to take some major organization and decluttering on my part!

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 4 days. 4 short little days until everything has to be wrapped and accounted for. Because as of this second, one of Jim’s presents is missing. I’m contending that the post office never delivered it. I really, honestly don’t think I lost it. But I’ll admit to a 1% chance of that being possible.

2. Pursuant to #1, I cleaned my office REALLY well. The door can even be open during the holiday gathering here, and believe me when I say that that is not the norm!

3. We had a really great speaker on Sunday, who talked about that famous question “Are you ready for Christmas?”. His take, however, was not about presents or decorations or cards, but about the heart. Ready: Mary, Elizabeth, Wise Men Simon, Anna. Not Ready: Herod, Zechariah (he later flipped to the former category). It definitely challenged me, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the preparations of the season and miss Jesus completely. I’m very guilty of that, especially this year. Between sickness here, my mom in the hospital, decisions, drama and just life, I’ve missed Jesus. And I want to go on record here as saying I’m making the decision to make Jesus the focus from now on. Feel free to check on me in a few days!

4. We’re getting together with dear friends of our family tomorrow–the same ones we went to the winery with back in August, although this time around it will include the kids. 10 adults and at least 17 kids. It’s going to be a BLAST. Having long-term friends, Christian, with families is just such a blessing!

5. Yesterday we got drywall (wall board) and Jim installed it in the basement. This “playroom to schoolroom” project is taking a long, long time. Next step is painting and bringing Ethan’s trampoline and video case downstairs, along with the TV. Maybe by New Year’s Eve? 🙂

6. Bennett, Laura and Catie have been off three days already. They have been up early all three days. I have to drag them out of bed usually, but hey, let’s not waste a moment of vacation!

7. Instead of having something lighthearted for my #7, I’d like to offer up a word of prayer for the families of those precious children (and adults!) lost in Newtown.

Have a blessed holiday and hug your family tight.

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Blogs and Marriage

So two blogs I read on a regular basis have recently gone through a crisis in their marriage. Dooce and her husband have opted for divorce after 10 years of marriage and two girls. Can I admit that I’m really kind of disappointed they gave up? Not that I have ever met this woman or her family. Not that I have any personal stake in this. But any time a marriage breaks up–even for “good” reasons, it’s still saddens me. Because it started out with hope and love.

Most marriages start out with the idea that this is going to be forever. Until Death Parts Us. And having seen two marriages recently end that way, both leaving women behind as widows, gives me new understanding of that.

On the other end of the spectrum, Momastery and her husband have opted to work on it. They have three young children. She has chosen to talk a little bit about their struggles–although leaving the private things private–which I think is wonderful. For every seemingly perfect marriage is another one faltering and in need of propping up. Being open and honest about struggles is great, especially if you can encourage someone walking a similar road.

We had counseling BEFORE we got married to work on some areas (including my addiction) so we could start marriage well. After the children were born things went downhill. Once they were out of danger (maybe about 2 years old) we went back to work on things. Both of us had forgotten how to be kind–we had just gotten to the point where we barked orders and didn’t treat each other well. It was BAD. But counseling, as well as our own dogged determination that we were going to be “til death do us part” helped us get back to that good marriage we wanted.

I mourn for Dooce and her marriage, and I hope and pray for Momastery and hers.