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Real Progress

Lots of things have happened since I last posted! We’ve made many actual decisions, purchased some items and ordered others.

A fridge. 36″ black French door. I actually ordered it just this evening on a GREAT sale at Home Depot. Delivery scheduled for next Saturday. Our existing fridge will move out to the garage.

This past week I went to King of Prussia (for those non-locals, that’s a name of an actual town!) to Colonial Marble and Granite. They were having a FABULOUS sale on granite–three types were $1499 for 50 square feet or less. That would be us! Two I hated but one I liked. We ordered it for delivery in May/June/July/whenever we actually get the cabinets installed. The style we chose was Bianco Catalina. Isn’t it pretty? Not sure if it comes across, but it’s white with black, gray and tan flecks.


We also chose flooring. Last time I posted we visited a flooring store and they were going to quote us. Ummm…..the LEAST expensive was more than $4500 (which included floor leveling). NO NO NO NO NO.

I looked around Home Depot, nada. This week I went to Lowe’s (do you see a pattern with me being the researcher? I figure it will balance out when Jim starts doing a lot of the labor!) and found this:



This isn’t necessarily what it looks like in real life. It’s a good combination of gray and brown and looks wonderful next to the granite and white cabinets. Not to mention $1.98 a square foot. Our kitchen is 160, so even overestimating at 200 square feet that’s $400!! We got a lovely offer from a father of one of my daughter’s friends to help us with the leveling, which is fantastic.

Best of all, Ikea’s 2016 Kitchen Sale starts FRIDAY MARCH 4TH!! I’ll drop Catie off at school, head up to Conshohocken and be there the INSTANT the doors open at 10am. I’m even planning to sprint to the kitchen department (I know the short cut!) so I can be the absolute first in line. SO EXCITED!

Next up is researching which kind of door I need to buy–a right-swing or left-swing. The door handle will be on the left on the interior and swing in I guess counter clockwise. We’re getting a full-light (aka all glass) 36″ exterior door to replace our sliding glass door that just takes up too much wall room. We need to decrease door space for more cabinets.

While we aren’t doing demo or anything build-y yet, we are definitely moving in the right direction!