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The State of the Blogger

Hey People. I’ve missed you all! I know it’s my own fault, but sometimes, ok, many times I’ve passed by here not knowing what to post. Not wanting to just put down words for the sake of just having a post. That’s disrespectful of you and your time. I haven’t had any excellent recipes lately. No massive spiritual insight. Jim’s still working, thank the Good Lord. We’re still afloat. The kids are reasonably healthy, having a small stomach bug and a cavity. I have a new client starting on Saturday.

There. That’s the last two and a half weeks. Aren’t you edified? 🙂

One thing of note, I guess. As of tomorrow I will have 9 weeks of sobriety. That’s a satisfying number. I emailed the elder board and our pastor and asked to resume my deacon duties if they approve.

Our church is going through it’s “re-launch”. It’s been challenging with a different format, changing the way we worship, meeting expectations etc. But it’s also been nice to see visitors in the pews and someone, GASP, raising a hand during worship time.

You know, for YEARS I didn’t use my musical gift. I sat with the congregation, whether by my choice or someone else’s, and soaked up and enjoyed. On the one hand, there are times that I miss that–being able to get lost in worship. But on the other hand, being able to actually USE my voice and my piano playing for God’s glory is amazing. Now, the piano ain’t nearly as good as the voice, but it’s decent enough. My wish each week is that I don’t get in the way of the congregation worshipping.  I don’t want them to focus–for good or for bad (i.e. “wow, she has a great voice!” or “wow, she really messed that up” or “boy, I wish we could have someone else up there!”).

I know some of you help lead worship. Are you able to worship at the same time?

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Worship Week 3

Three Sundays ago was my normal “I lead worship once/month” time. Last week my husband had what we think was a case of food poisoning, so I was up again. Today he was paying the price for overwork and exhaustion and yet again I was up. I’ve never led worship three weeks in a row, especially including no notice two of them! Technically speaking, there were a few glitches–botched chords or lost places. Vocally things were fine. Today my normal team members were out, so it was just me and the piano. I can’t believe I’m actually musically at a place where I can do this. I think I’m even a little proud of myself–it’s been a long time coming, spiritually, musically and leadership-quality-wise. Even just general comfort level!

All that said, I REALLY hope Jim is up to it next week!

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Our Response

Jim and I got a very interesting compliment on Sunday. One of our fellow Common Clay-ers liked the new songs we added (three recently) because instead of just saying how great God is, they focused on our response.

Which is precisely why I picked them.

Our previous church was very, VERY musically talented. We had more than a few people who wrote their own music–and did a very good job at it. Jim and I have taken a few of those songs, as well as some others that our church has never heard of–and are incorporating them into the worship time at our current church.

It’s going well. Here’s the lyrics to one.

Jesus, I’ll Follow You
By Sandi Chadwick

How can I say thank you for what you’ve done for me
How can I repay you for the price that set me free

Jesus, I’ll follow you,
I’ll run to seize the crown
I’ll worship you, I’ll honor you
I’ll lay my whole life down

No treasure could I offer that would take away your scars
The only thing you ask for is my willing, servant heart

Jesus, I’ll follow you
I’ll run to seize the crown
I’ll worship you, I’ll honor you
I’ll lay my whole life down

There is no power on earth that can set me free like your love, your love
There is no power on earth that can shine through me like your love, your love

Jesus, I’ll follow you
I’ll run to seize the crown
I’ll worship you, I’ll honor you
I’ll lay my whole life down

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Worship Practice

People, a momentous occasion has just happened. I led my first worship practice. Yes, there was only Emma and me there, but hey, we SANG. And I PLAYED. AT THE SAME TIME. While PLUGGED INTO THE CHURCH’S SOUND SYSTEM.

Hyperventilating over here.

I’m leading worship on Sunday and then also on the following Sunday because Jim is away for various reasons. Yes, one is his annual pilgrimage to Mecca, uh, um….NASCAR at Dover Downs, aka The Monster Mile. And you have to say “The Monster Mile” in an announcer voice, like the old fashioned guys used to say “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” about whatever was going to be on Sunday.

But I digress.

I have practiced for this event for over a week now. I’m confident that even if I make a mistake I will be able to recover and keep on singing. I hope. Ok, maybe NOT so confident. But in the end, I hope to just lead our congregation in a time of worship. If that is the result, then I am pleased. And the butterflies will fly away until the next Sunday.