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The House is Sparkling

Our realtor, Barb, is coming at 10:00 this morning to look the house over and give us an idea of how much we can list the house for. I’ve been cleaning like a crazy woman. And starting to clean OUT.  The back of my van is full with my first trip to Good Will.

Let’s do this.

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Home Selling

When we bought this house almost 17 years ago it was going to be a “5-7 yr house”.

Ha. Double Ha.

I gave birth to medically needy triplets. And another baby 1.5 yrs later. Jim  quit his job (for a very good reason) and was self-employed. We added a garage and a mud/laundry room (best decision ever) and stayed a lot longer than we ever thought we would.

But circumstances change. Sometimes a lot.

  1. Jim’s current job, which could and hopefully will take him through to retirement, is an hour away because of traffic.
  2. Ethan’s school, which will be for 5.5 more years, is 1.5 hours away.
  3. The cyber kids who attend brick and mortar special schools (gifted/art) travel 45 minutes each day they go.
  4. Our gas budget is $550 per month. Seriously.
  5. My parents are in their mid-80’s and will need some more help as time goes on.
  6. Jim’s mom is in her early 70’s and lives alone.
  7. We need access to reliable public transportation because two of our kids will not be driving (unless the self-driving car industry really takes off and then who knows)

All these and a few more things (aka we really would like to have a fireplace!) have added up to yes, we’re going to try and sell our house this year. How that’s going to happen with three cyber schooled kids, two dogs and a cat I really have no idea. We’re in the Coatesville school district, which is sort of meh. We live on a HILL. The best hill in the neighborhood when it comes to sledding, but other than us who wants to buy on a hill?

We’ve mitigated the negatives as much as we can. 7 years ago we added that garage. We’ve replaced all the siding and windows and there’s a new roof. We even repaved the driveway. And hey, there’s the new kitchen (I know, I know, I still haven’t done a reveal yet. We still haven’t finished painting the trim!)

Even though it’s been 17 years, I still remember the difficult nature of house hunting. And we were first time home buyers, so there wasn’t the added bonus/stress of selling.

I want to BE MOVED. I don’t want to get the house ready, pack everything, have the house on the market and house hunt. But to BE MOVED all those steps are unfortunately necessary.

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The First Flu

Somehow, through 21+ years of marriage, my husband and I have managed to never get the flu.

That record has now been broken, and broken but good. Everyone but Ethan has it now and it is SO NOT FUN.

The kids’ progress check ends of Thursday (all their schoolwork is due then), so I’ve requested an extension for them. I can’t sit up at the computer for long and certainly don’t expect them to, either.

So my one word of advice for everyone: