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My Life, New and Improved

So I’m up at the Hershey Feeding Clinic this week with Ethan. I leave the house at 7:10 in the morning and come home somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00 depending on the status of accidents and traffic lights. Oh, and how fast I speed on Rte 283.  Shhhh!

In between arriving and leaving my day is made up of 15 minute sessions with Ethan’s feeding therapist and then 30 minute breaks. Except for lunch, which is a longer break. I talk to the other mom and her son, I help Ethan put in videotapes, I get out and put away toys, I read a book and I read magazines.

Lots of magazines.

My mom dropped off 6? 7? magazines last month. Normally I flip through and then throw out pretty quickly. Instead those puppies sat on a speaker for weeks, just waiting for Hershey. Ladies Home Journal, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping…all women’s magazines chock full of recipes, quick tips on cleaning, fashion ideas and, oh, ways to improve yourself, your life, your home, your amount of clutter and your marriage.

Some of them have actually resonated with me. I look at the desk I’m sitting at, which once again just mocks me with the piles and papers and who-knows-what-in-the-world-is-actually-under-there?, and feel the urge to tackle it once again.

I hear my husband hint that maybe marriage counseling might not be a bad idea and wonder which of the wise suggestions about improving my marital relationship I should listen to. And put into practice.

The one thing I’ve noticed, though, is that I get all this inspiration 50 miles and over an hour from home. Once home, it’s very easy to slide back into the old routine. Which obviously, isn’t working so well. Maybe instead of just reading, I should take some notes. And talk it over with my husband.

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Time She is a-Flyin’

I just looked at my last post’s date and it was 8 days ago. In blogland that’s like three months and people have now forgotten me and don’t even bother to check their reader for me anymore.

I’m sorry! It’s SUMMER!

But that, dear friends, is coming to an end. Oh, ok, let’s be specific. Summer lasts for, what, 6 more weeks. Summer vacation, however, has two weeks left. Which means I’ve survived nine whole weeks of it. And still have four children. That’s pretty good in my book!

Ethan and I start Hershey in three days. I’m being “cautiously optimistic”, meaning I would LOVE to have him come home eating and chewing and all that, but am afraid to get my hopes up.

I’ve had two days in a row of playdates with good friends and their kids. It’s been GREAT having grown women to talk to while my kids have a great time playing.

Tomorrow I go shoe shopping with the kids. Highs and lows, people. Highs and lows!

We’re making the most of homemade popcorn lately–a little oil in a really big pot, some popcorn kernels and POP! YUM! I like mine either with salt or with salt and a little sugar (try it before you knock it!). The kids love it and it’s so easy and cheap! SO MUCH CHEAPER than microwave stuff and you know what’s in it.

I’ll be doing only quick drive-by posts if any at all the next two weeks. If nothing else, I promise a full in-depth recap of our adventure.

Happy Chewing, everyone!

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Bye Bye Todd and John

I wrote a HUGE check this afternoon and waved good-bye to Todd and John, the contractors. This morning I had taken the kids out to swim. As a surprise, the guys brought my washer and dryer upstairs and installed them AND removed three pieces of tile, replaced them with new ones and installed the piece of trim (whose name escapes me) that goes between the two floors. Both of these items were on Jim’s to-do list. Jim, who is working until 11:30 or 12:00 each day this week. And most likely next week as well. So I was, not surprisingly, THRILLED and tickled to death they did it.

And, oh so GRATEFUL that I get to sleep in tomorrow. Pictures to come soon, I promise!

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Flylady and Facebook

I find it somewhat ironic that FlyLady, arbiter of all things uncluttered, pelts your in-box with emails the moment your join her group (thereby cluttering it up). It annoyed me so much that I would just go on a delete spree. But then, yesterday, I found out that she has a Facebook group, whereby she send out her missions and updates etc. I immediately joined and just as immediately got out of her email group. Many things I love,  a blank in-box is among them.

Speaking of email, I also switched my freecycle notifications to “digest”, whereby I only get one email per day instead of a bunch. Now if I could just hide from the junk mail!

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It’s Monday and There’s Hammering

I knew going into this construction thing that it would get VERY old before we were through. Parking down at the bottom of the driveway (we live on a fairly steep hill), walking groceries up that hill, using only the front door instead the kitchen one, the dust and the noise….anyone who has gone through this process is nodding their heads in complete agreement.

What I hadn’t counted on was the feeling of not being alone. It’s not as though the guys are peeking in the windows or bugging us. They are doing their work and keeping to themselves. But they are still in and around our home. The kids have to be dressed every morning before they come downstairs (which they complain about!). I’m always dressed, so this is not an issue, but we have a towel draped over our bathroom window so they can’t see in (the foliage is thick enough that neighbors can’t see in).

We think they will be finished this week. Jim and I are going to come up with our own little punch list and make sure that their list agrees with it. We’re just so ready for this to be FINISHED!