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Quiet Monday

Bennett, Laura and Catie are stepping off their bus into a new school right now. I’m excited for them, for what they will learn and how they will grow this year.

Blue’s Clues is on in the playroom for Ethan. We’ll hang out alone together today, maybe go to the grocery store, maybe go to the library, maybe do nothing but laundry and hanging out!

With taking over the care for Jim’s mom, Jacki, as of next week (when all the kids will be in school), I’d like to enjoy the quiet as I can.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Friday is, hands down, my favorite day of the week. Such a long weekend to look forward to, to dream about, to have good expectations about–and no nasty reality intruding!

2. Jim has been working long hours again. Their company has an audit next week–he’s in charge of compliance, lucky guy!–and therefore has to make sure everything is ok before the auditors come on site. Hence the long hours. I’m hoping he gets some down time this weekend, although he’ll be over his mom’s house all day one of the days. I miss the old days of him coming home on Friday night and us actually hanging out together all weekend. That never happens anymore. There’s always yardwork or a vehicle or something to deal with.

3. We visited the new elementary school yesterday. It is SO NICE!! However, I cannot begin to imagine how they are going to actually finish it on time. School starts in three days–less than, actually–and there were still walls down and stuff all over. I would NOT want to be on that crew!

4. In case you didn’t read #3, school starts in THREE DAYS. And 1/2 of me is completely ready for it to begin. Now that we’re here, the other 1/2 is not so ready to give up sleeping in and lack of structure. Although the idea of grocery shopping by myself is incredibly attractive!

5. Nintendo DS has taken over our home. Did you know that DS stood for Double Screen? I didn’t know that until a few days ago. I just figured it was a model number or something. Whatever! Bennett and Laura are completely addicted to them, and Catie loves playing theirs whenever she gets a chance. I’m letting them play them obsessively because I’m aware that in three short days they will be put on a shelf for most of the day. Awww….poor children! (should I admit that I bought a game for me to play?)

6. My desk is an utter, complete, chaotic mess. And I don’t see it going away until the kids are in school and I can sit for a long time and just deal with it one thing after another. I HATE messy desks!

7. Laura gets her palatal expander out in less than a week! At that visit we’ll find out when the braces come off. I know it will be before Thanksgiving. I’m HOPING it will be just a month after the expander comes out. She’s already talking about what foods she’s going to eat: popcorn, uncut up apples, carrot sticks, pizza crust, pretzels…she’s so excited!

Happy End of August, People. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Where Things Stand

I keep forgetting to do this!

Getting Healthy: Has taken a little bit of a backseat this summer. I’m off the Byetta until September 1st, and my weight has crept back up to 153. That’s up 7 lbs! Too many sweets, too little structure and too much stress.

Education: Bennett, Laura and Catie start back in FOUR DAYS, Ethan in 12. I have a class in September on running an organizing business and am looking forward to learning some more!

House: Pretty ok for summer! We straightened up the living room, kitchen and playroom yesterday and now it’s just a matter of dealing with all the back to school supplies on the dining room table.

Finances: Um…..not so good right now. We had a decimating August with expenses. I called the bank yesterday and we’re only going to pay the required amount on our home equity loan instead of the extra $375 on top of that. It won’t make much of a difference in the long run–will still be paid off in February–and will give us some breathing room for September.

Spirit: Struggling with paying attention on Sunday mornings, with praying and with reading my bible. I’m not AGAINST God right now, but my actions aren’t saying I’m FOR Him, either. I sat down this morning and made myself read, which felt very good.

Family: Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Wow, that sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Yesterday was actually a very good day. But the ones before that weren’t so good. School and structure and time apart will definitely help familial relations!

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Hump Day

It’s the middle of the week. Nothing scheduled today other than general straightening and laundry.

It’s actually pretty nice. The kids have been playing and watching TV and seem happy about being home.

Yesterday we: went to the library, went to the pharmacy, dropped a movie back to Blockbuster (Despereux–worth seeing!), traded in some games at Game Stop, got gas, and went to Rita’s. Pretty ok for a mid-week birthday!

Happy Wednesday to y’all, and hope it’s a sunny and peaceful one for everyone.

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8 Years Ago

This is a repost, but worth sharing again.

(This is a copy of the email update I sent out on 8/28/2001 to friends and family)

Hello dear friends.

Some of you will know the following, but many of you don’t, so I’m sending to all.

I haven’t emailed an update in a long time because I went into the hospital on August 14th with a ruptured sac. Baby A, Connor John, had broken thru. Our local hospital didn’t have the nursing staff for 24 week old quads, so I was sent to Christiana hospital in Delaware (not even in my state). It was touch and go for a few days–I was on Magnesium Sulfate (very nasty), but came through ok. I settled in for the long haul of bedrest.

Saturday the 25th started like any other day. We monitored the babies around 10-10:30. Then I started having contractions. Before I knew it, they were 2 1/2 minutes apart and I was 4 cm dilated. They took me in for a c-section 2:00 ish.

Connor John came at 2:08 pm weighing 1 lb, 9 oz.
Bennett Quinn arrived at 2:09 pm weighing 1 lb, 11 oz.
Ethan James came at 2:10 pm weighing 1 lb, 11 oz, and
Laura Grace finally got pulled out at 2:13 pm weighing 1 lb, 10 oz.

They were immediately whisked away to the NICU admittance and I went to recovery. 5 hours later I was finally able to see them. Bennett, Ethan and Laura were ok, but Connor from the very beginning was having more problems. To shorten the next part of the story, fast forward 3 more hours to 10:30 pm, when the Neonatologist comes up and tells Jim and me that Connor will not make it through the night.

Jim went down to spend some time with him (I was still very drugged and was in and out of consciousness). He came back upstairs a little after midnight to see if I wanted to come downstairs. The NICU called and said that he needed to come downstairs NOW. So I gathered myself and moved onto a gurney and went to the NICU to hold my firstborn son and cry. He was SO tiny!! So fragile!! We cried so much! While Jim held him, he quietly left us to be in the loving arms of Jesus. Saying goodbye was the hardest and most emotional thing I have ever done.

Coming home today, Tuesday, to our playroom full of baby things, many in fours, was extremely difficult. It will take some time before I can face going in there without crying.

Our other three, like typical preemies, change from day to day. The two boys have heart murmurs, but are responding to meds. Laura was doing the best, but is now on a special ventilator called an oscillator. It pumps 300 breaths per minute into her tiny lungs. But all are holding their own. I have three journals to track their day to day improvements, which will be encouraging along the way.

The joy and hope of my three living children tempered with the sadness and grief of losing our son is a very difficult place to be. We are in the process of trying to decide whether to have a funeral and burial or cremate. I never thought to be in this position. Only God is sustaining me now, I can assure you. Jim is crying and grieving as much if not more than I am. We can only cling to each other and be there for each other as we work our way through this difficult time.

We still appreciate your prayers for both Mommy and Daddy and our three precious children. They will be in the NICU for at least 10 weeks, and we will be traveling 45-50 minutes each way to get to them. I will also be pumping to provide breast milk for the babies, so life is already revolving around them.

As I’m sure you can tell from the whole tone of this email, this is a very difficult time for both of us. Thank you all for your support, prayers and understanding. I will not be on email that often, and the phone will be answered as possible. Visitors are welcome, but we ask that you call first.

Much love,


(I’d like to add that 8 years later Bennett, Ethan and Laura are healthy, happy and wonderful children and have a 6 1/2 yr old sister).

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The Last Week Before School Starts or How I Lost My Sanity

I think most of you, my faithful readers, are moms. At least, that’s what my comments indicate. Some of you homeschool. I bow down before you, unworthy. Some of you have little ones too tiny for school. My arms go around your shoulders in remembered difficulties and joys.

Myself, I have three third graders and a first grader. And school for three of them starts in 7 days. Seven unscheduled days.

I don’t know what I was thinking. Other than the typical grocery store, library and doctor appointment kind of things there’s NOTHING on the calendar.

Which means seven full days of driving each other crazy.

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Halfway Through

It’s Saturday night and we are halfway through the craziness. We just finished the triplet’s 8th birthday party (27 including us). Started at 3, the last people left at 8:45. Had a great time, but MAN! T.I.R.E.D.!!! Tomorrow is our annual church picnic. Half of me is really looking forward to it and half of me just wants to have a day of rest.

And cleaning up of the living room, which looks like the aftermath of Christmas morning. Seriously.

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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 10 days and counting. Enough said.

2. It’s POURING. TEEMING. Cats and Dogs, people!

3. It also did #2 at Dutch Wonderland yesterday. We sat it out, successfully, and got the park largely to ourselves for 2 hours. PLUS, they gave us tickets for another day. WooHoo!

4. The big party is tomorrow. We’re doing major cleaning today. Not WooHoo. But it will sure look nice!

5. I know I’ve said this before, but Freecycle ROCKS. Once we got carpeting in our office, it became very difficult for our office chairs to move around. Someone offered two of those chair mats–one large and one smaller. Both are fitting perfectly under our desks. SCORE!

6. As much as my children love Phineas and Ferb, there are only so many times I can hear the theme song without screaming. We’re about to hit that this afternoon.

7. Ehrlich is here again trying to wipe out a large colony of yellow jackets that have made their home in our basement. Right now there’s a towel in front of the door because there are a ton of them flying around. Poor Ehrlich guy. Hope he doesn’t get stung!

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Big Week

Sorry my posts have been the “fly by” kind. We’ve been cleaning and getting ready for the Annual Big Birthday this weekend. 31 people, including us, on Saturday. That’s a big party! And we’re going to Dutch Wonderland tomorrow. My niece is sleeping over tonight so she can go and help us.

I’ve already been playing the “Eight years ago I was…”. Today is: resting in the hospital, finally allowed to eat since I’m off the mag sulfate. This is my 5th day there, and I have six more before the kids come.

And yes, around this time every year I DO think about Connor and miss him more. I’m thinking of taking the kids next week and putting flowers on his grave. Their birthday is on Tuesday and he died the next day.

Definitely looking forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

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I’ve had it up to HERE with my kids. Seriously, if the next week wasn’t completely scheduled out the wazoo I would be screaming.

Jim offered to let me go out this evening. “Where?” I inquired. There is no where to just hang out. Our boonies doesn’t offer a Starbucks or something like that. So I’m here in the office, door closed, trying to tune them out.

13 days until the first three head back. 21 until Ethan goes and peace reigns in the house again.

Pray for me, people. This is SO NOT FUN.