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Keyword Search and Hershey

Apparently if you google Hershey Feeding Clinic, I am the fourth entry. Maybe this will move me up a bit. 😀

For anyone who wants to know, we LOVED it there and highly recommend it. We did two stints, with the idea that we might have to go back again. Our first stay was a month in 2008, where they got our son off a feeding tube by teaching him how to drink enough PediaSure to keep his calories up. Our second visit was a few weeks in 2010, where they taught him how to chew. The staff there is EXCELLENT and if you want more information I am very willing to discuss it with you by email or phone. Just leave a comment and we can chat.


One thought on “Keyword Search and Hershey

  1. how can i get in contact with you ? Would love to talk about the feeding clinic, My lil one is 3 , and has isuses and possibel will need a feeding g tube. Would love to avoid if I can

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