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The title describes me. Finally. Eating still makes me nauseous, but other than that I’m back to normal. Thank you GOD!! Jim, on the other hand, is in bed, begging God to be merciful to him. No work, no in to the bank to sign refinance papers–nada. Poor guy. At least we have juice and popsicles. Who knew about popsicles anyway?? 1. For some reason they actually stay down when you are throwing up 2) Even in the dead of winter, if you have a fever they taste GREAT!

So, life is going to resume after a brief interruption. Back to organizing, clearing out, de-cluttering, figuring out my business, working on my self-esteem (to go with said business) which took a beating last night looking at other women’s pro organizing websites last night. I’m no where near their level of professionalism. I’ve been playing with the idea of asking a local one to mentor me–hoping that she would be willing to help me get started at least.

I had an interesting conversation with my mom a few days ago. We were talking about the Fall, when life changes dramatically for me. All of a sudden my SAHM days will be utterly empty. I’m tossing around working part time and/or doing the organizing thing. I asked Mom what she would do. Let me preface this with, my mother is not the encouraging type. She’s definitely a glass-half-empty kind a person. We love her, but my sister and I recognize that she’s not the one to go to when we need to be propped up emotionally. Back to story: I ask her what she would do 1) get a part time job working for someone else or 2) trying out something new doing something I love. Phrasing it that way, one would think she would choose #2, but NO. “I think the idea of doing something you love is not practical”. or something to that effect. Gotta love her.

My problem with working part time for someone else is the summers. I have to have off because all the kids are off. Plus there’s the whole maybe taking Ethan to the Hershey Feeding Clinic thing, which would throw our lives into complete and utter disarray. But, duh, that would happen before fall, wouldn’t it?

Any input people??? What would YOU do?


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