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Am I allowed to be just the tiniest big smug that I am officially finished our taxes as of today? I e-filed our federal (getting a tax return), e-filed our state and paid the $22 via credit card online and then filled out ON PAPER our local and paid the $7 by check. Both amounts we owe are because of me and the whopping $700 I made with my organizing business. I haven’t worked since the spring. I want to, but it’s just not happening right now and that’s ok. I’m paying attention to my own home and its needs. Our return is going to do some good for us: bring our savings up to $1000 (it dipped for the Mustang), buy at least one child a new mattress, buy paint for the whole first floor of our home (currently pink ceilings and walls–not kidding), donate some to charity, I’m not sure what all else–maybe a nice night away for Jim and me.


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