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It’s Gonna Be a Good Day

Because I get to meet Rowan today. He’s my niece Kelly’s kitten. SO CUTE!


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Flylady and Facebook

I find it somewhat ironic that FlyLady, arbiter of all things uncluttered, pelts your in-box with emails the moment your join her group (thereby cluttering it up). It annoyed me so much that I would just go on a delete spree. But then, yesterday, I found out that she has a Facebook group, whereby she send out her missions and updates etc. I immediately joined and just as immediately got out of her email group. Many things I love,  a blank in-box is among them.

Speaking of email, I also switched my freecycle notifications to “digest”, whereby I only get one email per day instead of a bunch. Now if I could just hide from the junk mail!

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Thoughts on Ending It All

No, not me. I’m fine. Really.

But friends of ours aren’t. Late winter 2009 our friends’ father committed suicide. He was a strong believer and lover of God. What they are assuming (or at least, what they are telling people) is that the medications he was on came together in such a way as to cause him to do it.

I can buy that. He was on a LOT of meds.

It was a heart wrenching funeral. ANY funeral is difficult, but this was devastating. Our friends were grief-stricken. Their mother was…numb. She hasn’t processed it yet.

One and one half years passed. The mother, who had been married to the man for 38 years and also loved the Lord, never seemed to get past his death. She was a shadow of her self–seemingly cheery at parties, but never quite right.

This past weekend she, too, took her own life.

I don’t even know what sentence to write after that.

As a side note, and this is NOT bragging so please don’t read it as such, I had to make that choice at one point. I have been in deep, seemingly unending pain. I contemplated ending it. Seriously. When I started Recovery, it was beyond overwhelming.  But in the end I perservered. And chose life.

I knew another Christian, years ago, who took their own life. She suffered from depression so profound that she either laid on the couch in a lethargy or slept all day from the side-effects of the meds. She left behind a husband and young daughter.

And that’s the devastation of suicide–what it does to those left behind.  It’s the ultimate in selfishness–ending my difficulties and pain and causing you more. Because even if they have the hope of heaven, the pain just cuts you off at the knees.

The funeral is on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to it.

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Bad Blogger, Bad!

So I know I’ve become somewhat incommunicado. It’s not on purpose. Honest! I still love you guys. But my schedule has completely altered and I haven’t yet fit regular blogging in yet. I used to post after the kids went to school. Well, um, that ain’t working anymore!

Work continues apace on the house. The electrician has been out the past two days and will be back next week (holiday weekend). Everything has walls, Tyvek, a roof and shingles now. There isn’t any drywall yet, but the garage has windows and a door, and the “room” upstairs has a floor. That’s all it’s going to get due to budget constraints. No walls, or insulation. Plumbing comes next week, as does the inspector. I fully expect to pass, as everything seems well constructed. Jim (being a former contractor) is rather picky and he’s pleased, so I am as well.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Sunday Drive By

It was not my intention to have a silent blog week! I’m sorry! Ethan was off school, we had swimming lessons, I got sick, we were busy, yada, yada, yada…

The first few weeks of summer vacation are always a getting-used-to-it kind of thing. Ethan starts back to school for his extended school year program on Tuesday, so that will help a little. It’s been a lot of arguing, fighting etc, but I expect that for summer time. They just get on each others’ nerves because they are together so much.

The addition is coming along…the mudroom has walls and a roof with tar paper and Tyvek, but nothing on the inside yet. The garage is framed for walls and has the roofing trusses, but that’s it. It’s great finally seeing structures instead of big holes in the ground!

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Learning Style

I am not an auditory learner. You can talk to me all you want, but if I can see or do it, it’s not going to stick. Hence the inadvisability of giving me oral directions to a place. I will remember maybe step 1 and 2. After that, fuggetaboutit.

Verizon was here this morning installing FIOS TV (we already had phone and internet). The guy just explained the remote. I will spend the rest of the afternoon figuring out the menus and everything on my own because it was all just said to me.