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For Today

Haven’t done this in a couple of years!

FOR TODAY May 13, 2020

Outside my window…Mostly cloudy, windy, mid-50’s.

I am thinking…about all the things on my To Do List. That I don’t want to do. At All.

I am thankful… That we have our health and Jim is still employed. That we can financially help out others. That we haven’t become hateful in the midst of this.

In the kitchen…Depending on how today goes, either spaghetti or ordering pizza for dinner.

I am wearing… Jeans, Overbrook long sleeve tee and socks. It’s chilly y’all!

I am creating… a mess? Really don’t know how to answer this one!

I am going… to my parent’s house this afternoon to be supportive during a termite inspection. We know they have an infestation, we just don’t know how bad it is.

I am wondering… how long we are going to be in lock down. It’s been two months as fo today.

I am reading… A series by Grace Burrowes and a different series by Nancy Atherton. Depends on what room I’m in.

I am hoping… that Ethan is able to actually GO to his summer program instead of having it virtually. He needs structure and he needs to get out of our house. He’s so bored!

I am looking forward to…getting back to normal life at some point. If that’s even possible.

I am hearing…Ethan’s daily classroom time. I can hear his classmates and his teacher, but it’s sort of background noise.

Around the house… Trying to keep up with the kitchen and trying to work up the gumption to remove wallpaper. I’d rather pay someone!

I am pondering… what this summer will look like with Laura recovering from shoulder surgery, Ethan most likely home, and Catie potentially titrating up on anti-seizure meds. And me going back to work.

One of my favorite things… Sleeping through the night. Such a rare and lovely thing.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Parents house this afternoon, with UPS and the bank tossed in, EEG tomorrow morning for Catie to hopefully diagnose epilepsy, OT zoom  room with Ethan on Friday, and working from home calling our major vendors. Saturday canceling our free month of CBS All Access. We’ve totally enjoyed having it, but I don’t want to pay for it!


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